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Posted on Thursday, October 4th, 2007 at 12:28pm CDT by 4d81d749

Company: Royal Holiday

Location: Me, MX


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Royal Holiday is a Fraud

Royal Holiday sold us a time share on the agreement that they would purchase my existing time share. We made it perfectly clear to them that this entire deal was contingent upon the purchase of our time share and that we could not afford it otherwise. They made guarantees that our time share would be purchased within 180 days from the time we signed. We then took their advice and opened an account with RCI that would give us 6 months of no payments and no interest with the understanding that it needed to be paid in full before 6 months were up to avoid any interest. No problem we thought since we had a guarantee from them to buy our time share.

After we got home, we did not hear back from anyone for months so I called Royal Holiday numerous times only to be ignored time and time again. I then decided to call the company that was going to purchase our time share (Gene Cantrell from International Leisure Group)only to have him blow off my calls for weeks. Through persistence and numerous calls, I finally got a hold of Mr. Cantrell only to have him tell me that he was in trouble with the IRS and that he hoped to get it cleared up soon. I called a representative from Royal Holiday to let them know that this did not look like it would happen and that I wanted out of the deal. They said they would find someone else to purchase my time share and would get back to me within 24 hours. I heard nothing for weeks. I then started calling daily until Joe Harrison from Royal Holiday finally told me that Mr Cantrell and International Leisure group was back on track and would be purchasing my time share days before the 180 day deadline. When I called Mr. Cantrell to confirm, he told me that he was still trying to work it out and he was hopeful that he could make this happen. Both were lies. Neither company called back, and my 6 month deadline came and went with no returned calls. The problem was now that the loan was due and needed to be paid in full, along with interest for the past 6 months since we missed the deadline.

It is very obvious that both Royal Holiday and International Leisure group colluded to string me along so I would be forced to pay the extra charges and give me little chance of getting out of this contact.

I then started talking with Joe Harrison from Royal Holiday about terminating my contract due to the fact it was rendered void when they could not honor their guarantee to purchase my time share. Mr Harrison seemed sincere at first, but that quickly turned into the same run around that I had already grown used to. He promised calls from supervisors, promised to find a new buyer for my old time share, and then finally promised to come up with a new deal. Of course, all of this has taken 3 months and still nothing. Mr Harrison promised me a final resolve on Aug 1st only to tell me the person he needed to speak to was on vacation and he would need a few more days. After a few more days passed, he again promised to have an answer for me by Aug 8th, knowing I was leaving the country on the 10th. Today is the 22nd and still no call. I tried calling Mr Harrison today only to have the office number ring endlessly and his cell number is now disconnected.

This company is the most crooked company I have ever dealt with. If you ever go to Puerto Vallarta, stay away from the Los Tules resort where you will find the following people doing business under the name of Royal Holiday, Travel Experience, or Concord Servicing Corporation:

Enrique Soto (Sales Manager Los Tules Resort, Puerto Vallarta 011-52-322-224-8211) , Luis Machado (Salesman Los Tules Resort, Puerto Vallarta [email protected] 011-52-322-224-8211 xt107), Rosario Alvarado (Presenter Los Tules Resort, Puerto Vallarta 011-52-322-224-8211) Joe Harrison (Royal Holiday Customer Service Manager [email protected]

011-52-322-224-8211 xt224, 011-52-322-145-2164 Cell) Rose (Royal Holiday Customer Service Center 800-961-1810 xt2607)

Gene Cantrell (International Leisure Group, 5210 E. Williams Circle Suite 700-A, Tucson AZ 85711 520-407-6359

There are many more names to list but these were the ones that made the promises and then failed to deliver. Do your research and you will see that Royal Holiday is a not a company you can trust, nor are the properties they represent. Type Royal Holiday into any search engine and you will be overwhelmed by the number of complaints this company has filed against them. Include the word fraud, scam, or rip off and get ready for numerous Royal Holiday experiences.


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