The Relationship Company - The Relationship Company Doesn't Do What They Promise

Posted on Monday, October 29th, 2007 at 9:52am CDT by 23844913

Company: The Relationship Company

Location: 59 Interstate Dr # D

Category: Internet Services

None of the control of an online dating site and none of the features of a true match maker, plus it's VERY expensive. I paid $2400+ for the next-to-the-lowest level of service, or 12 matches.

During my interview with the company owner I went into great detail about what I was looking for and the trouble I was having in finding that kind of match in my area. My emphasis was along the lines of values, life experience, uniqueness. She assured me she knew exactly what I was looking for and that I'd probably be able to find it in her service.

But the process, I now know, precludes anything but the most generic matches: You're interviewed by the company owner and she fills out a profile card with all of the information she gleans about you in that interview. As it turns out, the card is merely distilled-down, amazingly generic information. (I didn't recognize myself when the card was later read back to me.) The card is then passed along to the "match maker" ...Who you won't ever meet even if you ask to! The "match maker" then matches up your card info with that of whoever else is in their service. When she finds a match for you, she sends the match info along to yet another person--the coordinator--who you may or may not ever meet in person. The coordinator, who it turns out is the only person with whom you'll have contact from then on (unless you pay for the highest level of service) then calls about the match and gives you nothing but the following information: Height, weight, religion, eye color, job title, hobbies, and "one thing they would like you to know about them." You don't see a picture, you don't ever get a feel for who the person really is, when you ask questions about the match the coordinator generally doesn't know the answers. The couple times I asked why I'd been matched with the particular fellow, I was told something like, "He's a really nice guy." But you're supposed to determine from that call whether you'd like to meet that person and have the match count toward the total number of matches you've paid for! Regardless, I could tell even from things like job title and hobbies that the match and I would likely have no interests or values in common.

No matter how much info I gave them on what I was looking for (including pics of men I've dated, descriptions of my family members, my profiles from dating websites, etc etc etc) they simply DID NOT GET IT. I kept repeating and repeating, in more and more detail, what I was looking for. The matches were ridiculously off-base. From the second laughably arbitrary match onward my friends were convinced I'd been screwed. A stranger on the street would have known they weren't good matches for me.

I asked for my money back, they only offered to downgrade me to a lower level of service for a partial refund and have the owner and match maker work with me personally. I took them up on the latter part of the offer but the matches remained ridiculously wrong. I'm in the third round of the complaint process with the Better Business Bureau; The Relationship Co is painting me as impossible to please.

I don't think there's any malice behind what they do, I just think it's a service designed and run by people who have no clue. They can't possibly make the kind of match they promised me when they run their business the way they do. So, unless your only criteria for a match are height, weight, eye color, hair color, job title, hobbies, and "one thing they would like you to know about them," don't waste your thousands of dollars on this company!!


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ca797b3b, 2008-06-03, 04:50PM CDT

Wow, you paid $2,400 to to try and get a date. I would say at this point in your life you are better off investing in some cats and and a boat load of tissues to dry your eyes as you cry your lonely ass to sleep.

2394e1e1, 2008-10-06, 03:51PM CDT

the relationship company is simply a scam.

i am currently talking to a lawyer for possible legal action against this company. this is a fraud. don't sign up. it's very expensive and i got duped in to thinking that such a fee represents exclusivity and sorting.

23844913, 2008-10-06, 06:24PM CDT

RE; the nasty comment about my complaint, I have a question: Why would you spend your time writing something hurtful to a complete stranger? Do you smack crying babies and kick injured dogs, too? Also, you apparently didn't see that I wrote that complaint a year ago. And apparently you never stopped to imagine that I've gotten emails from people who thanked me for steering them clear of this company, which I have. So again, why would you... Oh, never mind, I know there'll always be a gazillion cowards who get their kicks writing nasty anonymous messages online. Just like there'll always be mosquitos, lice and other parasites.

9b84b6b6, 2008-10-21, 05:52PM CDT

The Relationship Company at does not provide services as promised. They just want your money, and you to sign the contract. After that you would be lucky to get any matches for dates.

