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Posted on Sunday, October 7th, 2007 at 2:02pm CDT by d47df24d

Company: Pizza Hut

Location: 1360 Walton Blvd
Rochester, Mi, 48307, US


Category: Other

1.) I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut online and had an order totaling $16.95 including delivery.

2.) The delivery boy showed up 15 minutes late (Delivery time was 30 minutes and he showed up after 45).

3.) He told me that I owed him $16.95 and I handed him a 5 dollar bill, a 1 dollar bill, and a ZipLock bag with $11.00 in it in change.

4.) He yelled "You've GOT to be kidding me!"

5.) He then asked him how much was in it, and I told him that it contained $11.00.

6.) I offered to count it out again and show him, but he said that he did not have time, and that he would go back to the store, count the change, and come back if I had given him less.

7.) I decided not to tip him, since he had been extremely rude. (He did not ask for a tip, and I did not offer one.)

8.) He left, and approximately 10 minutes later, he called.

9.) He asked me if I was "the psycho that gave him a huge bag of change", and I told him that I had payed him partially in change.

10.) He started yelling at me and told me that I gave him $0.75 less than the amount I owed.

11.) I told him that although I am positive that I had payed him $17.00, I would be willing to give him the $0.75 that I supposedly owed.

12.) He started swearing at me and yelled that he would not waste his time to come get the change, and that I must "come to the store before 4:00PM and pay!"

13.) I reminded him that he had told me that he would come back if he thought that I had not payed him enough, and that I had no way to get to the store by 4:00PM.

14.) He yelled, "I don't care whether you have to walk to the store, you must come and pay me", and he threatened that he would report me to some agency, and that I would not be able to order delivery food ever again.

15.) I started to respond, but he simply hung up.


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730b4bf1, 2007-12-14, 08:03PM CST

You are a complete moron. I would've shoved the bag of pennies either down your throat or up you #@$! But, to be kind, I would have given you the choice.

c458eec9, 2008-09-22, 02:16PM CDT

You are the one who needs the change shoved up your ass and no I would not have given you a choice..ever occur to you places like Pizza Hut and Dominos prefer getting change since they have to make change alot for their customers he was probably just mad coz he didn't get a tip and no he didn't deserve one..being male he was probably dense and thought the tip was he made up the whole .75 bs trying to goad the customer..come on now .75 you honestly believe that change was short .75? YOU, are the moron!!

e2925ece, 2009-08-24, 09:14AM CDT

I use to be a delivery driver for a major pizza chain, and although you might think "oh places like that need change etc" delivery people (most) keep the money on them until the end of the night and have to count it all out....getting that ammount of change is extremely frustrating becuase its a fast paced job and you make more money if you are quicker than other drivers. When you have to count out 11 dollars in change its pretty frustrating. He was an ass but that is not the point. Also, drivers make most of their money off of tips and are not paid for their gas at most places. Think about when you go out to a resteraunt and tip your waitress. She doesnt use gas, and no matter how bad of a job she does you give her at least a little bit of a tip. Your driver is delivering the pizza directly to your door in any weather using gas and wear and tear on the car. Just some things to think abourt before you leave your next bag of change or 1 dollar tip.

845cde97, 2009-12-16, 08:19PM CST

If you indeed shorted him it is called theft.

I do not tolerate this and I work at pizza hut.

I do not mind getting change but I will count it before I had over the pizza if it gets ice cold before I am done then it is your fault.

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