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Posted on Thursday, September 13th, 2007 at 11:44am CDT by edbb2513

Product: Whirlpool Duet Electric Dryer

Company: A&E factory Service, Virginia District

Location: 4100 Tomlyn Street
Richmond, VA, 23230, US

URL: http://www.aefactoryservice.com/ae_consumer/index.html

Category: Other

My electric dryer started making an electrical frying noise along with a burning smell during a load. We shut the dryer off, and the burning and frying continued, so I had to shut off the breaker immediately to stop the problem and prevent a fire. I called the Whirlpool service line after hours and used the automated system to set up an appt. The A&E technician showed up during the promised time in the morning, told my wife (I was a work) that there was no power and that the problem was not the power cord, charged her $59 and left. When I called a while later to check with her and she told me all that, plus the fact that she wrote a check for $59 to the technician, I went ballistic and called A&E at their toll-free number. I was told that they could not contact their technicians. When I said I would not pay for their "service", they said they would have a manager call me on my cell phone, but also that I would have to call back the next day myself and schedule another service call. By 9 pm that night no one called, so I went online to my bank and put a Stop Payment on my check. The next day at noon (still no call) I called Whirlpool "Customer Experience Center" at 800-442-9991 and explained the whole matter to them. They agreed that the A&E service was unacceptable and said they "would certainly direct me to a different service company" who would take care of me, and they gave me 3 companies to choose from. I called one and described the problem, and they said they were very familiar with that type of problem and even told me how I could open the back if I wanted to and look at the circuit board and purchase it myself to avoid a labor charge. THAT's good service. They said if I didn't want to do that, they could come out the very next day and fix it for me.


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