09d28f7d, 2009-02-02, 09:48AM CST

Thank you for being able to tell the truth. This is not how it's represented at all by them on the phone, but they wouldn't answer any of my questions by phone at answered a lot of them. Thank you and good luck in your search.

e257f566, 2009-02-26, 04:14PM CST

I just want readers to know that this The Relationship Company is in no way affiliated with the ones in South Carolina. They are not a franchise of each other nor affiliated in any way.

2205eae9, 2009-07-24, 06:57PM CDT

I feel bad that these complaints are out there when in fact The Relationship Company in South Carolina just had a party for all its successful members over 400 people turned out and that's only the ones that showed some sent videos thanking the company.

Just be careful when complaining that you get the right company

196c29a3, 2009-08-04, 08:28AM CDT

This has not been my experience with the company. It sounds like you have a vendetta against for them for personal reasons.

I have been personally been very pleased with the service I have received from The Relationship Co.

Everything written on their website,

has been true.Their staff is always courteous and they have provided excellent customer service.

I have been introduced to a lot of lovely ladies that I would not have had the opportunity to meet.

J.O. from Springfield, MA

196c29a3, 2009-08-04, 08:30AM CDT

This has not been my experience with the company. It sounds like you might have a vendetta against for them for personal reasons.

I have been personally been very pleased with the service I have received from The Relationship Co.

Everything written on their website, has been true.Their staff has always been courteous and they have provided excellent customer service.

I have been introduced to a lot of lovely ladies that I would not have had the opportunity to meet.

J.O. from Springfield, MA

13b6e19a, 2009-10-17, 11:07PM CDT

I paid the $2400 over a month ago and have not YET received even one phone call matching me up with anyone. I'm beginning to see their sales pitch was exactly that...and the "1500 members" in my area was a hoax! I cannot believe I fell for such a blatant scam! I am very disappointed!! Do you think filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau will do any good as far as getting any of my money refunded?

13b6e19a, 2009-10-17, 11:10PM CDT

I joined the Relationship Company in SC over a month ago and have yet to receive one introduction! Please tell me I haven't been scammed!

78fdeb8a, 2009-11-05, 09:06AM CST

I would like to know if you are in legal action with this company. I am considering it because I too was scammed.

b1dea0cc, 2009-11-23, 12:47PM CST

I joined in March in Dallas for a new office opening up. I paid money and to this date the office does not seem to even exist. I have sent numerous emails and not one has been answered. If any current member has an email or phone number I could call at the corporate headquarters I would greatly appreciate it. I sure seems that I have been scammed. Thanks

7f87fffb, 2009-12-11, 12:48AM CST

I am considering legal action against them as well. I signed up in PA back in March and they haven't done anything for me. They haven't even emailed me since July. If you have any luck with legal action, please post it!

08b1a523, 2010-03-12, 01:17PM CST

There are two different dating services named The Relationship Co. One is nationwide and one is only in New England. The one headquartered in MA does not have any locations in Dallas.

c922934a, 2010-09-01, 07:27AM CDT

I am sorry to say that I also have experienced this very same thing with The Relationship Co in West Springfield, MA in this past year of 2010. I was enthusiastically 'sold'(by a PRO!) a VERY expensive program in the 3 hour interview with the owner-told there were NINE available possibilities immediately!! and a sure-fired list of other possibilities always coming on board, told how easy it would be to match adorable little me, etc etc.... To date- almost an entire YEAR later, I have yet to even MEET one possibility !! They have called probably 6-8 times or so in the year--with possibilities that weren't even 'really' available. They either lived over 3 hours away or sounded like the polar opposite of what I had so specifically described. It's like they never heard a word I said. I feel totally scammed and would HIGHLY recommend others avoid this misery.

They will promise you the moon..but don't be fooled. The owner KNEW she had no possibilities when she told me about all nine of them--she KNEW!! and made me believe she had them. Fattening her own bank account appears to be her driving motivational force and biggest interest.


