MDG - MDG is the worst computer company in the world

Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 at 11:31am CDT by 7c99c8c7

Product: Apton XL

Company: MDG

Location: London, On, CA


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I am simply too nice.

MDG has the worst sales and customer support in the world. I have never been so annoyed and mistreated by a company ever. Do not buy anything from them, their service is horrible, their parts are garbage and their sales people could care less.

I bought an Apton XL back when they were partnering with Staples, (MDG had a kiosk in the store). The girl, (who was dressed totally in appropriately), had no clue. I had to get her to bring up the MDG site and pointed the sytem I wanted to her on the screen. She still screwed it up. I wanted the funky case with blue neon lighting and all the upgrades they had. They tried giving me the wrong case, I corrected it. They tried to tell me that adding a 3rd harddrive, (a free upgrade), would slow my system down and didn't recommend it. I told them they were full of it and should have walked right there, but I didn't.

So a week goes by and my system is supposed to be ready. I call the warehouse, they say, "Yep come on in". I go in and find out that they had the wrong case and the wrong processor installed and no third harddrive. I told them to fix it and I wanted my computer that day. I was told "no problem we'll get right on that. I get home and there's a message waiting for me saying "that processor is the top of the line one and we have to order it." WHAT? Shouldn't it have been ordered when I put the order through??? Then they tell me it will take 2 weeks to get it in. I asked for a full refund and they told me I was not entitled to one if you read the fine print. I was fuming. I called their Head Office can complained, nobody cared. I called the "manager" and complained, he didn't care. So I decided I had no recourse but to take the computer, (it was supposed to be a nice system).

About two months go by of computer use and my machine keeps getting slower and slower until it starts shutting itself down every 2 minutes. I checked and all three fans had stopped working. This in turn fried the motherboard, processor and memory. I was mad.

I took it back and a mere three weeks later they had fixed it. Fast forward to today. I turn the piece of junk on and get an error message. I researched it and it means my hard drive is failing. I called to find out when my warranty expired and they said 21 days ago. Thanks for letting me bring it in since it's so close to the cutoff! (they wouldn't take it without me paying.)

I'm so annoyed with them. I hope this story, (all true, minus a couple dozen non-returned phone calls), stops someone from making the same mistake I did.

Do not buy anything from them, they don't know what they're doing and your computer will fail at least once. Plus their a bunch of shifty bastards. Avoid at all costs!


86f9c72e, 2007-11-22, 11:51AM CST

I agree with the writer, MDG is the worst product/service company I have ever dealt with. I am a General Manager of a company and an employee of mine ever treated a customer as I have been treated I would terminate them, period. The thing is I experienced it at the store level (Burlington) and the corporate level where all I received was the run around and lies. Basically I had small problem that they fixed (wires contacting the cooling fan blade making a buzzing sound) although it took them three days, but the next problem was a big one. I wont get into detail but when I bought the PC in December 2007 it came with Windows XP with a FREE Vista upgrade, free right! I received it late March 2007 and it came with loading instructions. I loaded it and all hell broke loose. I was lucky to restore the computer (with help from a friend) to the point where I could boot it up but I have to be quick about selecting the operating system at boot up or it goes into Vista set up mode. I have tried since then to get MDG to take responsibility for this and fix it but they tell me its your problem, its Microsofts Problem, and you should have paid us to load it, and you can pay us to fix it. The bottom line is that the company that distributes the software on MDGs behalf told me that they were deluged with software complaints like mine and this was confirmed by one honest technician at the Burlington store (no longer therecoincidence?) who said the software was not a clean Microsoft version and was loaded with glitches. You cant tell me MDG didnt know what was going on and that they were simply ignoring the Customers affected by it. I got the run around, I was lied to, I was cheated out of money. They are a company that is dishonest, they dont stand behind their product and they are tantamount to thieves. I will never pay them for another product or service again. BTW, I got Nigel Computers in Burlington to fix it for $40 (their minimum bench chargehmmm must have been a time consuming fix!?). All this would have cost MDG was less than $40 but they would rather me go through life hating their guts and bad mouthing them every chance I get.

4a9cbe59, 2007-12-14, 12:19PM CST

I go to the IBT (International Business and Technology) program at my high school here in Canada; it has a focus on (obviously) business and technology. As part of the program, we were forced to buy a laptop through the school, these were Durabook models. Let me first tell you the price and specs: $1800 for a Core 2 1.73 Ghz processor with 1 GB of RAM, a 120 GB hard drive, Intel Integrated Graphics (low end, canâ??????t find exact specs), 2 batteries (one 9 cell, one 6 cell) and 3 yrs of in-school warranty (on a weekly basis). Yes, $1800, and all we got was XP Pro with Word, Excel and PowerPoint (plus InfoPath and Access) 2007. For $1800, we were given such a useless computer, I could have gotten a better model (I checked) from Dell for around $800 with 3 yrs. of next-day, in-home support. After getting the computer, many people had hardware problems; my keyboard never worked from day one, almost everyoneâ??????s screen has something wrong with them, and, well, thatâ??????s just the good side.

I want to make one thing clear before I continue: we were given a Windows Vista Business key, but no installation CD. I called Microsoft, and they said this was illegal. But the worst part is that the copies of XP we have are PIRATED, none were able to activate, so MDG used a USB drive with a crack or something similar (same one for everyone) to skip activation on the computers. Of course, I contacted Microsoft on the matter, they said they would look into it.

Now, let me tell you the blatant lies they told us. They said weâ??????d be getting two 9-cell batteries with 5 hrs of battery life, we instead got a 9 cell and a 6 cell with 3 hrs and 2 hrs of battery life, respectively. They said weâ??????d be getting a 160 GB hard drive, but we lost 40 GBs for no reason. They also promised 2 GBs of RAM, a better processor, and â?????lotsâ????? of preinstalled software. The laptop itself has the fan on the bottom for some reason, and it gets incredibly hot after little under an hour of continuous use, so does the charger. The core temperature of the processor is, on average, over 60 degrees Celsius; its maximum temperature is about 100 degrees. It spikes to over 80 degrees in less than 2 hrs sometimes. The laptops are also unusually heavy; the battery alone is about 2 lbs.

I could go on forever. There are no buttons or sliding things to open the lid, instead, we have to just pull it open. There are clips that keep it closed, these often break, for a while, MDG refused to fix them, saying we were abusing our laptops; only after multiple complaints from parents did they start fixing them. They only come once a week to our school, we have to fill out a paper form and put it in a box to get a repair. And even though we have to sue these laptops for four years, they only give us a three-year warranty.

Let me end by saying DO NOT BUY FROM MDG, they WILL scam you out of your money and refuse to fix their shoddy computers, many others share my view (just search for â?????MDGâ?????), and I hope that MDG will never sell another computer. They lied to us, refused to fix our laptops, used pirated software, and took our money. And you know what? Our school is now going to allow any brand of laptop for people to bring next year. Unbelievable how a company can scam students and leave once theyâ??????ve made a quick buck. Or a couple hundred thousand.

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