Polaroid Corp - Failure to repaire or replace a product in a timely manner

Posted on Sunday, September 23rd, 2007 at 10:04pm CDT by 818e3ca3

Product: Polaroid GPS Device MGX-0560

Company: Polaroid Corp

Location: 1265 Main St Bldg W 7
Waltham, MA, 02451, US

Category: Other

1. After sending and e-mail to Polaroid tech

support and waiting 2 days for a response, I called Customer Service on 8/6 regarding defective GPS device and followed RMA instructions. Returned defective equipment on 8/7. Called Customer Service on 8/10 and was told item was on back order. Requested a different model as a replacement. No other model available to replace my equipment and no refund would be granted. I asked for a manual ticket to be entered and requested new equipment be expedited.

2. Called customer service on 8/21 and was told by William (supervisor)that item would be available on 8/29 and that items are to be returned TWICE before a refund can be REQUESTED (no guaranty it will be APPROVED). When asked about expedited shipping IF they ever arrive, he told me

the device will be shipped to me via Ground and theres no way to send it faster. I live in NJ - how long will that take?

3. Called CS on 9/4 - items still not in stock.

4. Called CS on 9/6 - Onequa(sp?) - Supervisor informed me there is no change in status and they don''t know when they will get parts from the manufacturer (hope is not a strategy). I asked for the names of her manager or a contact at Polaroid. She gave me the corporate address.

Settlement Sought: The company has a responsibility to act on the customers behalf, have a practical return policy and respond to escalated complaints. And they have a responsibility to expedite to me a refund of $588.49 for the parts and $29.70 for the overnight shipping costs


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