0cf92bc6, 2010-11-05, 08:27AM CDT

Any good comments written about this company (Realationship Co in Holyoke MA)on this page, were clearly written by the owner in a sad attempt to further fool people into thinking some are satisfied with her service. Just a tip guys, there is NO 'match maker' or 'coordinator'. If you call the office you will see for yourself you are always talking to the same 2 people. These are just common office ladies folks and are by no means experienced match makers! This is high sales and a lot of bull to close the deal. I wonder how many poor souls cards are just sitting in a credenza collecting dust because there are really no viable matches for them. Stay away...or learn the hard way. Again, it is so clear anything positive written on this page was done so by Alyssa (the owner) or whatever her name is.

fac21692, 2011-05-26, 12:24PM CDT

My experience with The Relationship Co. is uncannily similar to this. A snow job by Elissa Gouge (President) last January and then a bunch of "referrals" which bore no relation to my criteria. Plus spelling errors, grammatical errors, typos, etc. After months of strenuous exchanges with Amanda Pelletier, Membership Services, I have been told I'll be refunded one-half of my 3500 ill-spent dollars! False advertising. Bait-and-switch.

fac21692, 2011-06-29, 12:44PM CDT

This experience matches my own very closely.

I have recently sent Elissa Gouge (sic) a certified letter restating my request for a refund and what I am prepared to do if I do not receive it.

I am told by the post office that the certified letter has been at the post office for over one week and has not been picked up.

fac21692, 2011-07-13, 12:59PM CDT

I have written Elissa Gouge (owner) a letter of demand, per instructions of AG's office, and sent it on June 30 2011 by certified and by regular mail.

I haven't received a reply yet nor a notice that the certified mail was picked up. (This would be the second certified letter that has not been acknowledged.)

I am asking for mediation via the Attorney General's office.

I have spent a lot of money and energy on nothing but aggravation.

Am requesting that $3200 of my $3500 be refunded.

fac21692, 2011-07-13, 02:49PM CDT

I am more skeptical There does seem to be some duplicity.

My certified letters are not being acknowledged.

I was told by Amanda Pelletier ("Member Services") that she had "moved on" from The Relationship Company. This was subsequently denied by other staffers.

Mauvaise odeur all around.

251742ce, 2011-09-04, 09:32AM CDT

I asked for a refund due to my car repair bills of week of aug. 29. I haven't received any reinbursment of funds which were said to be refunded. This is bad public and business practices.

fcbe3ee8, 2011-09-08, 04:21PM CDT

I have also been misled by the relationship company. I am hiring a lawyer to sue them for the money that I paid. If you want my lawyer's name feel free to email me.

251742ce, 2011-09-14, 01:10PM CDT

This is the biggest ripoff I have ever experienced. How can people scam other people when it come to their feelings. this company is truely a discusting operation and should have legal action taken against them or be put in jail. I will never recommend this company to anyone. I ordered 2400 dollars worth and got a bill for 4800 dollars. they don't hold their end of the contract.

76301a74, 2012-02-03, 09:39AM CST

Unfortunately both myself and a friend have experienced the exact same treatment. I wasn't even 60 when I joined and most of the men they "referred" to me were about 70. I kept telling them that they were "too old" to now avail. I would definitely like at least $2000 of my money returned.

0ffa234f, 2012-03-29, 11:49AM CDT

This long description is dated 2007! Thank goodness it is now 2012!

I met with Elissa G. in her Trumbull, Connecticut office. Her perceptiveness about the type of person she is interviewing and her judgment in making a match makes her service worth every penny.

You can get measurements and matrix evaluations on the internet but nothing can match her mastery in relationships. She understands how to put things together to make a match that works. She has the ability to see who a person is. She can understand what has been missing in past relationships and what is needed from a future relationship. She uses her perception to partner people who can fulfill each other.

She called me and told me she had a good match for me and described all the numerous subtle characteristics (in addition to height, weight, eye color, hair color, job title and hobbies)that made this lady a great match for me. I met her and she is wonderful! We are incredibly happy! Nothing can match someone who looks you in the eye - or calls you on the phone - and says "I have someone who is right for you".

I would highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to save time and money in their search for fulfilling and lasting love.

3a0fbf1d, 2012-04-03, 03:45PM CDT

From what I hear, I must say that sometimes I think people shop for a personal matching service as though they're looking for the best bargain on a used car! I mean for goodness sake, we're talking about the rest of your life, here! If EVER there were a time to go top drawer, surely this is it!

