Posted on Sunday, September 16th, 2007 at 12:57am CDT by 88e694f8

Product: Customer Service

Company: Papa John's

Location: 3200 16th Ave SW
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA, 52404-1469, US


Category: Restaurants, Bars

I had an order from papa johns one night. I had all the kids here and everything was meyhem. I got my pizzas and they were totally the wrong ones...not messed up...just not what i ordered at all. Well i called papa johns and they said they could make new ones. Well the kids were hungry and i didnt have time to wait.

So the manager gave me credit for my order. Nice of them huh? YEAH RIGHT

They say they will give you credit but they dont.

When i called to use mine i was treated very rudely.

So i did what anyone would do and i contacted the area manager KHALE.

Well i left him a couple messages and he ignored them, Refusing to help. So i wrote the cooperate office. It has been weeks now and i still have heard nothing from the cooperate office. I even went as far as to tell them i was concerned about the credit or the mistakes. I wanted an explination as to why i was treated so bad then hung up on.

And why the area manager Khale, refused to help.

Well the cooperate office is ignoring me now.

Must be a thing with papa johns...a new policy maybe? Ignore the customer and they will go away. WRONG.

Business used to be concered with customer satisfaction.

Now its all about money. So much infact that they will not spend the 39 cents for a stamp to reply to me.

Better Ingredients, Better Pizza.....HORRIBLE customer service. At least at burger king you get it your way :) lol.

I remember when a pizza hut driver called me a cheap bastard for only tipping him a dollar.

I called and the same day that very driver gave me a personal apology. Thats service.....

Yes papa johns has AWESOME pizza, but i dont think i will be ordering from them anymore.... Pizza hut has GREAT customer service and ok pizza.....GODFATHERS has awesome pizza and great customer service.

I am goin to post this on EVERY consumer site and in myspace blogs. Maybe even in the advertizing paper i work for. We have a topic comming next month and it is about how business went from people who cared to well Wal Mart lol.

Anyway i am not gonna go away...i have a lot of free time on my hands. papa johns heard me...but eventually they will LISTEN to me. Being treated badly then hung up on for THIER own mistake is unjust and UNETHICAL. I know its not really a big deal to most but it is to me.

When you contact the big bosses of the company something should get done...when you use your voice it should be heard, But when the Cooperate office doesnt want to help......well you gotta go further.


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409b2f1e, 2007-12-06, 10:22PM CST

I am very sorry to hear of this situation. I agree that that papa johns has really mistreated you. They should not have done this and I will do all I can to help you get to the bottom of this. I cannot say who I am, But that I will do what I can to look into the treatment of your case. I will personnaly reasearch into other behaviors of the papa johns employees at the Ceder Rapids Location. I will get back to you via posting with what I can do, or make them contact you with a formal Apology.


fbcdd884, 2008-01-25, 02:05AM CST

I do not want to be rude, but I think in life you sometimes have to let things go. Many times I have received poor customer service and not so good food, but I have never complained or sent anything back. Yes, society is becoming more consumer driven, but I feel that sometimes making things at home is better than suffering through bad service. You could have a kid's pizza night where everyone goes to the store and picks their toppings to put of premade pizza dough. This will be more fun and edcuational because the kids would be learning about chores and sharing. Also, the pizza would be exactly the way you like it. Growing up my family ate out occaionally, but when eating out I sometimes realize things are just out of my control. When something does not go my way I try to step back and think as to why this happened. If it is bad customer service I tactfully suggest an improvement and leave it at that.

5f6e2272, 2008-05-23, 02:03PM CDT

A $1 tip...... I'd be mad too

c458eec9, 2008-09-16, 10:28AM CDT

I hate to tell you this, but most pizza places charge for delivery so tipping is not's an option just the fact he was willing to tip a $1 was his right..what the driver said was rude and out of line..if you get mad about your tip just remember to be grateful you even got one, some places don't allow tipping..had I been his Manager he would have not only apologized, but I would have been tempted to fire his ass, at the very least he would have lost a weeks work..

724dd0b2, 2009-08-11, 04:21PM CDT

A one dollar tip is unexceptable.

The driver's charge at ANY pizza place does not actually go to the driver. Drivers are paid worse than servers are, and they rely on tips to make a profit.

A one dollar tip means that the driver actually had to SPEND MONEY to bring your pizza to you.

Tip more next time. Maybe they'll give a crap about your service.

eeab8617, 2010-02-23, 02:48PM CST

alright first off your not a cheap bastard..YOUR A CHEAP POS. hah.ok lets see..your a loser..trying to call and be heard. dude this is america. they dont have to call you back or give a shit about you or your kids. its a business. just cus its big business doesnt mean they have to like you. small business treats you better cus well they wants whats in your wallet. and honestly I wanted to ignore reading your BS but i feel compelled to call you out. want a solution.. be a man not a bitch. order from somewhere else..tip more than a dollar cus the driver called you what you were thats why you felt so compelled to call the mananger..he hit you where it hurt.. id give that fuckin driver a raise for punking your bitch ass. go to pizza hut or dominoes whatever stop calling and short take your money else where i dont think that the owner of papa johns is in dier need of your 15 dollars haha...loser

ee0dc37d, 2011-03-30, 02:21PM CDT

I know this is old but I have to comment on the lower class guy who was saying the driver punked you. I'm sure you work as some kind of server probably a pizza deliver driver. If you can't even handle a job on a level that small how do you think you will ever get anywhere in life? I'm sure your just a young kid who thinks he is entitled to other peoples money because he knows how to hold a pizza without dropping it. I'm a very hard tipper. I wont tip unless the server is dressed presentable, talks politely and with class (not yeah, yo, dude) and looks like they enjoyed bringing my food to me. I'm not saying they have to enjoy it, but I don't enjoy giving my money away either. Anyways, I just had to comment to tell this kid he is a lowlife and will never get anywhere in life.

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