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Company: Allsat

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In November I switched to Satellite television. After what I thought careful research I decided to go with Dish Network because it was cheaper than the other satellite services. I used the Vendor AllSat as they came up as the Waterbury, CT vendor for Dish Network on a web search. They were offering $10 off/month for 10 months and a free portable DVD Player or mini Ipod. I called and set up an appointment and asked them about the free gift because they didn't ask which one I wanted. They told me I had to print out a separate form to get the gift. They showed up at my house and we signed the delivery forms all of which were Dish Network Forms I still have copies. The next week I printed out the forms AllSat said I needed to get the free gift. These forms said if I sent these in then I was agreeing to an 18 month contract so I never sent them in. Therefore not getting the free gift or agreeing to the 18 month contract. Well, my husband and I had to move in with my parents April 1st to save some money to buy a house because we have our first child due this November. We canceled our satellite Service by calling DishNetwork and they charged us $175 dollars for early termination. I argued with them because I didn't know of any such contract. 2 days ago we got a letter from AllSat saying we owed them $295 for early termination and if we didn't pay them they were going to report us to the credit bureaus and to collection at our cost. (1st notice with less then 30days to pay and threats?) I have this letter to if needed. $470 for canceling a service? Two fees for the same thing? Termination fee for use of satellite for less than 18 months? We sent an email to them asking them what this was about (I have this is my outbox) and they said that I didn't sign a contract that by calling the number from their website I agreed to their terms and conditions which are supposedly right next to the telephone number on the website (If you go to the homepage you will see that this is false.) Then they said they sent me an email confirming the Terms & Conditions. (I have this email too) What they actually sent me was a confirmation email, which they only told me was confirming the appointment but failed to disclose that there were terms also enclosed to review by following the link at the very bottom of the email hidden. (I can provide the email if needed.) I am at a loss of what to do. I don't feel this is fair. Cellular companies don't even charge this much for cancellation of services and their services are portable. A satellite is not. My parents are happy with their cable and don't want a satellite and they own the property. Had I known about the 2 termination fees I would have kept cable who has no termination fees or I would have signed the form for the free gift locking me into the 18 month contract that I supposedly entered by calling but I had no idea of the termination fees or the contract. Nor would anyone had they called to set up an appointment. Please help.

I am seeking for them to have to fully disclose their terms especially in the area of termination fees. I work in the securities industry and we must fully disclose everything. Cell phone services also tell you up front of their fees if you cancel early. No one deserves to go through what I am right now. I am also seeking that this be found as a void contract. I did not sign anything stating that I recieved this information and therefore it shouldn't be assumed that I did. I want my account cleared and not to have to worry about collection, negative reporting, or payment on this matter. I feel I have already paid once for terminating my service I shouldn't be charged twice for the same thing. If AllSat feels they're entitled to the termination fee DishNetwork should be passing on what was already collected for that fee.

06/22/2007 RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : Customer found our company by doing an online search for DISH Network. Customer went to our website, called our phone number and placed an order. They agreed to the terms of the order over the phone, and were also emailed a link to the terms in the order confirmation. One of the terms is the customer agrees to an 18 month commitment. Cusotmer disconnected after less than 5 months, and therefore was in full violation of that commitement and now owe the $295 cancellation fee. I will forward the exact email sent to the customer immediately following their order that has the link to the terms.

If you have any other questions, let us know!

AllSat Inc


Customer confirmation email with link to terms for ...see

terms on bottom.


-----Original Message-----

From: AllSat (mailto:[email protected])

Sent: Thursday, November 02, 2006 2:20 PM

Subject: Your Order From AllSat

Thank you for your order!

You placed an order on Thu Nov 2 13:20:01 2006 for the following DISH

Network system:

DVR Receiver (Dual Tuner),


DISH Network Subscriber Information:



Installation Date:


Your installation is scheduled for 11/04/2006.


If you need to re-schedule your installation:


Call: DISH Network

Phone: 1-800-333-3474

Note: You must give 24-48 hours advance notice if re-scheduling


Thank you again for your order. Please let us know if you need any further

assistance, we're glad to help!






06/27/07 REBUTTAL TO BUSINESS RESPONSE : (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I do not agree because yes I found their number on the internet by doing a search. It is not clear that they are not Dish Network. I did not realize that there would be $470 in termination fees if I used their service because I would be charged by them and by Dish Network. When you buy a Sprint phone in a small booth in the mall you would not expect the booth to charge you their termination fee and Sprint would you? Would you sign up for a non portable service that has a $470 cancellation policy? No one would. My point being yes I called yes I signed up for Dish Network. However if you pull up the call they did not disclose that I would be locked into a contract with termination fees by them and Dish Network. They never even disclosed any contract. They told me they sent me an email confirmation of the "appointment" they did not state that I should look at the terms and conditions located at the very bottom of that email. So yes I opened the email verified the appointment and closed the email. I did not scroll down because nothing prompted me to do so. It is all very misleading. Also they threaten that in less than 30 days they will be taking me to collections at my cost. I have all of this proof. And nowhere did I sign any contract not even electronically. I called made and appointment confirmed that the time was correct and that is all. If I have to fully disclose fees and pricing in the securities industry there is no reason why the Communication industry has the right to not fully disclose and essentially rip people off. Honestly who would sign up for a service if they knew they were going to be charged the same fee twice? Would you pay $175 & $295 for termination fees on the same service? When that service can't just be carried around in your pocket and others may not accept it being attached to their house. This is a fraudulent contract. I would like to see my signature or hear the phone call disclosing the fee arrangement and the contract. I would also like this researched because they offer a "free gift" that states if you submit the separate form you are locking into an agreement, which I purposefully passed up the offer because I did not want to be in the contract. Had I known I was anyways I would have either signed the form for the free gift or I would have not even signed up for Dish Network. I have all of the documents and if the Better Business Bureau needs to see them I would be more than happy to provide them. I am still seeking honest resolution. I did not sign any contract and do not agree to this fee. I will take this as far as it must legally go to get this resolved. I work in client services and this is the most unprofessional business I have ever come in contact with.

07/11/2007 MORE INFO RECEIVED FROM THE BUSINESS : We disclosed the fees multiple times...and this was the customer's original complaint. We proved we disclosed the fees, therefore their complaint is invalid. They agreed to the terms, and agreed to the cancellation fees from both companies........if they don't agree, then they shouldn't have agreed back when they ordered, but they did and now they want to blame us. That's not the way it works.!If you need further info to resolve this case, just let me know.JessicaAllSat Inc

9/27/2007 In response to their closing statement I said I was aware of the fees only if I signed up for the free gift. Other than that I did not sign any contracts and nor was I aware of any early termination fees with Dish Network or Allsat. Because I did not sign up for the free gift I did not believe I was locked into any "terms and conditions." They refuse to pull the call showing me that they disclosed this information to me and the email was to confirm an appointment. Not to confirm my agreement of their terms and agreements.

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4aa313ba, 2008-04-23, 06:49PM CDT

I can not beleive how UNPROFESSONAL ALLSat Inc's comments are. Had this company been a little more professonal then I might beleive they were actually telling the truth. However, to many companies today try to make consumers pay for things they did not agree to as well as things that were never disclosed.

I would like to know how AllSat Inc disclosed the fees multiple times. Because unless the company has actual written proof showing the fees were actually disclosed the consumers complaint is VALID!

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