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Posted on Saturday, September 15th, 2007 at 1:20pm CDT by 5347edb8

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I order some business cards from My order was 100 of one order of business cards and another set of 100. The company sends me only one set of 100 PLUS 44 of the same person business cards. I immediately call the company only to get that a answering service answer there phone calls and then I was advised they cannot help me over the phone and instructed me to send an email and someone would respond to me within 24 to 48 business hours. I am livid and follow the instructions and send and email. Luckily someone calls me back within a few hours and after receiving the call the representatives hangs up on me informing me that they printed the right order and tells me to count all my business cards. I am insulted by this point and then I receive a startling email after that. If I am pointing out that it is there printing error as the cards I received they are informing me that I am still wrong. I send all the cards that they printed for me. And the only refunded me half my order and charged me for business cards that was never sent to me. This company does not understand what customer service is and takes a long time for them to respond. They do not call you by phone as they try to only handle the issue by emails and if your order is wrong you are just out of luck. Then they send me this email to top it off (I copied and pasted the email as I changed no words):



We have received only one (1) set back on this order (435494), it was required of you to send both sets back. Please be advised at this time we can only refund you on the one (1) set that you have sent back. Be advised that from this point on Printograph inc/ cannot honor any order from your company (Your account has been closed). Please allow 4 to 8 working days to receive your refund that the one (1) set you have sent back

Thank you,

Got Print

(All I wanted was my correct order and when I point it out to them that they gave me the wrong order they did not want to correct it and send me the right order but the only refunded me half of what I paid and then tells me not to order from them again) What kind of company will tell a customer after letting them know that you received a wrong order that you can no longer do business with them)

The only outcome from this as I would never use there services again and I would not recommend them to anyone. As I was telling a friend about my experience they directed me to and I must say the customer service is remarkable and they match any competitors price. And they have prompt delivery and when you call them over the phone they handle the issue right then. After I notified gotprint I ordered business cards from and by the time gotprint even responded to me sending them back my business cards to them that I received after a 2-3 day delivery I received my order from Vistaprint. Gotprint shoppers Beware!!!!!

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84098c14, 2008-07-19, 05:27PM CDT

I have ordered multiple times from Their service and response is better than any other On-line printing company.

I have also tried their phone system. There is always someone picking up the phone between the hours of 8-5 PST.

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