Ashley Furniture - Customer Service - non-existent

Posted on Monday, September 24th, 2007 at 1:50pm CDT by c0b19ede

Company: Ashley Furniture

Location: 1 Ashley Way
Arcadia, Wi, 54612, US


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My story begins like hundreds of others I have seen posted both here and on other consumer, beware sites - Ashley Furniture! On September I went into the gorgeous, new Ashley Furniture store in Johnson City, Tn; just like a fly into a web. After looking for weeks, I finally found the wrought iron headboard that would fit perfectly into my newly re-decorated bedroom. I told the sales rep that I would like that queen headboard and rails. In a jiffy he had my order processed and my money in hand, all the while explaining to me that it may take 2-6 weeks for my order to come in. Now, this is where my story differs from many. In about 10 days I got the call that my bed was in. Down the road I went with my husband and our pick-up truck to get my bed. The folks at the distribution center were great. They had me inspect the headboard before they loaded it. I assumed that the bed frame was correct since it was marked queen frame and in a sealed box. Now this is where the story starts to sound like every other Ashley story I have heard. I got the bed home, put the frame together (a piece of cake!), and went to attach the headboard to the frame (uh-oh!). The headboard did not match up to the frame; the screw-holes on the headboard were about 2 inches too high for the rails and even worse were about 2inches too wide for the frame. What was wrong here? No problem, I would just call the nice folks at the Ashley store where I made the purchase; boy was I wrong!!! First, I was put through to the sales rep who assured me that the right pieces had been ordered and that there was no and could not possibly be a problem since the right numbers were put into the computer. Then after several more calls (one to the distribution center and another to the sales rep), I was told by the Assistant Store Manager that what I was saying could not be verified, but if I would load the bed back on my truck and drive another 20 miles to the distribution center someone would verify that my story was true (an implication that I was lying!). I asked her for the number to Ashley's headquarters in hopes of getting some help. The lady that answered the phone was incredibly nice; she tsk'd appropriately and passed me off to a customer service rep, but she did give me a name. Okay, now the problems are really mounting! No one answered the customer care (yep, that is what it is really called) line. I had to hang up and call back. This time I actually got to talk to someone, but somehow he just could not understand; maybe because he did not let me tell my story. Finally, after I mentioned small claims court, he said that he would pass me on to a customer care manager(which he did pronto!) This manager surprisingly enough did not answer his line. So, once again, I am dialing the number to Ashley Furniture Customer Care. A great young woman answered the phone, but explained to me that even if my problem was not resolved, she would have to hang up on me at 5pm. At about 1 minute until 5 she had an answer for me (by this time I had made about 10 phone calls and had been dealing with this issue for over 2 hours). I could take the bed back to the distribution center the next day and maybe they could solve my dilemma. The next morning I called the distribution center and spoke to a wonderful woman named Lorie, who told me to bring the headboard and frame in at my convenience and she would have some look at it and help me. About 5 minutes later she called me back and told me that the distribution center manager was headed my way to see what the problem was. Lo and behold, if he did not see that there was indeed a problem with my bed. He said that he thought he could fix the problem, but it would mean rigging the bed. Actually, he did a wonderful job. On Monday morning, I called Ashley's headquarters, asking not to be put through to customer care and was put through to (you guessed it) customer care. I again, was given the perfunctory tsk, tsk and was told that this would be passed on to the appropriate person; yeah, sure! Somehow I think that this time next year I will still be waiting on a call from someone from Ashley telling me how sorry they are that I had these problems or that they sold faulty merchandise. Not only will I never shop an Ashley store nor buy anything made by Ashley, I will tell everyone I know not to shop there either. How I wish I would have known about this site earlier. I discussed this issue with a lawyer at work and he seemed to think there is a lawsuit in my story somewhere!


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