CSS Products/Donnie Stanfield

Posted on Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 at 4:27pm CDT by 02932206

Company: CSS Products/Donnie Stanfield

Location: 2930 Selma Lane
Farmers Branch, TX, 75234, US

URL: http://www.flamebuster.com/

Category: Other

I bought a 'franchise' around 2002 were Donnie promissed flyers and lots of advertising products. All I received was one drum of Flameretardant and a pump worth $2,000.00 dlls but paid $6,200, ($4,200.00 were supposed to be for franchise) He delivered this only because I insisted that I would pay COD. I ordered 2 more drums of flamebuster which I paid for in advance, first I sent him a check in the amount of $3,000.00 dlls, he called me and said he could not cash it for some reason, so I sent him a money order for the $3,000.00 without canceling the initial check at the bank. He told me he would ship the product in a few days.

I called many times and he allways told me the product had allready shipped but he did not have the tracking number but it would be at my warehouse in El Paso, TX anytime.

After two months I had not received anything and his phone was out of service, his website was'nt working anymore and I could not contact him, so I filed a report on BBB (Better Business Bureau)

After I filed the report at BBB he cashed the check I had given him, so the total he stole from me is $10,200.00 dlls. ($4200.00 franshise, $3000.00 money order and $3,000.00 bank check)I also filed a report at the Farmers Branch Police Dept. but they have not had results on the case.

Be very carefull with this guy and do not do any business with him. He's a liar and a thief. Please don't become another victim of him.


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bb6ebf82, 2008-03-23, 10:01PM CDT

This does not surprise me that Donnie has ripped off another person. He's NOT to be trusted in any business as his business is a fraud. Farmer's Branch never even heard of him and he supposedly lives there. He does not have a business license either as The Secretary of State in Texas has no record of any CSS Products listed so he's using a business name doing business illegally anyway. And giving you one excuse after another on that check he stole from you....there's a prime example of his work. A THIEF! A no good lying THIEF. This man needs to be run out of the state of Texas and left to the crows.

b8476c15, 2009-08-06, 10:47PM CDT

This man, Donnie Stanfield, has been calling my elderly mother, at her home, asking for me and saying some pretty disgusting things to her, such as "where's the fucking bitch" and "your daughter is a whore", etc. She is 75 years old and I haven't lived there for 5 years at least. She has told him numerous times NOT to call there anymore, but he continues to call with the same old bs. He blocks his number, but we both know it's him. I have not heard from him personally, myself nor have I contact him via emails, etc. Why he continues to harass my mother, is beyond me. We have documented each and every call and the police have been contacted, both in Farmer's Branch as well as locally here. Donnie is a stalker and there is a case building on his stalking/harassing behavior. Just a matter of time before Donnie Stanfield will be behind bars. Beware of this idiot. Apparently the nutcase needs psychiatric help.

1ea24977, 2010-12-06, 03:59PM CST

Donnie Stanfield has been running this same scam since the early 90s he got well over $10,000 from me also! This guy has court orders against him from several companies from stealing the products to outright fraud. He just keeps on getting away with it. I dont understand.

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