EHarmony - EHarmony is a RIP OFF!

Posted on Sunday, September 2nd, 2007 at 10:04am CDT by f85de369

Company: EHarmony

Category: Online Shopping

I am a middle aged woman, successful, nice looking, great personality, but work long hours and I’m not certain where to find nice single men in my area, so I tried EHarmony for their free weekend.

I filled out their survey, and they sent me 25 “potential” men. I found several interesting men there that I thought I might make some sort of connection with.

Well, I signed up for the service. There is a 7 day back out period. During that period, they sent me dozens more "compatible" men for me to communicate with.

I started the communication process by submitting questions for them to respond to. This, of course, I was advised, takes several days, so I should be patient. Not surprisingly (now that I look back on it) this process consumed the 7 day back out period and then some.

I received no responses, or they responded that they were not interested. When I complained, EHarmony told me that my search area was too small. (I am in a city of about 65,000, between two cities of about 200,000. My initial range was within 30 miles). So I enlarged my range to within 500 miles. More "potential" men were sent my way, and the results were the same plus, some said I was too far away. When I complained to EHarmony, they said I should expand my area. That area now covers 3 states. I am still getting the same responses.

And what did I get from EHarmony? That is it my fault because my range is too large!

I have not had a response from ANYONE in 3 months! Every time I complained, Eharmony stated that I was at fault. Now, after 3 months and still nothing, what’s their response? I need to give it more time – they want me to spend another $200 to extend my contract!



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1818809a, 2008-01-20, 07:39AM CST

If your looking for a good site go to it's 100% free and none of the nonsense that goes with eharmony.

I'm a 56 yo male and have met a few nice ladies on there you just have to be careful like with anything on line.

81fa7abd, 2008-08-28, 06:43PM CDT

I am so sick of the men who have closed me out for these "lame" reasons. There is no way I can really send the final message I really want to send.

eHarmony is a big ripoff. I won't ever fall for anything like this again. If I can't meet a man in my neighborhood or my circle of friends, I guess I will stay by myself.

30d6051a, 2008-09-06, 06:37AM CDT

I only wish I had read these comments before I got involved with EHARMONY. There must be some legal recourse out there????

I myself signed up, and was sent probably 10 matches, from my state. And like all of you, none of them even resembled what I was looking for in my search. I am not talking personality even, just things like smoking and alcohol preferences. Pretty simple things. After the original 10, I started receiving matches from 500 to 1000 miles away(non compatable also). When I emailed to complain, and said I would not be re-newing my guessed it, no more matches.Unfortunately this was 2 weeks into my 3 month contract. I feel this is a total scam, and someone needs to figure out how to stop them. Bobby

82d1362a, 2008-11-14, 12:20PM CST

They hook you in by sending many matches before you join. You get excited that so many men want to meet you that you give them your credit card number. After that, the party is over. You don't get very many mathches. None are in your area, The man were never quite what I wanted.I am sorry, I don't like fat men or men who are unattractive. I didn't have time to go out and find men myself, but after this eharmony thing. I took some time off my busy job, and found A man in my area that I am now engaged to and love. I found out that some of my first matches were not even active anymore, and when they say you can cancel don't believe it. They kept billing my card until I had to cancel it. They will mess up your credit card believe me. Call your card company long before you are due to renew and take care of it however you can, because they charge and charge and will not refund, in fact you can not reach them. They need to be reported as a fraud. Don't believe those commericals. Most people do not look like that. Not at all. Remember the matches you will get at first is only to pull you in.

353ddf1c, 2008-11-20, 03:22AM CST

If anyone else has a similar complaint, let us get together and do a class action lawsuit. I am a woman who just demanded a refund due to their software (a) not delivering as advertising; (b) not "learning" from my choices; and (c) just matched me with a WOMAN!

Yes, you read that correctly. Their supposedly amazing matching software (which they claim is better than any other site's) just matched a hetero female with another female!

That is PROOF that the software is bogus and it's all random.

I am ready for us to band together and file a lawsuit against them for false advertising and failing to provide the advertised service.

I've just set up a blog for anyone interested in exposing them.

f98a528c, 2009-01-28, 09:53PM CST

I totaly agree! I found over 2 months that they were not working for me! I had signed up for the 3 payment plan that turns out the charge you in 3 payments of $80 x 3 in two months!!! I just decided that it wa going nowhere with eharm so I called to cancel and they told me my 7 or 3 day refund period had passed and they were keeping all the $$$. They tried to tell me that I didn't give it enough time or my settings were al wrong, no matter what I said the wanted me to stay, and I was suprised the opperator didn't burst in to laughing when I ask for a refund! Basicaly they don't care at all about their customers or what you think of their service and long as they are taking you money, as much as they can get! I say take this poor excuse for a company down!

63e7c843, 2009-07-15, 04:29PM CDT

E-Harmony is dishonest about their contract information up front. The claim to charge you a monthly installment fee, is a complete lie. I noticed on my statement a week later that I was charged for an entire year of membership for over $200.00; when I was tying out the FREE contact info and decided to sign up for a monthly payment for a one year membership. When I called to complain and demanded a refund for the remaining 11 months, I was told it was too late and that I will not receive a refund. E-Harmony is a rip-off site ready to take whatever money they can make off you any way possible. You will be subjected to false disclosure regarding their contract terms. Sneaky! The way I was treated had cause me to be very angry at how this company mistreats unsatsified customers. The screening process is so limited, it is utterly reduculous that a company like this continues to be dishonest and out right insulting when speaking to a respresenative to resolve issues that arise from miss-leading information on the website contract information. I SERIOUSLY ADVISE YOU...DO NOT BUY INTO THIS SCAM! YOU WILL REGRET IT IN THE END!

d279395e, 2011-12-07, 11:19PM CST

i was getting ready to join eharmony because i am recently divorced. years ago before i was married i joined, what a piece of shit company and a complete rip off! eharmony must be set up by the same people! the compliants against eharmony are exactly the same as why does the federal trade commission allow such fraudulant companies to exist when te rest of us must follow the law to the T. politicians must be getting one hell of a kick back from these guys cause they're all the same!!!! i say lets find th CEO of both and eharmony and cut their ball sacks off and shove them down their throats until they choke to death!

3d984856, 2012-06-24, 07:40PM CDT

I agree a total ripoff, I paid and tried it for a couple of weeks, then 3 months later my bank account was automatically debited again for another $110! All attempts to get this payment reversed were unsuccessful, they tell you that it is automatic renewal UNLESS you specifically refuse that, so unless you notice and make an effort they keep taking your money! RIPOFF E Harmony!!!!

natty, 2013-03-01, 06:49AM CST

Same !! Rip off. IM 40 , Australian fit, financial , do ok with the ladies if I ever get out .

Joined and had 10-15 attractive ladies contact me. As soon as I paid- not 1.

A Scam.

Happy I looked at your comments. Thankyou, Good luck .

maggie m., 2013-08-13, 07:17PM CDT

So happy that I saw your e-mails .You all saved me a lot of trouble. Thanks/Hope you're all find your happy match in the normal way soon. Maggs

Jessee M., 2014-06-25, 07:31AM CDT

I concur 1000000000000000%. I tried them back in 2004-2005 when I was in my early 30's, paid over $500.00 of my money, received matches who all rejected me because I did not look like Brad Pitt or little Joey Macentyre of new kids on the block or Justin Bieber (And yes the women were in MY age group). Being 40 now, I done given up on it and I am still demanding a refund!!!!! People in general just SUCK!!!

"If you look for bad in a person, you will surely find it"

Abraham lincoln

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