The Relationship Co. is top drawer. The way I see it, people are way too complex and subtle to be reduced to computer data. A real relationship is not a card trick! In dealing with people, there is absolutely no substitute for human understanding. The Relationship Co's personal, individual, one-on-one approach is ultimately the only way to get to know their clients in the appropriate and necessary way to find out who you really are and who would be right for you.

I personally experienced the reality that Elissa G's staff (actually!) cares about their clients. Truly, this is not like ordering a ham sandwich (Hold the mayo!). Everybody I dealt with was professional, yet personable and emotionally supportive. But most especially, the lengthy personal interview(s) were probing, stimulating, enlightening... and they were ultimately the catalyst to the kind of client-knowledge on the part of the staff which leads to true understanding. Only from that understanding and empathy comes the ability to see the people behind the data. Most of that - but not all - comes from the relationship the staff develops with you as you work together to find the right person ... and this is for each person who uses the service.

I, too, did not purchase a program that offers photographs but I had that option (everybody does!). I can absolutely say that as a direct result of their eminently "human" process, I am now living the happiest days of my life with a Match of their Making!

Sure, there's a certain amount of "good luck" involved, but "luck" often flows from profoundly solid preparation. In this case, the work at Elissa G's Relationship Co. was solid and the result was profound! I also did my part. In addition to meeting with Elissa for an in-depth initial interview and working with the staff in an on-going process, I arranged to meet with the matcher in the West Springfield, MA office. All-in-all, I see my dealings with the company as a bargain! Greatest deal of my life!

I think back with delight and cosmic reverence to when I met with the matcher in Elissa G's Relationship Co in the West springfield, MA office. She kept asking me more and more about myself; what I thought; how I felt. We'd been talking for quite a while when she interrupted herself to mention that suddenly she was thinking of somebody specific for me... but she couldn't remember her name at that moment. Hmmmm, she said... she's an artist! She said that she thought she might be very appropriate for me.. but what was her name??!

Well, anyway, her name was (and still is) Kathleen. And their matcher was totally correct. Absolutely correct. Amazingly correct. Home Run! We're completely in love, deeply in love and we have Elissa G's Relationship Co and her amazing staff and matcher in particular to thank for it! Her insight, understanding, personal interest, sincere energy, hunch or whatever you want to call it, is responsible for the best thing that ever happened to me; Kath and I are ridiculously happy together.

I love my life, I love my soon to be wife and I am forever grateful to the people who made it possible for me.

They didn't promise this happiness. They never do. They just do it! They do more than any promise could ever be!

d02d046e, 2012-04-14, 07:07AM CDT

IT IS A SCAM...STAY AWAY. I had a bad experience too. Met with the "owner" and paid the $2,400 for 12 potential matches. Did not hear from them in months. I called them a few times only to have calls not returned. When I finally reached someone, they called me with a match a far distance from me. They prey on peoples desire to meet someone. I read these "success" stories. If their "true" even a broken clock is right twice a day. I was able to get my money back because I paid with AMEX and disputed the charge. I WAS LUCKY. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!

1a2f3b2a, 2012-09-18, 06:22PM CDT

I too am happy for the few of you that found love through TRC. But unfortunately my experience is similar to the rest that feel they have been the victim of a scam. In my in-take interview Elisa assured me she had several "wonderful women" that met my criteria. I was led to believe the only challenge would be picking the best of the best.

I won't bore you with the details but it was all a lie. She needs to be stopped. It is truly evil what she is doing preying on people's desire to find a life partner for her own financial gain.

Here I thought I would call and threaten to go to the BBB or my lawyer but now I see like any good scam artist she has no conscience. I have responded to the above post about joining any legal action. It goes way beyond the money at this point.

All that has to happen for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. Stand up people.

