Wells Fargo Home Mortgage - Wells Fargo...Worst customer service I have ever experienced

Posted on Friday, October 5th, 2007 at 10:02am CDT by b287f6cf

Product: Home Mortgage

Company: Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Location: P.O. Box 10335
Des Moines, IA, 50306-0335, US

URL: http://Wellsfargo.com/

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I refinanced a home loan with Wells Fargo obtaining a loan with a different company. Loan with W/F was paid off 8/31/07. I am owed $1400.00 escrow refund. per W/F website, procedure is to issue the refund check 15 days after the loan payoff. I waited 21 days. Called W/F cust. svc and was told they have until 28th of Sept. for my receipt of the check, stating the check was mailed from Des Moines, IA on Sept. 17th. I live in a suburb of Des Moines. Considered same metro area. I did not receive the check on the 28th so I called back that day after my mail had been delivered. I spoke to "Teon" who told me he would place a stop pay on the first check, so if I happen to receive the first check, I should discard it. He said a new check would be "OVERNIGHTED" to me and received no later than the following Tuesday.

On Saturday, I received the first check, but no good because a stop pay was placed, per Teon. Took 12 days to be delivered 8 miles from Wells Fargo. However, I was assured I would receive a new check Tuesday. Did not receive check on Tuesday, called back. Wed, Oct. 3rd. Rep. said she could not tell what was happening with the refund, no notations. She asked who I had spoken to on Friday. I could not find the name immediately. She said she could not determine what was being done without the name. I said I would find the name and call back. Found the name few moments later and called back, of course different person this time. I asked to speak with Teon. Was told not allowed to transfer call to Teon, because Teon had not placed a notation on the account giving permission to transfer call to him. This call was now being handled by "Stacy" Stacy said she could not tell what was happening with the refund based on computer records, she could not even tell if a stop pay had been placed on the first check, which I now had in hand, but she said I could not deposit, because it may be returned. I asked if she could go talk to Teon, and she incredibly said she was not allowed to do that. I asked to speak to Teon's supervisor and she put me on hold for 10 minutes. Upon Stacy's return, she said it would take 24 hours to determine if a stop pay was placed on the check and another 24 hours to issue a second check. She said she would need to send an Email, per procedure, to Teon and Teon's supervisor, whose name is Aretha Andrews. Stacy assured me absolutely 100% that Ms. Andrews would call me the following day to update me on what the outcome was of the inquiry. Stacy gave me Ms. Andrews direct number and I asked Stacy to place a notation on my account that allows me to call her back if I need to. She assured me she would do that and guaranteed that Ms. Andrews would call me. That phone call did not come. I called back the day after I was to receive the promised call. I called the direct number I was given for Ms. Andrews and got her voice mail. I left a message. I then called the Cust Svc number and asked for Stacy, rep. said he was not allowed to transfer calls to other Rep's. He said Stacy had not placed the notation on my account as she had promised. I am now starting over and explaining the whole thing over again to brand new people. As of now, someone named Chad Fease has assured me a new check is being issued today, Oct. 5th, and I will receive the check no later than Monday.

I maintained a mortgage loan with Wells Fargo for 11 years and they made a nice chunk of change from my interest payments. To put it simply, I do not deserve to be treated this way.

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1583a230, 2010-01-19, 01:16PM CST

They stole my money and won't give it back to me. Opened an account with out my autorization also. I want my 400 back

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