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Posted on Thursday, September 20th, 2007 at 12:08pm CDT by 439c6b03

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I have purchased a Natural Gas Grill from Sam's club on-line. The grill is

manufactured by Grandhall Grill Company. The Grill is brand new, never

used. The company I work for has transferred me to a new office and the

house I am moving into does not have access to Natural gas so I wanted to

change my grill to use LP gas. When I called Grandhall they informed me

they will not sell the parts needed to change the grill. I know that the

only parts needed is the orifices and the regulator as I have talked to a

lot of companies that sell gas. I told them my problem and was informed

that I would have to buy a new grill. This to me is not being sensitive to

the consumers that purchase their products that keep them in business.

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9a7d1d67, 2008-11-06, 10:18PM CST

Good Luck..we bought one of their grills at SAMS. We paid close to 2,000 for it and not even a year later (with VERY little use) the burners and all of the 'guts' on the inside of the grill were just crumbling apart. I took pictures and emailed them to grandhall which interestingly is not but about 2-3 miles from me. The only response I got from them was a price to replace them...that was about it. So much for customer service. I have replaced them and grilled maybe 20 times this year and the new ones look just like the ones I replaced now. The writing on the burner knobs (on and off) has just basically faded off...the product is a $2,000 piece of crap.

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