1999 Volvo S80

Posted on Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 8:21pm CDT by fd00c1b7

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In 1999 I purchased a Volvo S80 2.9 vehicle after having good luck with a

1984 Volvo 740 for many years. I have had NOTHING but problems with this

vehicle. The onboard electronic system is awful - it was in the shop for

more than 6 weeks while under warranty (Winter Volvo in Sacramento, CA - a

terrible place to get service by the way.) I've had problems with the

exhaust system, electronics, ball joint, etc. Many of these were more major

repairs. In February 2003 the car went into "limp mode" and Winter Volvo

said we needed a new transmission (at a cost of more than $3500.) They

ended up resetting the limp mode idiot light and we haven't had another

problem with the transmission (yet.) But, if Winter Volvo had their way, we

would have replaced the transmission based on an idiot light that triggered

the limp mode. I really have got to wonder if Volvo's electronic system

really works or just throws off error codes randomly. Now we can't pass

smog in California because of the "check engine" light. We paid hundreds of

dollars to replace the oxygen sensors but that didn't fix it and the Volvo

repair shop I use now (Turner Volvo in Sacramento) won't reset the idiot

light. Now they want more than $1500 to investigate the problem but don't

have any idea why there is a problem. I don't know if the service staff are

inept or dishonest. I suspect this comes from Volvo of America that hasn't

supported this vehicle with warranty repairs when repeated problems occur.

Any interested in a class-action suit against Volvo?


66f758b9, 2008-08-19, 02:51PM CDT

Class-action suit vs. Volvo? Sign me up!

We've suffered repeated rip-offs from Volvo dealers since purchasing our S80 new (factory delivery) while on assignment to England in1999. No matter what fix they tried, the light would always reappear.

The Volvo dealer in Gloucester, England proved especially incompetent, trying some truly outlandish, ill-fated repairs. Volvo America has been no better, albeit more customer oriented. So far the blasted light has probably cost us over $4,000. A small consolation is that even our current, independent Volvo specialist mechanic cannot fix the problem.

be7677de, 2009-01-26, 10:23AM CST

Sign me up too!

I purchased the most beautiful paper weight for $29,000 used (and they knew it was trash), 3 years later they offered me $3,000 as a trade in!

I experienced every problem in the book. Two weeks after the extended warranty expired EVERYTHING went at once! I even had my very pregnant friend in the car and the "break failure" light came on - lucky for us, I was 4 blocks from home!

Twice my ignition locked and I could not insert the key, the first time it sat at the dealer for 5 days before they could work on it, and "mysteriously" while it sat awaiting service, it unlocked. Therefore, I was charged for the towing, and for "storage" and the rental car, since there really wasn't any problem in the first place. Even though when it arrived there it was locked and no one could insert the key.

The second time they could not extract my car from the parking lot for 2-3 days because I parked with my front-end by a planter, so a mechanic had to come and disengage my transmission so that they could roll it out of the parking spot to tow it from the front (since its a front wheel drive). I could go on for days with this car!

After being "forced" into another Volvo, due to no one wanting the S80, since everyone knows its trash, I am now being screwed on the lease of the new car.

These people have to be stopped.

I have ALL my receipts, I had even been towed, something like 8 times in 12 months.

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