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Posted on Friday, September 28th, 2007 at 6:00pm CDT by 188edd1f

Company: Autosave (vehicle warranty service company)

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Autosave (Charter) Warranty

PO Box 2425

Farmington Hills, MI 48333

I was referred to this company when considering buying a vehicle from a suspicious (shady) dealer lot, and I started asking specific questions about the extended warranty. Looking at the fine print and confirming this with, it is very important to know that they have a requirement that you take your vehicle to get a professionally complete oil change every 4 months, regardless of miles. You cannot do it yourself. So, if your vehicle has only 100 miles put on it in a 4 month period, you have to get an oil change, or you are in violation of t maintenance requirements. This means they can deny any coverage as a result.

Getting your oil changed every 4 months is unreasonable and does not conform to any established standard. I believe the policy is designed to allow this company to deny service and coverage to their customers. When I brought this concern to them they wrote back that they felt I'd be happier with another warranty company. They are correct about that. Customers want companies that cover their vehicle.

I was concerned enough about this policy of theirs that I felt it imperative to get this information out to prospective customers.


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d570d6b3, 2007-12-18, 06:58PM CST

Thank you for bring this up again, you state you went to a shady lot, what was your determining factor? Your own integrity?

If you read most vehicle owners manuals they clearly point out that the oil change intervals can be a soon a 3 months 3,000 miles for vehicles.

It never hurts to take care of your own property either. Jiffy Lube, Penzoil, Uncle Ed's or even most new car dealers have a sticker that states when you do get your oil changed, 95% of them recommend the 3 months-3,ooo mile intervals.

Just wanted to clear it up for you.


7c36e2f5, 2008-09-12, 02:07PM CDT

This is a ridiculous situation. I would love to get money back! This entire fine print issue is a revolving Catch-22 deal at its finest! If you buy a nice used car with some miles on it Autosave contends that if anything goes wrong it's because of the age or mileage of the car and is regular wear and tear. They then proceed to decline fixing anything and refer you to the fine print. This should be illegal and declared a scam! I fear it's too late to rectify this sadly. I spent a bundle on this warranty too! If anyone has any suggestions for me I'd love to hear them.

188edd1f, 2008-10-25, 04:50PM CDT

The issue isn't when oil changes can be done to your vehicle. The issue is an unreasonable non standard requirement to change oil when unnecessary for the exclusive purposes of denying claims to the customers.

8791d035, 2009-02-06, 03:31PM CST

I just want to comment on this. OF course Jiffy Lube, Oil Can Henry's etc recommend every 3,000 miles--what do you think their business is? As far as Autosave I too am apparently a sucker. I read the contract, actually says within every 4,000 miles, or 4 months, whichever occurs first. Well, I complied I thought within every 4,000 miles but because I don't drive enough it wasn't within the 4 months--which now they can deny any coverage I should have. In my opinion I complied with the intent of the standard, I had maintenance on my car. Not to mention that I use premium oil, as recommended by the BMW (my car) manufacturer, and they recommend every 15,000 miles. Come on, oil doesn't break down that often. Needless to say I am very upset about this.

8208de92, 2009-06-23, 04:27PM CDT

I too have been scamed by Autosave. This company is bogus and should be brought up on charges. I purchased a 2005 Audi a6 quattro, followed all their ridiculous directions and they still denied my claim. I burnt a valve and that is covered, but because they said it was caused by carbon build up and an improper fuel air mixture, they wont pay. My mechanic is outraged and their reasoning is bogus and it is not stated in their contract.

I want to start a class action suit against them. I am just one of many as I can see. How can we do this? Theres no way I could afford to do this alone. We all need to stand up to companies like this and show them they cant do this!! I already contacted the BBB of Michigan, sent a 93A Demand Letter, called My local Consumers Affairs Office and Attorneys Generals Office. They are still denying my claim. Im on my own now. I need help.

cfdb8608, 2009-08-27, 04:57AM CDT

My ex, Andrew works for this company, and it was probably him who most or all of you have spoken to. I, too have issues with this company when they are in contempt of court for refusing to pay child support. I have read nothing but bad things about this company. My recommendation? Do the class action law suit!

188edd1f, 2009-10-02, 08:29PM CDT

Actually the standard for oil changes is more towards 5,000 to 10,000 miles. No one but an idiot changes their oil every 3 months and to make that a requirement of a policy is outrageous and fraudulent. Period.

1fcc73de, 2009-10-02, 02:52PM CDT

This is RIP-OFF central...If you can AVOID - AUTOSAVE Warranty Farmington Hills, MI. before buying your car...They want Receipts for all maintenance and Oil changes.. So if you haven't had issues with your car for 3-5 years.. this is how they avoid paying. AVOID - STEWART AUTO GROUP, of Pataskala, Oh. Unless they have stopped using this warranty company.

I feel lied too and cheated and misled.

63fed1bb, 2009-11-21, 11:01AM CST

So after reading all of these complaints it seems as though nobody has the paperwork that they ask for when you have a claim, the same thing happend to me at a Ford dealer and I got tuned down for a part called a cam fazer anyone hear of that part befor?

Ford got me good for that one.

