Formal complaint against Harvey Norman

Posted on Sunday, October 28th, 2007 at 8:39pm CDT by 6222c9a3

Company: Formal complaint against Harvey Norman

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I would like to express my frustration against Harvey Norman store and I hope your site can help me with this. I bought a new next G (LG TU500) phone at Harvey Norman-Grafton in NSW on 19-Aug-07 around 11:26am, sunday. My purpose of acquiring this unit is that I will use it mainly for my work to upload datas back to my office in Brisbane and basically use the phone as a wireless modem to connect in the internet. This feature is really supported by this type of phone because I tried the same unit from my housemate and it works well without dramas.Unfortunately, my new phone didn't work as what I expect. Because my work is all over NSW doing Telstra's next G network roll-out, apparently, I leaved Grafton the next day and haven't make any complaint and it's sunday.

I returned to Harvey Norman Grafton on 24-Aug-07, Fri and unfortunately, they don't have another unit for replacement and instead they direct me to another Harvey Norman in Brisbane nearest to my place. So, when I returned to my place I decide Harvey Norman-Browns plain to have my unit check further. They found out that the unit itself really don't work and advice me to go to Telstra shop for repair. Telstra-Browns Plain branch acknowledge the fault and send my phone to their accredited repair shop on 27-Aug-07 and I recover the phone on 11-Sep-07 but still the problem hasn't solved. I go back to Harvey Norman-Browns plain but they said they have separate account with another Harvey Norman shop and so they send it back to Harvey Norman Grafton on 14-Sep-07.

Until now Harvey Norman-Grafton still can not decide if they will replaced another new phone or give my money back. All I know is that, it's been more than 2-months now that I haven't enjoy the unit since the actual date of purchase. I been calling Harvey Norman-Grafton manager, John, at 02-6643 3266 but no progress still.

It's very frustrating. I don't know whom shall I lean on to listen my complain. Please help me. I only got 1-month before going back to my country for holiday. I'm really upset with Harvey Norman.




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