1 Stop Pool and Spa Store - Bad Pool Job

Posted on Saturday, October 6th, 2007 at 8:36pm CDT by 4d7ab876

Company: 1 Stop Pool and Spa Store

Location: 2011 West Spring Creek Pkwy
PLANO, TX, 75023, US

URL: http://www.1stoppoolstore.com/store/index.php

Category: Building, Construction

We had 1 Stop refinish our pool and when we noticed that the pool was very discolored we started calling the company. We go the run around for four months. Then at their request I had to call the maufacturer of the plaster, who came out and gave me a written report stating that this problem was caused by a bad start up. The rep from 1 Stop, Mark Mason was there and even agreed with the manufacturer that they did not do the same start up that the manufacturer recomended. At that time I assumed that they would go back and discuss fixing my pool. I had to call them all the time to find out where we stood. 1 stop did not want to take responsibilty for this and gave us the run around weekly saying to be patient, that they were working on it. Finally, we got the "letter". 1 Stop is now blaming us for not keeping the chemicals in balance even though Debbie Daharsh, with 1 Stop personally told me that she knew we took good care of the pool. Besides the fact that we do take care of our pool and check it daily, we also took our water sample in weekly to 1 Stop who reported it to be in check. 1 Stop agrees to fix our pool at our expense of course, because we are a "valued customer". I will get my pool fixed but not by 1 Stop. And I will do my best to make sure that other people know about their poor workmanship and customer service. They will be quick to take your money but very slow to respond to any problems.


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