188edd1f, 2009-12-24, 10:08AM CST

Recommending and requiring are two totally different things. And the big reason I determined the original selling lot was shady was as a result of using this shady warranty company. Once I determined this, I stopped the process. Based on all the subsequent complaints here, it's clear that my assumptions were correct.

Rememeber to contact the BBB with concerns about businesses, as it's easy to file a report online with them and it helps other prospective customers decide where to shop.

188edd1f, 2009-12-24, 10:33AM CST

They have a "D-" rating with the BBB and numerous complaints. Check their record there before deciding whether to do business.

c48f3e4a, 2010-09-30, 04:50PM CDT

I bought a Gentry Auto Warranty for 2005 honda accord about a year ago.I have had two claims that have both been handled by my local dealer.After my second claim even my dealer commented on what an easy claims process it was.Gentry had the best price too and I shopped.

87bd8127, 2012-02-07, 11:58AM CST

In my opinion, AUTOSAVE is a piece of SHIT. I would recommend not to buy from them. Mechanics hate them because they take very long to verify each case, then, when they do verify the vehicles they try to identify excuses for not paying, and when they do pay their coverage is very very limited. DO NOT BUY AUTOSAVE and save yourself from the PAIN I've had of dealing with them.

93732de3, 2012-03-21, 12:51PM CDT

Well it is to late for me I purchased a '95 malibu from Ganley Dodge in Cleveland, Ohio The salesman was very high pressure insisting that a warrenty from Autosave was a good investment. I purchased the warrenty. Last weekend my transmission gave out. Now Andrew at autosave wants all oil change information (What does oil changes have to do with a transmission?)then if that is satisfactory they will have an inspector physically go to the shop and desidfe if it should be reapired under the 100'000 mile warrenty (the car has 65,000 on it now. Which to me means the inspector has the right to null and void any contract. I paid $1000.00 for a worthless piece of paper.

tom g., 2012-11-16, 04:33PM CST

to the x of andrew at autosave. i would love to have there real names and phone #s and any info you could give me. lol if you want you may send it to... [email protected]...thanks

071d2919, 2014-03-22, 10:56AM CDT

This same autosave warranty was extended to my boyfriend from a used car lot. The salesman/owner stated that if anything went wrong with the next year or 1,000 miles(I think it was this many miles) that the warranty would cover it. The engine light came on the next day after purchasing the car. The salesperson told him to take it to their mechanic no problem. The mechanic said it needed a oil changed which he paid for. A day or so later the engine light came back on. I told him to take it somewhere neutral and get a read out as to why the engine light came on. They said it was something going on in the transmission. Now, mind you the 30 days are not even up yet. The salesperson, again told him to take it to the mechanic. This went on about 3 more times where they just kept turning the engine light off. They finally said that the Warranty people wouldn't cover the costs of fixing the real problem because the problems were preexisting. Preexisting to what? So now, he's stuck in the middle of the dealership and autosave blaming each other on who is suppose to cover the expenses. We're suing the dealership and autosave so we'll let the judge decide who is going to pay. And pay they will. My boyfriend is disabled and on a fixed income!

42bf7701, 2014-09-24, 09:12AM CDT

autosave is a scam. after filing a legitimate claim they told me it was not covered and that they wouldn't pay for anything until there was a major engine failure. I can only imagine what that is going to cost me when they find some other ridiculous reason to not fix my vehicle. AVOID AUTOSAVE AT ALL COSTS! I don't even know how this company stays in business companies like this should be against the law.

Mishelle O., 2015-03-06, 12:49PM CST

I am going through this right now with this company. I called them and they said that they believe that I took very good car of my car as it was a 2010 Jetta that I bought in 2011 and it only had 2,000 miles on it. Basically the guy that I spoke with on the phone told me to call an attorney so he could explain the contract with me since I clearly wasn't understanding the terms of the contract, other words I am stupid. I changed my oil every 4,000 or within 4 months with synthetic oil, which really your not supposed to have to change the oil every 6,000-8,000 miles. I knew that this was the catch to the warranty, when I told this man that I looked the business up and found so many complaints he said that he has 5 million customers and he can't keep everyone happy. So if you do the math, 5 million customers times the cost of the warranty....$1,990,000,000 is paid to them if you paid the $398 that we did. Yes this is a scam and they will do whatever they can to get out of paying a claim. With the amount of money they are making I am pretty sure, although, I was called stupid, they can afford to but all of us a new car....These people need to be held accountable!!

nate b., 2015-07-12, 05:51AM CDT

auto save needs to be in court and brought up on deceptive practices. Due to the fact I purchased a 2006 bmw x3 and it was found that the tranfere case needed to be replaced. They waited 22 days to inspect the part then on the 23rd day stated" that they denined the claim due to the fact that the veh had 2 types of tires on it, Then expalained that the tires were the ones the dealership had on them. They then states they'd pay 1,500.00 for the transfercase, then took 17days for a check to come from michigan to phila.I would call and they would say we sent it out monday the repair shop would call and they would say we sent it out friday. Finally the chec arrives and it's for 750.00 not what they agreed to from the start. Now I'm stuck with a mechanic that's not happy and me without my vehicle . What do we do??????????

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