Best Western - Best Western Nightmare

Posted on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 at 12:38am CDT by 3afe2db8

Product: Motel room in Lake George New York

Company: Best Western

Location: Best Western International, Inc/customer care 6201 n 24th Parkway
PHOENIX, AZ, 85016, US


Category: Hotels

I had the displeasure of staying in a filthy poorly maintained hotel room at The Best Western Of Lake George New York. I sent a letter of complaint to the hotel and to the main office in Phoenix. I heard nothing as a response. I called the main 800 number and asked to customer service, and the woman who answered swore at me- called me a "Dumb Ass"-and when I explained this to the customer service person he hung up on me. I had to call back fifteen times and attempt calling the CEO's office before I was put in touch with a person I was told was the head of customer service. she assured me that she would give me a refund and my check would arrive no later than Thursday 9/19/07-it never arrived. When i called them-oops it fell through the cracks. These people are without question the nastiest, rudest group of people I have ever encountered-and in the hospitality business!


c1d6360d, 2008-08-23, 12:42PM CDT

I had an equally AWFUL experience with Best Western - I plan on writing them in regards to a Nashville Tennessee BW that tells its customers that it is located right in the heart of downtown - when in actuality it is NOT the downtown hotel its 2 miles outside of downtown - never again -

Robert B., 2013-03-18, 10:08AM CDT

Me and my wife went in Moraco for a vacation. We had to stay for one night in tne town of Ifrane a the best Western. DO NOT GO THERE there is no heating. The town is known as the little Switzerland, because it snows in the winter. I also rains a lot. The restaurant was close, no heat, cracks all over the place Water on the balcony. The people at the office had winter clothes on. It was that cold.I am going to write to Best Western to have a refund. If i can find there adress or "@ MAIL

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