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Posted on Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007 at 2:17pm CDT by ced0b067

Company: LA Fitness - Impossible to cancel

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Mr. & Mrs. Dwayne Winrow

3421 Ridge Brook Trail

Duluth, GA 30096

October 3, 2007

Office of the Attorney General

Attention: Mr. Greg Abbott

300 West 15th Street

Austin , TX 78701

Mr. Abbott,

We are writing you to file a formal complaint against La Fitness. Since August of 2007, we have been trying to pay our final bill and cancel our membership with LA Fitness.

Initially, we tried to pay the balance and cancel over the phone. Unfortunately, we were told we must come into the gym where we signed up. Once we journeyed to the gym, we would be permitted to cancel our membership.

We went to our local gym. The name an address is:



ATLANTA , GA 30329

(404) 321-2330

We told to speak to the “operations manager”. Her name is Ashley. Ashley told us we needed to update our account billing information. Since we were recently married, the old billing information was referring to our old account.

At that moment, we simply offered to pay cash, write a check or use the debit card. No payment option could be received at the club. Ironically, all forms of payments were accepted when opened the account.

Furthermore, we were told to go online to cancel our membership. Ashley asked me if we had an online account. We prompted said no. Ashley advised me that she could simply create an online account. Ashley asked to wait a moment so that she could create two online accounts. Once the two online accounts were created, Ashley assured me that we could login and cancel.

Once the account was created, we respectfully asked her to cancel our memberships. She told me that we had to go online ourselves to cancel the membership. She stated that she could not cancel our membership. However, instead, she would be very happy to go online and update our billing information. Ashley was very persisted with updated our billing information. This is weird anxiety especially if we were extremely desperate to cancel our account. Ashley told us that we had to go home and login to cancel the account.

We went home. We logged in an attempt to finally cancel our accounts. We prompted to download a cancellation form. Per the online instructions, we to complete the form and mail it to the below address:

LA Fitness International, LLC

2810 Trinity Mills #209 - #322

Carrollton, TX 75006

We did this. However, we are receiving calls from them asking us to update our billing information. We have been explained that we have cancelled our account and we followed the instructions to cancel our account by mailing in the form. We were told that they did not received the form. We demanded to be cancel while speaking to the representative on the phone. The representative said that they could not cancel our membership. They again, almost robotically, stated that they could go online and update our billing information.

Please review this web link for more detail as it further explains the ongoing pain of the cult-like activities of the gym.


Under separate cover, I will be mailing LA Fitness another final payment for my wife. We are concerned that this may impact our credit.

We would appreciate if you could address this issue.


Mr. & Mrs. D

Duluth, GA 30096


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353776d9, 2007-11-26, 09:55AM CST

I also had difficulties with canceling my account. The website had no options for this, nor was the information in the FAQ or any other section of the website. I called customer service several times. Either I wasn't calling during the appropriate time of day, or my phone battery would go dead while I was waiting on hold. Today I finally got through after 19 minutes on hold, and it only took a few minutes to get the accounts canceled. Unfortunately this is several months after I had started trying, so I've been charged for months when I didn't use the gym. I feel scammed, as the representative couldn't do anything to help me. (By the way, the credit card that was used to charge my monthly payments has been expired, but they had no problems charging the membership fee each month anyway.)

9ee15787, 2008-07-29, 09:16PM CDT

Gene & Robin Altobelli

6985 E. Camino Namara

Tucson, AZ 85750

Phone/Fax (520) 529-5805

Cell (520) 237-4367

[email protected]

July 29, 2008

RE: Complaint about LA Fitness

Our daughter joined LA Fitness on 7/17/06 and arranged for the monthly fee to be removed from her checking account. We attempted to cancel the account numerous times but they still kept debiting her account. In September of 2007 we went to the local LA Fitness and requested in person that her account be cancelled. At that time we were told that there was a $60 cancellation fee. I wrote a check for the cancellation fee, thinking the matter was resolved. I recently noticed that they had been debiting my account (the one I used to write the check for the cancellation fee). Apparently they used the account information from that check to debit my account without my authorization. When I contacted them I was told that the account had not been cancelled, but put on hold and they were only charging $10 per month instead of the usual $24 per month. I wrote them a cancellation letter on July 21, 2007 and received confirmation that it had been received on July 22, 2007. I also contacted the bank to notify them that any further withdrawals from my account by LA Fitness were unauthorized and they agreed to reverse the charges for the past 2 months. Yesterday my daughter received a call from them that there was $20 owed on her account. When I called them this evening I was told they would look into it.

