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Posted on Wednesday, September 19th, 2007 at 8:26am CDT by 515c7a20

Product: ALL

Company: Divina Sposa Americas

Location: 4651 Avenue du Parc
Montreal, QC, H2H 4E4, CA

URL: http://www.divinasposaamericas.com

Category: Other

I'm just writing to inform the public about Divina Sposa Americas, a horrible wholesaler of wedding dresses. Buyer beware (both future brides AND retailers)!

The boss, Pinchas (also known simply as "Pini"), is a bit of a scam artist. Although he claims that he "runs" the company, all he does is sit at his computer all day chatting on MSN or checking his Facebook account. When he isn't doing that, he's flirting with the two women who own a bridal shop just above his warehouse, or he's out driving around Montreal in his Mercedes, visiting his brother's pub or spending time with his girlfriend.

Whenever retailers would call asking about a shipment or confirmation for an order, he flat out refused to take the call. He often tells the customer service department (comprised of three college students) to tell the retailers he's in a meeting, or is out to lunch, or is not available, but these excuses are rarely ever true (nobody ever came to the office for a meeting, he always ate lunch at his desk, and being unavailable meant he was too busy flirting with the ladies to be bothered to do his job properly). He always promises to return the calls, but never actually does. People would call back every day for months trying to get an answer out of this guy, but the only times they ever got a hold of him were the times when he accidentally picked up the phone without meaning to (force of habit). Moreover, he sells directly to House of Brides, which sells dresses online for 3/4 the suggested retail price. He actively encourages House of Brides to steal customers from bridal shops by allowing them to advertise prices. Because he's stupid and greedy, he doesn't realize that doing this will hurt his business more than placing restrictions on House of Brides.

The bride to be is unfortunately in an even worse situation. Brides often called in to complain that the dress they received was of lower quality than the one they saw at the store (among other things). Since Pini is only concerned with his own livelihood and profit, he offered no sympathy or compassion to the bride. His answer was that they would have to deal with the retailer directly, who would then deal with him (but they can't deal with him because he never answers their calls!!). Pini will deny this vehemently, but as he never answered the phone or dealt with customers directly, he has no idea how often they called to complain. Also, the dresses are of poor quality because they're all manufactured in China (although he tells his sales agents-- the same three college students who do customer service-- to say they're made "in the Orient" to fool "stupid" retailers and brides to be). He goes on and on about how his dresses are a bargain for the price, but the best-selling dress in the Divina Sposa line (the Donatello) wholsales at only $860. You are definitely getting jipped if you pay even double that.

The worst part of this is that he often makes up a date off the top of his head when people ask for a turnaround time. This results in his dresses almost always arriving later than planned. He never accounts for national holidays or other interruptions in postal service, and this results in late shipping times that nearly ruin brides' weddings. Once he shipped off a dress so late that it would only arrive at the bride's door the day before her wedding (no time for alterations or anything)! Because of this, the bad customer service, and the poor quality of the dresses, many stores have cut all relations with Divina Sposa Americas. If you want to save yourself the headache, don't bother dealing with them. Both Pinchas and his lecherous father Maurice are money-grubbing thieves, concerned only with their own welfare and the demise of those around them.


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