Vivek Automobiles Ltd - Fiat Palio dealer Vivek Automobile n ICICI Lombard's claim Team r cheaters, careful!

Posted on Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 at 7:11am CDT by 89adab02

Product: Repairing of Car and settlement of Insurance claim

Company: Vivek Automobiles Ltd

GHAZIABAD,, UP, 201002, IN

Category: Other

The Vivek Automobiles Ltd., MD:Mr. Vivek Nanda, Mani, Gandhi, Shrivastave, Bhardwaj etc are responsible cheaters.

The claim settlement team manager Mr. Mukesh Arora of ICICI Lombard, NOIDA with surveyor ........ (Name I forget) are also cheaters.

The two years old car has lost its market value (due to said bad dealers appointed by the Fiat company) and I requested claim team to settle total loss as the car was badly damaged due to severe accident which they turned down with the saying the repair will be got done and car will be made to just new.

They made a bill of 2.0 lacs in the name of re-building car to new and paid the claim amount to company. They put 70000/= on me to get the car from the dealer. They didn't provide any bill, details of approvals except payment receipts and initial estimate for filing claim.

I wrote to ICICI Lombard too, but no care and action.

They have put several damaged & old things back to car. Their men replaced the clutch and power steering and several other parts too. After charging so much and giving assurance they have failed to make car like new and the same has lost more value.

The car could not be made new at all.

Surprisingly, they paid the cheque to Vivek Automobile without my verification and approval of the work, as I was out of India from Nov to Jan.

They also demanded storage charges and didn't returned any of old parts.

While dealing with Vivek Automobiles and ICICI Lombard claim team everyone must be careful and fight for return value for money.

Also, when I bought this car from them, has a pick up problem, They always said that this is the speciality of Fiat Company and couldn't remove the defects.

Thanks to Nawab Motors, A Tata dealer, who on servicing and setting of repaired car found that some sensers are defective and they changed them. The car got a best fuel efficiency and pickup.

The car was parked at my house, as was not properly repaired. The nawab Motors made it runable on the roads. Now, I also got fitted LPG and driving has become more pleasure just half of the cost of petrol.

Advises from everyone on this complaint is most welcome.


2007 10 31.


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