Carole W., 2012-10-27, 03:32PM CDT

In my case, The Relationship Company helped me tremendously. For me, it wasn't just about dating, it went further than that. After sitting down with my consultant, it was becoming very apparent that I was lacking the self-confidence I needed to have successful dates. She took her time getting to know me and gave me wonderful advice, not just for dating, but life in general. After a lot encouragement and coaching, I began noticing changes in myself, from the way I walked, talked, and presented myself to others. I can't thank The Relationship Company enough for everything they've done for me. It's made a big impact on my entire life, and dating is much more enjoyable thanks to them.

james s., 2012-11-03, 10:32AM CDT

For the first time in my life, I found someone that completes me, and I owe it all to Elissa. The matchmakers at The Relationship Company really understood me and knew what I was looking for in my perfect man. My consultant was like a friend to me... We had great conversations and she really got to know me. I know that getting to know me so well personally is what helped her find my perfect match. I really can't thank her enough for all her time and dedication.

james s., 2012-11-03, 10:33AM CDT

For the first time in my life, I found someone that completes me, and I owe it all to Elissa. The matchmakers at The Relationship Company really understood me and knew what I was looking for in my perfect man. My consultant was like a friend to me... We had great conversations and she really got to know me. I know that getting to know me so well personally is what helped her find my perfect match. I really can't thank her enough for all her time and dedication.

Alana M., 2012-11-03, 03:35PM CDT

Elissa Gouge goes above and beyond just setting you up on dates. She provides helpful information about dating and relationships. She follows up with me after each one of my dates and finds out what how everything went. I'm so glad I joined The Relationship Company.

jennifer o., 2012-11-08, 01:49PM CST

Elissa and The Relationship Company have really made my dream come true. Mark is such a wonderful man, I couldn't ask for anything more! He's handsome, intelligent, and has a wonderful sense of humor. You guys really do get to know your clients and know how to find the perfect matches! Thank you so much!

Adam N., 2012-11-21, 01:46PM CST

Life is so wonderful now. So often Melissa and I find ourselves talking about how lucky we are that Elissa Gouge has matched us together. We never would've found each other if it wasn't for her and The Relationship Company. Thank you for all your help!

erica L., 2012-11-29, 05:50PM CST

My experience with The Relationship Company has been great. I'm not going sugarcoat it, it did take quite a bit of time until I was matched with a great guy. Not to say the other introductions weren't good guys, but they just weren't for me... we didn't hit it off the way Elissa expected us to. But, overall, my experience was great. I would recommend their services to anyone with realistic expecations.

justin t., 2012-12-04, 06:38PM CST

Although things didn't happen as quickly as I would have liked them to, I really can't complain about the services I received from The Relationship Company. When I had my initial consultation Elissa and her staff were very friendly and helpful. I felt very excited and anxious to get things moving along. It wasn't long until I met my first match, but he and I agreed that things between us didn't click the way we we were hoping they would. After several months of introductions, I finally was introduced to someone I hit it off with. So, the services do work if you give them time. I'm very happy with my results.

rene l., 2012-12-06, 12:37PM CST

Elissa took the time to really find out who I was and what qualities I was looking for in a man. With The Relationship Company, over the next several months, I was introduced to three dates, each of them a great guy. After talking about each with Elissa, she called me one evening and was excited to tell me that she thought she found the perfect man for me. I went out with my first date with Dave the following Thursday and we ended up meeting again on Saturday. We really hit it off and we've been dating ever since. I can't thank Elissa enough for introducing us.

b824dee2, 2013-01-07, 07:38PM CST


I am writing this letter to explain how my experience has been with The Relationship Company, which started during August 2012. When I first looked into The Relationship Company, I read some very negative comments on this site about the company, and I want to write about the very positive experiences I have had with the company since I connected with them.

My initial meeting was actually with Elissa (the owner of the company). Elissa first called me personally and set up time for me to meet with her to discuss what The Relationship Company was all about and what she thought they could do for me. Elissa and I met about a week later for about an hour-and-a-half (it could have been longer, but I only had that amount of time to meet with Elissa). Eiissa was very accommodating time-wise so that she could review every aspect of The Program with me. She did a great job of streamlining the process so I was able to make my next appointment on time.

The interview with Elissa was a very comfortable one. I have used a number of online dating sites over the past four-plus years, but the profile questions and forms I completed as part of the interview with Elissa were more extensive than any of the online dating services I have used. When I was done with the interview, I felt that Elissa had the best possible profile of me she could possibly have. I was also highly encouraged with the process of matching clients that Elissa explained to me. When I left, I felt that not only would I start to meet a number of women in the weeks to come; I felt that the women I would meet through The Relationship Company would get a much better ?picture? of me than the women I had met through online dating services.

