Yellow Cab of Milwaukee - Yellow Cab Milwaukee: Crassness in service and support

Posted on Monday, October 29th, 2007 at 10:23am CDT by 5c3707c7

Company: Yellow Cab of Milwaukee

Location: 1840 N. Martin Luther King Drive Milwaukee, WI 53212
Milwaukee, Wi, 53212, US


Category: Other

When my wife called up Yellow Cab this morning, a driver did pick her up. When she said she would need to pay by credit card, he inexplicably dropped her off half way to her destination!

The reason given was a highly unconvincing "your credit card did not got through 3 weeks ago". My wife never took a cab 3 weeks ago, and it's quite intriguing that the cab driver remembered her, though she certainly didn't remember him.

I'm not sure if Yellow Cab is starkly devoid of enough cars, or if their drivers make so few trips to claim to remember customers from 3 weeks back, but it is amply clear that they don't know how to run a credit card through. Possibly, they have failed so often to run cards through that it has made them somewhat cantankerous to the extent that they accuse the average innocent cab-rider of possessing bad charge cards.

When I called to complain, the guy who took the call had no explanation. When I put him out of his comfort zone by trying to initiate some logic and intelligence, he completely flipped out and hung up on me.

If you need a ride in Milwaukee and expect to have an uncomplicated ride, you may consider some of the options here (oh, and try and avoid the last one):


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