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Posted on Saturday, October 6th, 2007 at 9:28am CDT by 0efbe7c7

Product: Web Hosting, Domain name registration

Company: 1and1.com

Location: 1&1 Internet Inc. 701 Lee Road, Suite 300
Chesterbrook, PA, 19087, US

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I do not recommend 1and1.com web hosting

I selected 1and1 to host one of my websites back in 2005 (I have 6 websites). The sign up was fairly easy and to the best of my knowledge the service was ok. Now 2 1/2 years later they turn my website off and sent my account to a collection agency.

The website that was hosted with 1and1 is not a real busy site and I didn't update it but a few times a year. In August 2007 1and1 attempts to charge my credit card for the next service period. With 1and1 you pay in advance for their service. My credit card on file had expired and the charges were denied by my bank.

Understand that some of my troubles with 1and1 are my fault. I failed to check the status on a website that I update infrequently. I failed to check my email (I was on vacation). And I failed to update my credit card info with 1and1.

In 1and1's business strategy of screw the customer and lets squeeze every last dime from them while we still can. They turned my website off and sent my account to a collection agency (after only 30 days). Now I can understand them turning off my website for non-payment. But sending my account to a collection agency for non-payment of future services is draconian and unacceptable. None of my other web hosting companies are as tyrannical.

Now to make matters worst, I have to pay an additional $19 collection fee on top of my normal charges to get my account and website back on the web. Plus my website was down for 2 months while I snail mail back and forth with the collection agency.

Customer service in non-existence at 1and1. When I returned from vacation and checked my email, I saw a notice on non-payment. I immediately logged onto my 1and1 account and updated my credit card information. Then emailed 1and1 billing department asking to have my website put back online ASAP. They replied that my account had been turned over to a collection agency and that I would have to deal with the agency.

1and1 really knows how to treat a customer. I called customer service and ask to pay this bill and get my site back online. I asked why I was not notified in writing before going to collections. I complained about the $19 fee. There answer to all my questions was that I agreed to their "Terms of Service agreement" when I signed up. They were unwilling to accept my payment and said that I needed to deal with the agency.

My biggest complaint with 1and1 is the lack of customer service. Their unwillingness to help me get my website back online is unacceptable customer service. My web site was down for 2 months. Can your business survive without a website for 2 months??? I have moved my business to another web hosting company. Therefore, my recommendation is to stay away from 1and1.com.


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087dcd18, 2008-05-30, 02:30PM CDT

I had exactly the same experience with 1and1. I too moved my business elsewhere, it's not worth supporting people who do business like this.

996713da, 2008-06-19, 06:16PM CDT

I can report exactly the same kind of treatment from the 1&1 location of the original poster. 1&1 are shonks, thieves and crooks, AVOID 1&1 like the plaque, they are truly attrocious in every aspect of business. Do a Google search for "1&1 complaints" and see the result!

7b946bcb, 2008-06-29, 09:28AM CDT

I had basically the same thing. I requested they cancel my account. They continued to bill my card. I requested it again. They sent me to collections. I paid it. They went ahead and placed a black mark on my credit report that I hadn't paid it. NOW WHAT!?!? That is the only black mark on my credit report and it solely due to their ridiculous billing practices.


bd440144, 2008-09-13, 12:21PM CDT

They are doing the exact same thing to me. Expired credit card, I didn't know it, one email from them that I did not see (among all of their spam like promo offers on an email that I don't use as often) on 8/19/08 and then a friend sees my infrequently checked site down on 9/10/08. I call 1and1 billing immediately on 9/10/08 and update my credit card online while I am on the phone with a billing rep, Robert Baah (I seriously think the names are made up at 1and1), "Robert" confirms this, even sends an email to me to confirm, says it will be back up within the hour, my friend says it is, and then the next day I see my site is down. I respond with a question as to why it is down by replying to the email that confirmed all was well from 9/10/08 and another billing rep replies on 9/12/08 that they referred my account to collections at the end of the day on 9/10/08 instead of charging my updated credit card as they said they would. It got quite ugly from there as you can imagine with the charlatans at 1and1. But I have decided to fight over a very small sum of money for the principle after reading all of these other 1and1 horror stories on-line. I have or will file complaints with the Pennsylvania Attorney General where 1and 1 operates, with the Massachusetts Attorney General where I live, the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and I alerted consumer reporters at msnbc.com for starters. Best of all, it is possible that I figured out the email protocol at 1and1 as it did not bounce back when I used [email protected] Although the fish often rots from the head down as we know, I am going to try to copy my complaint to him, and others at 1and1, too. 1and 1 is as intractable, difficult and hostile a company as I have ever encountered in my life. How do they think a business plan of pissing off hordes of customers is a good thing?