During the interview, I could tell Elissa was a very compassionate, caring person whose sensitivity to the whole dating scene is extremely high. Again, I left with a high level of optimism that I was soon going to meet women who I would be able to connect with and enjoy time with. When I was all done with my meeting with Elissa, I left with a plan that was as fair a plan as I could ask for.

I will also add that Elissa provided me with phone numbers of three different people (2 men and 1 woman) who have found their ?love? through the Relationship Company. I called each of these people at least once and had at least a 15-minute conversation with each one of them. They had similar stories to mine in terms of feeling frustrated with online dating services in the past and found much more success in meeting more women (or men in the case of the woman I spoke with) through The Relationship Company. All three said they had met the ?person of their dreams? and the woman I spoke with had married the man she fell in love with and they have two babies now. One of the men said that during the FIRST interview, Elissa said she knew just the right woman for him and he met this woman shortly thereafter and he said it was truly the ?love of his life!? He?d been married twice before and he is the same age that I am. The other man had been dating the woman he met for 5 years, after having met a number of other women. After calling all three and talking with each one of them, I was even more excited about using The Relationship Companies services.

As of January first, I am just getting ready to reconnect with The Relationship Company as I took a ?leave? for a while as I had dated a woman for a couple months. The Relationship Company allowed me to put my membership on hold while I was dating this woman and said I could reactivate my membership if this person was not the right match for me. I am excited about the future opportunities to meet women that The Relationship Company will provide for me.

I will continue to keep updating people through this web site as I proceed with this endeavor with The Relationship Company. I highly recommend anyone checking out The Relationship Company as I think it will help most people find his/her love faster and easier than online dating services.

Good luck in your search.


Anonymous, 2013-03-07, 03:48PM CST

Sounds like a real difference in experiences with RC.

Does anybody share mine?

The initial interview with owner was more than 2 hours of careful interview and notetaking. She described several possible dates I might have with great enthusiam.

It was several.....weeks, months....before I received a name from RC.

I was passed through a variety of staff members during my time with RC.

In the first year I received fewer than 5 names.

None of them approximated the characteristics of the date I described, provided in writing, and made sure the owner heard during the interview.

I wanted to help and so I asked to have read to me what description of me was read to possible dates. It was handwriten (the staffer said) and hard to read, contained inaccuracies, and though I asked repeatedly...I was never given the chance to review or edit the description of me.

I have asked for a refund, reduced package, or threatened to seek outside help in getting back money I paid for a service which I did not receive.

I have left many calls, emails, letters and they were not answered.

please write and let me know if any of these things applied to you, and how you have dealt with it. [email protected]

Janice L., 2013-03-12, 04:33PM CDT

I have recently joined The Relationship Co. and all I can say is that I?m so happy with the results and services they?re providing me. Who would have thought that in no time I would be introduced to someone so special. I have been searching on my own for a while now, but without any luck. But thanks to Elissa, my dreams have come true!

nelly j., 2013-03-26, 11:35PM CDT

I was tired of all the disappointing dates I was being set up with from friends and co-workers. I was pushed to my breaking point with the one date and decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I decided to turn to the professionals of The Relationship Co. and I?m glad I didn?t wait any longer with my decision. I have been very impressed with the quality of dates I?ve been introduced to so far. Thank you!

Scott F., 2013-07-09, 11:21PM CDT

On Valentines' Day in 2005, I went to The Relationship Company looking, hoping, to find someone to be my life partner, my soul mate, my friend and lover for the rest of my life. I had been divorced twice and knew that the choices I was making when looking on the outside was not getting me from a partner what I really wanted on the inside.

The Relationship Company matched me with Cindy and we had our first date on April 6th, 2005. We have been together ever since. =)

Carl G., 2013-07-09, 11:47PM CDT

Elissa Gouge's Relationship Co. in New England is more than just a quality dating service. Her company is based on a team of relationship professionals who are dedicated to providing clients with what they need to success in relationships. This is more than just receiving quality introductions to singles who meet your criteria, her staff works with clients who are interested in acquiring the skills and/or changing skills in order to develop and sustain a quality lifetime relationship. It is impossible to find this in internet dating or any other service that I know of.

93cb36cb, 2013-07-11, 11:46AM CDT

I wanted to take a moment and thank The Relationship Co in Trumbull for bringing me together with my partner. For the past 6 months we have been inseparable and enjoy spending all of our time together. We're so happy and it's all thanks to The Relationship Company.

