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Posted on Wednesday, September 26th, 2007 at 10:36pm CDT by Anonymous

Product: 8 tickets to the 7/4/07 game

Company: Daytona Cubs

Location: Jackie Robinson Ballpark 105 E. Orange Ave.
Daytona Beach, FL, 32114, US


Category: Other

As a precursor to my complaint, it looks as if KARMA is catching up with the Daytona Cubs as their 2nd half record was a STELLAR 25-43... just call me William "Billy Goat" Sianis.


On the morning of July 4, 2007, I called the Daytona Cubs regarding their game that night that was to include fireworks. I was told that it was too early and that I would be contacted by the individual that handles ticket requests. After 3 hours of waiting, I called again (approximately 11:30 AM) and was able to get in touch with someone who was able to assist me with my $80 purchase (11 tickets @ $7 + service fee of $3 = $80). At the time of purchase, I was not given a reference number, nor told of a cancellation policy; I was just told to show up to "will call" prior to the game.

I live about 45 minutes from the ballpark and called the Daytona Cubs prior to gathering my group of out of town guests for the trek to Daytona Beach. Just blocks from the stadium, I was contacted by a relative of mine, who informed me that the game had been cancelled and an e-mail was sent out at 6:20 PM (their interpretation of c.y.a. if you ask me - see the forwarded e-mail below). Unless you live around the corner from Jackie Robinson stadium, no one is going to check their e-mail prior to leaving the house (I even called). Upon finding out the news, I called the Daytona Cubs and was greeted by a less than friendly individual. My concern is that this decision could have been made sooner by the individuals in charge.

We made the best of our 4th of July and I e-mailed Mr. Papierniak (GM) the following week to inquire about my refund; I am still awaiting a response to my e-mail. Two weeks ago I contacted the Daytona Cubs via telephone and was put in touch with Mr. Ballard, the Assistant GM. Mr. Ballard was short-tempered, argumentative, downright rude at times, and would not listen to my concerns (he kept saying that this is the way that the Florida Marlins do it, so it is legit). Although he stated to me that the Daytona Cubs have a non-refundable ticket policy, never was this conveyed to me prior to the purchase of my tickets (and at no time we the tickets ever in my possession). When I suggested to Mr. Ballard that the "refund policy" be stated to all consumers who order tickets over the phone, he scoffed at this idea and said that it would not be feasible. This astounds me as even Ticketmaster takes the times to explain the policies of the venues that you are planning to visit. If I had known of the Daytona Cubs' policy, I would have waited to buy tickets for my guests when we arrived at the park.

What began as a much anticipated group trip to the ballpark, has become a headache for me as I dealt with the Daytona Cubs front office staff.

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dude stfu, daytona cubs rock your azz

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