Raleigh County Animal Hospital - Bad customer service

Posted on Thursday, September 20th, 2007 at 8:51am CDT by 185abcbc

Product: Vet visit

Company: Raleigh County Animal Hospital

Location: 120 Collie Lane
Beckley, WV, 25801, US

Category: Other

When bringing a dog to the vet that hadnt been in a few years, its quite a traumatic experience. Most animals are like people's children. If you took your child to the doctor and they immediately didnt talk to them they immediately assumed they was "bad" and wouldn't take the time to sit with the parents and talk about things they obviously came to the doctor to talk about, i wouldnt ever allow my child to go there again. That's what happened when i took my dog to the vet at Raleigh County Animal Hospital. The "doctor" immediately came in, didnt speak to me, or my dog, but hugged the woman that was with him and kept talking to her <his wife?> Then decided he was a bad dog and put a muzzle on him. He said he was going to examine him and that i wasnt allowed to touch him? Well of course the dog was scared and totally freaked out. He's a friendly dog and if he was approached and made feel comfortable he wouldnt have tried to get away from the vet and back to me. Therefore my dog wasnt examined and they walked out of the room before i could ask any questions i was concerned with. The girl that was with him did however tell me how much i owed them and then said "crazy dog" under her breath when rolling her eyes. I also proceeded to call another vet because they said it was the law i couldnt touch my animal while they was at the vet and they said that was untrue, that it would make them feel more comfortable with the experience (and that's where i go now). We also called Raleigh County Animal Hospital back to explain how unhappy we was with their services only to be screamed at.


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