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Posted on Thursday, October 4th, 2007 at 2:44pm CDT by 60d3a3a5

Company: Planet Fitness Corporate Number

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Planet Fitness - Anchorage, Alaska

My experience with Planet Fitness has been much too similar to all the

complaints I have dug up on them. All I can say is I'm wishing I had

found these before I signed up and wasted my hard earned money.

However, I did manage to get a hold of someone at corporate and now that I =

have the number, I am going to spread it around to as many people as

possible. I think the more people that call in and complain to them, the

better. Hopefully they?ll get tired of every call being a complaint call

and actually try and change their ways or at least fire the managers and

staff that run people out, or even better, just go out of business!

Also, what kind of business refuses to give out their corporate phone


The kind of business that knows that they?ll be shut down if enough people =

find out what kind of shady operation they run.

So, please, call them, and try to make a difference by giving them an


Planet Fitness Corporate phone number: 603-516-0361

I spoke with Bill, but I?m sure you could talk to anyone else (or


Pros: NONE!

Cons: Let me count the ways....staff, management, facilities, equipment,

policies, rules, lunk alarm, etc, etc, etc!


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4cb1e58e, 2008-02-08, 12:02PM CST

Thank you so much! I'm 1 of the many who searched the internet for this number so I can CANCEL my membership! I KNOW I KNOW, I don't know what I was thinking joining them in the first place. Regardless, THANK YOU for your generosity!

14a804a0, 2008-10-17, 07:54PM CDT

I felt the same way with this company since the first time I got there the staff told me that there is nothing more that they enjoy the most for her that to take the membership of someone in front of the crow. I did not pay attention to her until she did it to me. I felt that since day one she was in a mission to get people out of the club. I think that her only mission is to take as much club member she can as long she consider the goddess of the club. It was rude the way she handle the situation because she said that" I'm the nasty and means in this club" which I do not consider appropriate. That staff member thinks she was God and he owner and I won't be satisfied until I filed a complaint the corporate investigate the situation because she kicked me out of the club like dog. [email protected]

0f6051c3, 2008-11-19, 12:55PM CST

This experience happened to me today! i am a religious jewish woman and i cover my head outside the home. when i work out, i wear a skirt and a bandana (as per the jewish laws). when i first signed up, i was told that because it is for religious reasons, i will be allowed to wear it. this is after i explained why i wear it. i was once again asked to explain why i wear it again yesterday, by a front desk person. i explained in a calm voice and answered any questions that was asked. today i went to work out and was once again pulled to the side by the same front desk person and told that her boss said i can either wear a cap or a wig while working out. a cap i am not allowed to wear and a wig is not practical for working out in. i refused to comply and my membership was revoked. i explained once more that it was for religious reasons and not feasable to comply other than a bandana. i asked to speak to her boss. she was not in. i asked for her name so i could speak to her later. the desk person refused to give it to me. she also refused to give me the corporate number. i was further told that a big reason for my membership being revoked was because others wore bandanas in and they were told to take them off. they felt like they were "singling me out". I asked the desk person if she and her boss understood this is religious discrimination and they did. I will be suing this company. thank you all for posting what i felt to be truthful. if only everyone knew about their crooked ways.

ba0a092b, 2009-01-02, 10:22AM CST

I have to say that the manger in shelton ct. river rd. armando make it very difficult for me to work out there, I think he is very rude always talking to the young girls that work there and I think it's a bad example....I am 36 and I know we all need a girl but work is work it DOES NOT LOOK GOOD!

I had to join another gym because I didn't want to support that kind of activity and I will NOT recommend this club to any one that I know!!

766fc404, 2009-01-24, 04:02AM CST

This gym is strictly for people who want to get into shape, and improve their overall general health. The staff at the Scranton PA & Peckville PA gym are extremely helpful. They DO NOT pressure you into joining, they explain everything in detail. There are 2 memberships, one is a contract & the other is not, one has perks the other does not, & one is $10p/m & the other is $20/pm. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to decide what you can afford. No one is allowed to annoy the other gym members (ie: powerlifters etc). There is a dress code, so what... if you can't do the gym without your boots on, doo rags on your head, or jeans with rivits that can damage the leather parts of the equipment, then go somewhere where they don't care or stay home. The gym follows health department procedures in cleaning, if having the staff clean the gym while you are there bothers you, then go to a gym that doesn't care if it is dirty. The contract states the directions to cancel the membership, READ THE CONTRACT... they don't mind if you have to cancel, they realize that problems arise & people do have to cancel. If the "lunk" alarm seems silly to you, than go to a gym where powerlifters are throwing weights around, grunting, using obscene language, and "barbie dolls" are flexing their "implants" & other body parts for attention. The Planet Fitness gyms do not want these types as members, they want those people using their gym to feel comfortable. Most of the members have never belonged to a gym & are 1st time gym users. So for the 84 complaints that have been submitted, probably by other gyms who are trying to give the Planet a bad rep, I say, if you don't like it go somewhere else.

14b0ecb0, 2010-02-10, 09:37PM CST

The staff isn't trained sufficiently. The job is akin to working at AT&T, but they hire 17 year olds just out of high school. The management avoids problems with members accounts purposely. The sign that tells you what you cannot wear has small print at the bottom. It says "subject to our judgement."

Dorrien C., 2013-12-12, 01:34AM CST

I have been a Planet Fitness member Black Card member (103209) for some time now. I have not lost or had any personal property stolen via the rash of locker break ins that have been occurring on a regular basis at the two Harlem locations (126th.street & Lenox Avenue & 125th.street & A C Powell Blvd.)I have not suffered any loss yet! But at a 28 precinct Community Council meeting December 11, 2013 it was stated that there were 17 larceny locker break ins this week alone and 44 committed this year at the two Harlem locations. In addition my Grandson Miles Christiani suffered a locker break in two weeks ago at the W. 125th. street location. This has always been an on going situation since i have been a member. I would like to know what the company plans on doing to curb these crimes. I am strongly considering canceling my membership before i too become a victim of these larcenies that seem to continue with no solution in sight. Does the company have a solution? I would appreciate a reply from you on this very serious matter that has seem to fester too too long!!!