I consider this fraud and wish to report it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the numbers/addresses listed above.


Robin Altobelli

5ab0c181, 2008-08-28, 01:22PM CDT

I am in Georgia also and just got off the phone with LA Fitness. I am fed up with them at this moment. My husband had lost his job in April 2008 so we went to the LA Fitness where we joined the next month which was June. We went at the time in McDonough Ga to cancel our membership. They gave us papers with a bar code on them that we were told to sign and write a letter telling why we were canceling our membership. We came home and did as we were instructed and mailed it in to them the same way we were told to do, reg. old fashioned mail. We also made sure that we were paid up before mailing this in. The next month we still had a payment come out of our account! We went back up to the LA Fitness and my husband used his card to get in so he could make sure he got everything out of his locker. They would not let him past the desk without using his card to get past. This was July 12th 2008, we requested papers again to cancel our membership. We went home and did the whole process again! We mailed them out that next day which was July 13th 2008. They call me AT LEAST 4 times a day trying to get us to pay them for July, Aug., and Sept. We canceled the credit card that they has access to and that is why they are calling the house all day. I just talked to a manager on the phone and explained to her what all has happened and that we did exactly what the contract said to do about canceling. All they can tell me is that I should have mailed it certified and I need to get paid up. They also said that if I pay half of one payment right now they will cancel our membership for good. CATCH: I have to do it today because there are 2 payments pending. I told her that the credit card is no longer active, that we have canceled that credit card when they would not stop taking money out of it and when my husband lost his job. She said "I understand but you still have to pay." I don't know what else to do with these people.

56770479, 2008-08-29, 02:57PM CDT

Sorry you all are going thru this, and when you have it put on a debit card, it was impossible for me to get them to stop so I ended up closing and opening a new account w/my bank. Just a suggestion, as crazy as it may sound, youmay have to do this if they are continuing to hit your acct.

Good Luck....


b841f700, 2009-07-16, 11:15AM CDT

I have also been having a horrible time with them. I still can't get them to cancel. I have done everything as above. But when I go to get print a cancelation form it tells me I need to go into the local fitness center to cancel.

5381a7fb, 2009-07-26, 10:51AM CDT

My dealings with LA Fitnees have been almost identical. I cancelled 3 memberships and I am still being harassed for money. I have asked time and time again that they do not call my house anymore. They still do. I am currently looking for anyone that may have a class action suit open against this company as they continue to rip people off. I will not pay them another cent. I canceled in May and was charged in June. I have to cancel my card just to stop them from billing me.

f656a4a6, 2009-08-01, 01:52PM CDT

LA fitness is a COMPLETE rip-off. The person I signed up with did not mention my having to pay any fees to freeze my membership. He said he would handle everything and now I called to freeze it and he no longer works there (keep in mind I only signed up a month ago) and I have to pay $25 to freeze it for 3 months. I was also promised a free month. Didn't even get that.


Do NOT do business with them.

dc828580, 2009-08-14, 07:24PM CDT

I'm in Seattle. I just tried to download the form. I had to set up an account on their website first and it wouldn't let me do I can't even get to the form! I also spoke with a friend who had the same issue with them and she told me to keep being persistent. Better Business Bureau are you out there?

d71c0a60, 2009-09-14, 11:54AM CDT

LA Fitness just wants to rip people off. Their contract states that cancellations must be received post marked 20 days prior to you billing cycle day so that they have time to process it before you are charged again. I sent in my notice, and the acknowledged that they indeed received and processed it before my billing cycle. I even when to the Sorrento Valley location and got a print out from the Sales Manager, "Chris", as proof that the cancellation was processed before the billing date. They billed me anyway! What a scam. Their sales folks lie through their teeth too. I caught the Sorrento Valley crew of Chris and Adrian lying to me on multiple occasions. Stay away. These guys are scum.

