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Posted on Thursday, October 4th, 2007 at 8:09pm CDT by 7937cb41

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August 8th 2007

After 16 months with Clearwire I tried to cancel my service

they told me I had to pay for early cancellation fees. I informed them I had already kept it for a year like I had signed up for, They told me that since I had not cancelled on my anniversery date they automatically extended my contract for another year, claiming they had sent me a card which I don't remember ever getting. I never received a bill because it was all done on the computer and taken out of my account automatically, after getting no where with supervisors on three seperate occasion I closed the account so they could not take the amount automatically without me seeing what the charges we're for I've asked for a itemized bill which I have not received. I do not see how a buisness can sign you up for one year and then extend your contract without talking directly to you. I know of no other business that does this cell phones,dish, Direct TV Charter Cable Ive had them all and never had this problem.


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49a065e0, 2007-12-14, 04:21PM CST

I agree. I went to Bellingham, WA on assignment. not knowing how long i would be there, i was told that i would qualify for no termination fee if i moved out of their service area. Don't expect them to honor this. since i didn't live in a service area, but was using there service when i was on assignment, i could not use their only way to be exempt which was to send them a copy of change of address. well, i never changed my address. USPS wouldn't let me change my address from my home address to my home address (same place). Clearwire would not accept an invoice for my utility bill with my name and address as would other companies. at least companies like Sprint and Verizon are up front that there is an early termination fee, end of story. but with them, i'm not out of there service area. So i paid the early termination and went about my business. I will not use them again.

8a570f29, 2009-02-21, 12:36PM CST

I have been a customer of Clearwire in Seattle Area for three months and have called tech support regularly with complaints about poor speeds. Each time tech insists to follow protocol from beginning. Speeds are well below what I pay for and VERY inconsistent. When I try to cancel service. Clearwire customer (lack of) service insists that I need to a pay cancellation fee or find someone to transfer service to. I can't ethically recommend this service to anyone. I will be cancelling and paying the fee. It is worth it to get away from Clearwire. This is just a warning to all potential customers...STAY AWAY FROM CLEARWIRE the service is substandard and the company will not stand behind their product. They will simply call upon their legal TERMS OF CONTRACT and not care for the customer. STAY AWAY FROM CLEARWIRE!!!

369f0102, 2011-03-29, 02:38PM CDT

You have access to your account, your account summary states when you activated your account. still need a babysister. loser

cf98a5f6, 2011-06-07, 02:18PM CDT

Although I don't agree with most of their practices. Clearwire has you agree to automatic payments and the early temination fee BEFORE you are even able to use the internet. If people like you actually took the time to read over agreements BEFORE you sign your name to a contract, you wouldn't go through so much trauma. As the other post has said. It is not the company's job to grab you by the hand and lead you everywhere. Some things you are able and should do ON YOUR OWN. It makes me sick when you have consumers that don't read contracts. Why would you sign your name to something that you have no idea what youre agreeing too? That makes no sense to me. You wouldn't do that when signing an apartment lease would you? Why do it for any other contract. ALL companies give you at least a week to try out their product and go over the contract's terms and conditions. If you dont like what you have read or what you've been given, you have at least 30 days to cancel without penalty. You think that no company has the right to extend your contract with out your permission but guess what, if you sign your name that says you give them permission to do what they want with your money, your name, etc. SO READ YOUR CONTRACTS BEFORE YOU SIGN THEM. Believe it or not, a lot of this is actually the customer's fault. Company's put the terms and conditions out there so they can say "Well, we gave them to you!" Everything else is on you. It's YOUR money, spend it how YOU want to.

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