C C., 2014-05-31, 12:47PM CDT

I have been a Planet fitness member for years and I'm off and on but my money is still taken out of the bank. recently I returned to the gym and started a regular workout again. When I arrived at the gym this morning I was told that my membership was paid up until the current month 5/2014 but that there was a skipped payment in august of 2013 that needed to be settled before I could use the facility. I asked the gentleman if it could be debited with the next bill or if they could bill me for it since I didn't bring any money to the gym with me. He said no I would have to pay before going into the gym even though I was current. He said he didn't care if I had to go home and get the money but he wasn't letting me in until that 20 dollars was paid. well I went home got the money paid the 20 dollars and cancelled my membership. You can take money out every month but you cant take a back payment or bill me for a payment that was missed by every staff member up until now???? a year later... 5.2014. I felt harassed and would not spend another dime in a place where customer service is so poor.

Shawn R., 2014-06-03, 07:10AM CDT

Member #4939 - Will you please do me a favor and cancel my membership! We haven't used the facility in several months, but have let you draft our account several times for nothing. I don't feel that I owe anything because neither of us have used the facility at all, but we still get charged $22 a month. If you are a God-fearing corporation and care about veterans and your reputation in Lawton, Oklahoma, please do some of us friendly and local patrons a favor and just call it even and set us free from this obligation. I know we signed a contract, which we now know was a mistake, but enough is enough. We don't have the $150 you say we owe and that you expect us to pay to "buy our contract out" Since we have neither used the gym, received anything from you, or cost you a dime other than a t-shirt which I think we have more than paid for, yet continue to let you take $22 for nothing, I feel that we are more than even. I don't want to have to change banks just so you will leave us alone, but I will. We are already almost in the process of filing CH 7 bankruptcy and a lawsuit with the VA due to medical issues and charges. I am a veteran, and live with pride and honor, and cannot use the gym due to my current medical condition. My wife takes care of me now full time until I recover, which means she really can't use it either. These silly $22 contract obligations may be law binding, but they can also be hurtful and frustrating and tend to cost me overdraft fees of $17.00, which I don't have. This is all counterproductive, so please, please, please do this military veteran a favor one time. I would love you forever and my wife and I will be happy to join your gym in the future and send you customers if I experience a full recovery.

a5362d18, 2014-08-13, 09:40PM CDT

Yeah I'm a member there only thing they have going is price point 10$ a month. They talk about non judgmental ? Lol funny most judgmental gym I've ever seen . Lunk alarm is very judgmental I'm not a lunk but to me seems very judgmental. They don't have a weight scale either and there reasoning is no judgements? Lol weighing yourself does not mean ur judging and no one forces anyone on a scale. Scales are important for tracking progress people for your own self. They talk about no judgments in regards to trying to play towards it's self conscience insecure members for what ever perceived self projection they have of themselves by judging and blasting another group with stereotypes. again I'm a member there cause of price point and location of facility and that's all , I'm a man so their ignorance will not make me not go there for their ignorant stance , cause at end of day I don't care and it's them who looks like contradicting fools contradicting their own policy lol.

dennis j., 2014-12-22, 09:56AM CST

i have a problem with them i cancelled my member ship in june of 2013 in person as i was leaving the area and they still took member dues from my bank when i called in march of14 ready to reinstate my membership after my knee injury of oct 2013 had been repaired i was informed that it was still active and they had been charging me the whole time i stated that i wanted that money returned and that at that point i would no longer want to do bus with them and again cancelled for a second time they have continued to charge me including oct of this year when they charged my acct twice and again called them today in dec because they once again took money from my acct i am know waiting for a return call to let me know when they are going to return my stolen yes stolen funds to me or if i need to file a small claims case against them so before you sign beware i am a small bus owner in my community for over 30 yrs and am appalled at the way they have treated this situation

AL D., 2015-01-31, 08:24PM CST

Warning to planet fitness members , can you imagine to my surprise, coming out after working out and finding my vehicle had been towed away. The parking lot was full and all the other adjacent parking lots have signs indicating do not park or you will be towed away, so I parked by the dumpster, which only has a sign indicating private property, but what really makes me mad is that I had asked the employees prior to this day at the front desk of planet fitness in King Plaza in Moline, Illinois!! If it was okay to park in this area , I was told yes. after talking today to the manager Alyssa Lara the only thing she could tell me was she was sorry but I should have known not to park in that location. the only thing they have out front. Then I see was a sign posted on the counter of planet fitness that indicating no parking in private property designated tow away zone. And there's Nothing to indicate that the area that I parked in was a tow away area. All it indicates is that it's private property. Nothing designating it as a to away area or that vehicles would be towed , the worst thing about it my wallet and my phone were all in my vehicle. Can you imagine walking out and no numbers to call for assistance and no money or credit card to pay to get your vehicle out, and it cost me $125 to learn a lesson don't trust the employees at planet fitness and if the sign says private property, you should know not to park there, Or you will be towed away. Isn't that something My stop Monday morning will be to my attorney to see who I should take legal action against , the property owner planet fitness or Round-the-clock quad city towing service, number 309- 786 ? 2600

e92fac69, 2016-01-11, 06:25PM CST

My PLanet Fitness on Mack road in Sacramento California has a problem with the hot water, every time I finish my workout and want to take a shower there is never any hot water available, I reported it to the manager and nothing has been done yet, how do we get this problem solved??

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