7662264a, 2009-10-04, 04:23PM CDT

i just signed up 2 days ago with my brother. i am 14 and i am pretty cheap. i went online and tried to find reviews about la fitness. i found no good reviews. even the employe's didnt have anything nice to say.

the truth is a gym is a very hard business to keep running. most people that join a gym quit within a week. the companies cant make money if people quit before they hit a month. that's why they make you pay alot for just joining.

another thing are the workers. they make about 6 dollars an hour. now for a teenager thats a nice amount of money but for an adult that will barely cover the bills. thats why they have commissions. 1 person joining is about 6 dollars in their pockets. now if this was me i would just try to sign up as many people as i can.

i am not sure about this next part but it was in one of the reviews. they workers also get paid extra per person a month meaning they make more money if you dont quit. that's probably why they tell you to go online or turn you away from the store. now if this was me i would be trying to give you as little amount of information as i can. you know maybe leave out printing a form and just tell you to write a letter or saying it will take 3 weeks for the letter to be approved.

also the company is a prymaid. meaning the lowest person has to work the hardest for the lowest amount of money.

now i am not saying the manager is sitting pretty cause he is not. yes he makes more money doing much less but he also gets a cut of comissions meaning he also has a reason to leave out information. i mean we would all like to get a bonus now and then and if all you had to do was tell someone that they should call a number and send them in circles most of us would do it.

ok now the higher part of this process. this is the guy in charge of a string of stores and makes about 200,000(getting info from review).

now this guy does about close to nothing. he might handle money or sign a few things but he could die and not much would happen. this is the guy making the big bucks.

now i am not going to give something you can do cause there really isnt much.

you cant even talk to this guy. no one will give a full name or number. here is the best thing you can do. dont get mad or blow up cause that wont help anyone. just calm down and try again.

first thing is try to print the cancellation form. if the website lets you which it probably wont but if you get lucky print out about 3 or 4. i would mail all of them and hope that one of them will get the account canceled.

if you cant get the form it will tell you to call a number. they are only open mon-thurs. now if you do wait however long and they answer just tell them in a nice calm voice that it wont let you print the form. now most likely they will tell you to go to your store.

if they dont tell you to go there and they help good for you. just send the form a couple times

now if they tell you to go to the store which most likely they will. now there is no point of fight with the person on the phone. they cant pass you to another person or help you in another way. just go to the store and talk to the people.

now they will tell you that you have to print it online. you will say it wont let me and customer service told me to come here. they will say they cant do anything for u and might call the manager. now the manager cant do anything for you except sweet talk you and lie. just leave.

now go home and login online. try to print the form and it will be there. now you are wondering why it works now. most likely they can choose weither or not you can get the form. now this will anger most people but the truth is the company isnt here to help you get fit. they are there to make money and you cant make money with everyone quitting.

so the best thing to do is? go online before you sign something. read reviews and find out what the people that work there think. being informed is the best thing you can do. so next time you sign a contract think are these people trying to help or make money? cover your ass before someone has legal power over it and take a big bite ever month

76c11263, 2010-01-19, 11:33AM CST

I was able to cancel my membership however they want me to still pay for training fees even though I am not a member any longer. This is over 300.00 dollars and they took it out of my account again yesterday. So I am having to close my bank accounts which i've had for many years because the stop payment didn't hold.

ffeaeea6, 2010-04-26, 10:16PM CDT

My husband and I had the same problem with LA Fitness. It ended up taking about 8 months to FINALLY be canceled. We experienced the same runaround as everyone else has detailed here. I would advise anyone to go into a contract with LA Fitness with caution.

900ac48d, 2010-06-05, 06:47PM CDT

I was just able to open an online account with LA fitness and process a cancellation; really irks me that it will take 54 days for from today, June 5th to process the cancellation. Why???

This is just really bad customer experience.

0ffabab8, 2010-07-12, 10:41AM CDT

I am in Georgia also.I have cancelled my membership(3) times since in April 2010. L A Fitness continued to debit my account since I first canceled in April. I had to close my banking account so that they wouldn't continue to debit my account.Know its July 2010 and L A Fitness is calling me 3 to 4 times a day stating they haven't been able to collect their payment from my account. I went to the club that I was a member of they saidto go on line. I spoke to someone in billing they stated that I need to go to the club.I have lost weight stressing about this.

44f49efa, 2010-08-14, 02:03AM CDT

I had the worst experience EVER with LA Fitness. I, too, also posted a rather long complaint on this website and many other websites.

ced0b067, 2010-09-24, 05:59PM CDT

I asked you kindly to remove this posting. What is the problem?

c81f0122, 2011-01-06, 06:05PM CST

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