Americas Best Value Inn

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Company: Americas Best Value Inn

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Horrible Hotel Experience

Today: 10062007

Americas Best Value Inn

2800 N Monroe St



US 32303

Checked into the room at 01:25am on 10062007. (Room 312)

Discovered that the room was infested with ants. Especially in the bed. (Yes, in the bed beneath the sheets)


to the front office at 01:35am and requested a refund. Owner refused

to issue a refund. (No refund policy posted anywhere)

Returned to

the room with the Owner and night manager and showed him the ants

covering the beds, night stand, floor, and dresser. (Hundreds)


contacted the City of Tallahassee and filed a formal complaint concerning

the condition of the room and refund issue. (Case # 07-179356, Officer

U Miller #382)

Notified my card issuing bank, Washington Mutual of the problem.

* Noted cleanliness and AC complaints by other guest coming down to the front office


Noted comments by 3 other front desk employees that this hotel / owner

has numerous complaints and ongoing / outstanding property issues.

Filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau seeking:

1. A full refund

2. Hotel to be inspected for Health violations and pest infestation issues

3. Hotel to post this "unspoken" No Refund policy clearly in the lobby, on the sales the receipt, and on the credit card receipt

4. Hotel to thoroughly inspected, clean and upgrade rooms to livable conditions

5. Hotel owner to coached on coached on customer relations, better business practices, and health standards / codes

6. Hotel owner warned about price gouging. (Rates double for FSU game / parents weekend) Is this kind of price altering legal?

For Other Complaints / issues with this business visit:

Regards, DMerrion


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