Jessie A., 2013-07-11, 11:56AM CDT

My Experience with Elissa and The Relationshop Company has been nothing but positive. Elissa has helped me find compatible dates and gien me a lot of great dating advice. My only complaint is that I should've joined sooner.

a584a6cd, 2013-11-26, 08:32PM CST

who is anonymous

3929a25d, 2014-12-14, 07:48AM CST


Am in New England and I found a website for The Relationship Company in West Springfield Mass. I am considering contacting them although my past experiences with on-line dating services have been disappointing. I have not seen any recent postings about the company. I have to say some of the postings in this thread are a little scary although some are very complementary so I am split on the idea of contacting them. Does anyone reading this thread have any recent experience they would be willing to share either in this thread or via e-mail or phone?

Thank You in Advance


73875f01, 2014-12-21, 03:24PM CST

Read this before you contract with The Relationship Company in W Springfield, MA

3929a25d, 2014-12-24, 02:12PM CST

To 73875f01

Thank's for the steer to the blog site. Yeah pretty scary stuff!! After I posted my first question, I also thought about checking a little deeper on my own and found there is a web site for Western/Central Mass for the BBB.

Here is the Web link to that site if you would like to see more.

21 DEC 14 *****THERE ARE 30 COMPLAINTS POSTED AND SOME HAVE JUST DROPPED IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS**** Here I was thinking they might no longer be in business. I also see that people are losing some big $$$, $5000, $7000, and even one case $10,000. You are right. Buyer Beware of these "artists".

Why hasn't anyone tried to stop these clowns?? I'd love to hear more about what's behind this business model. One thing is for sure. I won't be contacting The Relationship Company.


3929a25d, 2015-09-11, 09:23AM CDT

There is some group that has organized a campaign against this company. Their info, which appears to be very thorough, is found at

There is also a blog spot at:

Suggest anyone serious about doing business with this company read what that this group has put together.

Melissa H., 2015-11-17, 01:21PM CST

I had an appointment with the owner, Elissa Gouge, today at 1:30 at the Trumbull office. It is a half hour away from me. I arrived 10 minutes early, waited until 1:45, called the office twice and left a message each time. two hours of my time wasted.

Elissa asked me to delete the complaints I had posted here so that she could meet with me in person. I deleted the comments in good faith that she would discuss my issues.

Instead, I gave up going to a thank you lunch to meet with her, and she was not there.

I paid $4,000 for the service with the promise that she would be matching me with financially secure men. The last one paid so much in alimony that he had asked the manager of the restaurant for a gift card to help him pay for the meal. Another lived with his mother. I'm not criticizing these folks but the staff does not seem to know how to match like-to-like people.

She told me that she has millionaires and billionairs registered with her company. I guess she must have asked them their net worth to know this. The thing is, she didn't ask me what my net worth.

Elissa Gouge did not have the courtesy to meet with me today as promised.

If I was at the wrong location and Elissa was waiting for me somewhere else, would it be too much to expect a call wondering where I was?

3929a25d, 2015-11-17, 04:10PM CST

For Melissa H.

Recommend you visit

Posted on 17 Nov 2015.


8a313df5, 2015-11-27, 06:29PM CST

All of the happy ending stories are just damage control and nothing more! Writing testimonials is merely one of her employees job responsibilities!

3929a25d, 2015-11-28, 03:42PM CST

There are some posts in this thread relating to a similarly named company in South Carolina. Some posts are suggesting there is no connection between Mary Elissa Gouge's West Springfield The Relationship Company and the South Carolina company which is on the receiving end of similar complaints.

There is (was!) a South Carolina The Relationship Company owned by a Mr. Kenneth Pogue. Check out what happened to Mr. Pogue earlier this year.

Read the fine print on the Florida Attorney General's page and you will see Mr. Pogue's The Relationship Company was investigated by the Florida Attorney General.

Visit the State of South Carolina Secretary of State's web site and search on The Relationship Company. There were a couple of registrations for company's with that name. One registrant, according to the web site, is Mr. Kenneth Pogue. A second was registered by a Ms. Cynthia Joyner.


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