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Product: moving company

Company: americas top movers

Location: 5900 stirling rd bay 6
hollywood, fl, 33021, US


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August 27, 2007

Americas Top Movers

Attn: Claims Department. Job# W484462

5900 Stirling Road Bay 6

Hollywood, Fl 33021

To whom it may concern:

As per your request here is a brief description of ALL the damages caused by your company. There are photos that may not depict accurately as I don??t have a professional camera. All photographs are in chronological order and have been circled as they are not clear. Photo (1) is a broken chair. (2) Are irreparable scratches. (3) the same.

(6) The same. (7) The same. (8) The same. (9) The same. (10b) The same.(15) The same. (16) Some heavy object placed on couch and heavy object placed on or right next to armrest. Wear and tear possibly 25%. Did not leave my condo in that condition.

(17) Large tear marks (ripped). (19) Irreparable broken dining room table. (20) Irreparable dining room leaf broken and damaged. (21) Part of dining room leaf. (23b) (22) deep scratches through wood. (24) DVD Player damaged. DVD player not on inventory was with TV. Call me a liar or take my word.

All numbers above refer to photographs that may not be visible. One whole box of plates, dishes, cups, saucers, glasses, platters, cooking dishes and personal items broken. I would not have shipped these items if they had a low value or if they didn??t have sentimental value. This goes for all my household goods. The delivery driver will verify everything in my claim except for the DVD player as I didn??t see the damage until after they left. However, I have no doubt the driver saw the DVD player with the TV as he hooked them up together. As far as the value of goods damaged is concerned, it??s difficult to calculate as you don??t consider replacement value. I would estimate the value at close to

$10 000.00. I welcome you to send an adjustor to my home.

I wish to further add that you had my whole house in your hands and what I received was just incredulous. I slept on the floor for five and a half weeks because of your failure to deliver my house as promised (1-1 1/2 weeks) and then you deliver my goods in this manner. Your company quoted me $1124.00 for exactly what you picked up and ended up paying $1654.00 which included a $30.00 tip which your movers asked for. How can you be off $500.00 excluding tip. Your company is an absolute nightmare to do business with. The delivery driver said he only got the order approximately 10 days before they delivered my goods to me. ????? You lied to me for five and a half weeks. THANK YOU

They offered me a settlement of $182.00 they told me (monica)i think is her name, the truck would have to blow up to get paid up tp $20000.00 for damages-i complain because they didn' care if I slept on the floor for 5/12 weeks and that my goods were all damaged after waiting that long


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