On the collection agency, you can dispute the charge, make them verify the detailed charges in writing, and dispute any negative report on your credit report, too. I have pristine credit but I am not going to be held hostage by these bastards! That is what they count on - that you desperately want to protect your credit rating and/or get your website back up - well in my case, no, I would rather see 1and1 spend an ungodly amount of time on this specific matter to teach them a lesson about the real cost of bad business practices...and bring it to the attention of all who care so that maybe one other person knows to shy clear of them in advance.

e52a0acf, 2008-11-08, 05:03AM CST

Worst customer service I ever had.Fax the supposedly paperless company with your Complaint.Complain to the BBC, the Federal Tradde Commission, ICANN, and if you are disabled under the A.D.A. if they used inadeqaute methods to notify you.Write the holding company United Internet in Germany about the abysmal service you have gotten from 1and1 under Oliver Mouss CEO.

c8b5d831, 2009-02-09, 11:42AM CST

I have the same billing issues and that how this guys make money.

very bad practice.

All non sense stories.

Make sure You cancel both domain and hosting.

Do not even want to talk with you.

Not recommended.

They hosting allows you use only they are web builder. very sample and not professional.


78dd2a7b, 2009-02-21, 04:39PM CST

Hey just got denied a car loan, thanks 1&1 web hosting! Perhaps you'd like to use some lube before you shove something deep inside me...

ef568831, 2009-07-06, 02:54PM CDT

I just got rejected for a mortgage because of a $30 prepaid account that I canceled and was referred to collections by 1and1. Unbelievable. I've been through about a week of phone calls, emails, and letters with both 1and1 and the collection agency. No luck. Anyone know a good lawyer??

1d246c38, 2009-09-10, 02:18PM CDT

Wow, I'm not the only one! I do not recall receiving an email from 1 & 1 regarding my credit card expiring and they just off and send me to collections!! Amazing! I've never had anything go to collections in my life. Very poor business practice.

115c7ab9, 2009-11-03, 07:50PM CST

For those of you that do end up getting sent to their collections agency. Might I recommend a crash course in eubonics. If you can't find a an instructor for such, just see your local pimp and he'll hook you right up with being able to understand these idiots...word...and if you don't believe me ...just axe anyone. Also, please don't be offended by them putting you on hold for 30 minutes at a time, eating while speaking with you, and showing little to no regard for helping you to resolve any problems you might have. These guys are hired by ACORN, and yes, dealing with NCO is like dealing with the government. Know wha Im talkin bout?

9daf460d, 2010-02-08, 01:43PM CST

Might I suggest you (and anyone else who is hounded by this worthless company) send an email to all the high ups at the company you can find. Since the email format isn't too hard to track down (I forget what I used), just throw in a few extra emails that might work (legal@, collections@, billing@, complaints@). You'll get a reply from one of those (I think legal is the best) and that group will be eager to make things right.

8da02d4e, 2010-06-02, 04:06PM CDT

This is exactly what i am going through with 1and1. For $18 that was unpaid for the expired credit card they forwarded my account to collectors that charged another $18 for their collection fee plus another $8 for processing fee... so $44 dollars later i am taking my domains elsewhere.

1and1 have a special separate site for canceling domains 'CANCEL.1and1.com' that is not linked from domain management and other then the smart set up they have a smart ass online customer service that advised me that "the account was assessed a collections fee of $18.95 as spelled out in the terms & conditions" but would not respond when I asked to view terms & conditions that I also could not find on the site...

b8433384, 2012-03-27, 06:52PM CDT

Same problem. Their "cancellation" site was completely broken for domains, so I removed my credit card information and wrote them saying to cancel my account, and I would consider any future charges as fraud.

I month or two later, they "autorenewed", and threatened with collections if I don't pay. Bullshit.

Read up on the FDCPA if you are in the US. Sue the bastards and keep posting online about it.

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