General Electric Appliances - GE Profile Dishwasher Recall Repair - Not a True Fix - GE Removes the Sound-Dampening Insulation

Posted on Monday, October 8th, 2007 at 5:32pm CDT by 17bd8bf1

Product: GE Profile Dishwasher

Company: General Electric Appliances

Location: US

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In August 2007 I had my GE Profile dishwasher serviced for the recall concerning the leaky rinse-aid dispenser and its associated fire hazard. GE's solution was to replace the wiring harness (on which the rinse-aid had leaked) and remove the sound-dampening insulation (which was soiled with rinse-aid). The thick layer of insulation that previously had insulated the entire door was replaced with a piece of tissue approximately 1 foot x 8 inches which was pasted to the inside of the door panel. GE calls this "insulation," but it in no way provides any sound dampening whatsoever. My formerly quiet dishwasher is now very loud as there is absolutely nothing there to deaden the sound.

When I called GE, I spoke to a number of individuals and their supervisors who told me this is the fix, and it is final - they will not replace the insulation that they removed from the door. Of course I understand why GE doesn't want to put any insulation in there, because their "fix" does not fix the true problem - the rinse-aid dispenser still leaks to the inside of the door, and if you put the insulation back in, it would probably add to the fire hazard.

The final offer of consolation from GE was a 50% discount on the purchase of a comparable new dishwasher, with shipping charges waived. Ridiculous! They ruin my dishwasher, and now they want me to pay for a new one? When I bought a GE dishwasher, I paid for the "quiet" performance. My dishwasher is no longer the quality appliance I had before. I could have achieved the same noisy effect with a cheap dishwasher from the discount store.

All I want is for GE to repair the rinse-aid dispenser so it does not leak, and I would like GE to replace the sound-dampening insulation they removed from the door in order to return the dishwasher to its previously "quiet" state.


759ab3f8, 2008-01-09, 12:12PM CST

I am so happy there are consumer websites like this one to help inform me of issues before I blindly run myself right into them! GE got in lots of hot water years ago for not offering to repair recalled products. Now they DO offer 'repair' - or so they claim.

I looked at their recall info website and saw the following regarding the Profile defect: "Over several years, normal use of liquid rinse aid in some models results in a concentration of rinse aid on the wires inside the dishwasher door." So I called them. I told the woman I had used Jet-Dry only a few times, back when the dishwasher was new, so I was hoping they could just send me the little rinse-aid cap they have that apparently seals off the dispenser to keep anyone from using it in the future. "Oh no, we CAN'T send you a cap" she replied..... "because you HAVE used rinse aid before!". What happened to "OVER SEVERAL YEARS OF NORMAL USE"??

I then asked about their proposed 'fix'. Funny how the leaky dispenser does not get replaced or fixed! They simply rewire instead, AND replace the insulation with paper-thin stuff. I asked if the free 'fix' would leave me with a quiet dishwasher, and was told, straight out, NO.

Is my dishwasher safe? Who knows. What I do know is that I am not eager for GE to destroy my 'Quiet Power III' feature with their sorry excuse for a 'fix'!

9300b8d6, 2011-01-22, 05:23PM CST

You got 50% off on the purchase of a new machine? That is better that the $200 offer I took and purchased a new one. They only last, these days, 8 to 10 years. Your machine was half, or more, used up. Take the 50%!

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