Your Rude and very hateful employee that works in Stockton, MO. store

Posted on Thursday, September 20th, 2007 at 1:21pm CDT by Anonymous

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Location: Stockton, MO, 65785, US

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I went in to your Stockton, MO. store 30. minutes ago. I assume she is your manager(that would be your mistake)As with everytime I go in there, she is rude and hateful,never a pleasant greeting just mean and cold. Everyone has bad days, but I've never seen her have a good day. We live in a small town everyone knows everyone. I'm in the store all the time, so is my boyfriend who is on the checking account. She asked to see I.D. after atleast 1year of coming in and writing checks-I was taking my kids to the doctor forgot my I.D.I told her I didn't have it and in front of the whole store blurts out, "THAT IS ILLEGAL!" Even though I knew she knew me I said, "I'm in here all the time." She pointed out the sign on the register with a smirky smile(I say smirky b/c she never smiles!)-and said hatefully "NEW POLICY!" "Do you not have ANY cash on you at all?" I said no. She informed me that she would have to take back my 3 packs of cigarettes-that HOT SPOT had to later assist me with-but I would have to write the check for the fuel and fountain drink. Before I went in looking for a babysitter. I had made some signs on my computer. I did not take them in. I went straight to her and asked if I could hang one on her cork board. Without in reason, respect for the customer or any sign of decensy she snipes to me, "WE DO NOT DO THAT HERE!" Like I'm asking to put up a sign to sell drugs or prostitution. Making me feel like I'm asking to make her do something illegal. I will not ever go back to your store again until that woman is no longer your employee. You need to get someone disguised as a regular joe, and go in your store and get first hand at how horrible of a person she really is. Your store will be a failure as long as she works their. I will tell everyone I see about this. I know you will not do nothing to prevent this from happening. But I will steer everyone from there!

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c458eec9, 2008-09-16, 10:35AM CDT

Do you have any idea how many stores are in Stockton, MO? You could have at least added in the name of the store!!

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