Rockin P Quarter Horses - Warning about Casey Palmer DBA Rockin P Quarter Horses Porum, Oklahoma

Posted on Saturday, October 27th, 2007 at 10:19pm CDT by 03ed18ed

Company: Rockin P Quarter Horses

Location: Porum, Ok, 74455, US


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This is a warning for anyone looking to purchase a horse from Casey Palmer or Jodi Bagwell of Porum, Oklahoma. They also list themselves out of Dallas, Texas and even occasionally in California. They are d.b.a. (doing business as) Rockin P Quarter Horses or

Casey Palmer advertised a 12 year old kid safe horse on the website and also on (unsure of any other websites he may have used also). I contacted him and spoke with him about the mare. I let him know that this was going to be the first pony for a 7 year old child. He assured me that the pony was bomb proof (bombproof), completely safe, anyone can ride, could be used as lesson horse, etc., etc. I specifically asked him if the horse had ANY health issues and if she was sound. He assured me that she was "completely healthy and sound" and that he would not be able to find one this nice again for a couple of years. He also told me several times "You will not be disappointed in this horse". After several very believable conversations with Mr. Palmer, I agreed to pay him $1000 for the pony and he assured me that he would be able to have her shipped to my home for approximately $200 within 1 to 5 days.

Each time I phoned Casey asking what the status was for shipping the mare - it was difficult to get a hold of him and when I finally did he always had a story. He told me that his fiancee (Jodi Bagwell) had found transportation and he would get back to me with the details. After not hearing from him again, I called Jodi only to find out that she had no idea what he was talking about and had not made any such arrangement with anyone (red flag). Finally, after several weeks of this, I resorted to arranging my own transportation, which was substantially higher than he indicated it would be (hmm... another red flag?).

The transportation company arranged to pick up the horse, but had to wait for several hours (past the agreed pick up time) for Mr. Palmer to finally bring the horse to them putting them behind schedule for their other clients (gosh, not another red flag!).

When the pony finally arrived at my location (less than 24 hours later), she was not even completely off the trailer when I noticed a horribly inflamed, running, swollen eye oozing yellow pus. Her entire nose and muzzle were also completely covered in a blistered, scabby sort of rash, bleeding in some spots. I immediately phoned my veterinarian (who arrived in less than an hour) and informed me that the ponies left eye had CANCER and that the right eye was not far behind. He indicated that this had been going on for at least a year - possibly longer. She was also running a fever, very underweight and had a slightly clubbed foot. Now, mind you, he had a couple of photos of her that I had seen but all conveniently taken at a distance impossible to discern the issue with her eyes.

I immediately phoned Mr. Palmer to let him know about my shock in seeing her in this condition and asked him to contact me so that we might resolve this. He refused to answer his phone or return my call. I sent him an email that evening with a photo of the pony's eye and asked how this could have possibly been overlooked when I had specifically asked if she had ANY health conditions. He again refused to reply, not even to express surprise or concern of any sort for the pony.

The following morning the pony was severely ill with pneumonia. It took extensive care and intravenous antibiotics to bring her through. Her eye tissue was biopsied and confirmed that it was cancer. She will most likely lose her left eye to the cancer in the very near future at a cost of upwards of $2,000 to me (this will in the end be closer to approximately $4,000 with the additional vet expenses). Her right eye is also exhibiting similar symptoms, so we are unsure what her prognosis will be. Of course, if her right eye continues to follow the same course as her left eye, we will be forced to humanely euthanize her. Imagine the horror to a young child just receiving their first pony.

As far as the pony being labeled completely sound, I have already indicated that vet said she had a clubbed foot. She has also required special trimming on all four of her feet (my farrier said it was one of the worst cases she had seen and immediately moved the pony to her list of priorities for fear of her suffering permanent leg damage). She has had to trim the pony in several separate appointments to avoid doing too much at once. The pony is still showing signs of considerable heel pain in both front feet (possibly navicular???) I have not had her X-rayed yet (due to the other extensive health issues that we are already dealing with). Mr. Palmer had also told me that he was a farrier (or as he spells it "ferrier") and that her feet were in "perfect" condition. My complaint, however, is regarding the eyes. This is just additional information indicative of her overall condition.

I had opted not to do an additional vet check due to the fact that my own vet told me that it really doesn't do me any good. If the vet is a friend of the seller, or just plain incompetent, my only recourse would be to sue the veterinarian in the state it was done. I also see vet checks as a tool to uncover UNOBVIOUS or hidden issues or conditions that cannot be observed without the expertise of a vet. I had concluded (due to Mr. Palmer's untruths about the mare's condition) that there were no obvious conditions observed by Mr. Palmer that needed to be further examined by a vet. Had Mr. Palmer or Ms. Bagwell indicated that there was ANY sort of inflammation or issue with her eyes, I would have either requested a vet to do a further evaluation of her eyes or (most likely) terminated the transaction altogether.

Now, as to Mr. Palmer's claims of the pony being bombproof, kid safe and a perfect beginner or lesson horse. This also appears to be untrue. I have been riding horses for 25 years and the mare was wanting to take off with me. Mind you, this is NOT asking her to canter or run barrels, but just at a walk. She spins, throws her head, and had to be held tight in the bridle just to keep her at a walk. I have not even attempted to trot and canter her - as she was barely responding to me at a walk. Hardly appropriate for a kid's horse. But then again, should I be surprised at this point? She also pins her ears and gets extremely pissy when being tacked up. Even when cinching her slowly, she turns her head towards me as if she wants to bite - but has not as of yet. I am not comfortable putting ANY child on this horse, experienced or not. At this point, I would not put a beginner adult on her either.

After the pony's arrival, I phoned an equine attorney who informed me that a seller MUST inform a buyer of a pre-existing condition and make no effort to conceal it or it is fraud, regardless if an additional vet check is done or not. I have 5 years to put together a lawsuit should I choose to do so. I will happily email photos of this pony's eye if you are curious if there is any possible way that Mr. Palmer could have overlooked her condition. There is not. Even the most novice horse person would be able to easily identify a problem. Mr. Palmer allegedly trains and sells horses for a living. How could he possibly have missed this?

During my discussion with the equine attorney, she asked for the name of the seller. When I informed her that it was Casey Palmer out of Porum Oklahoma, she immediately indicated that she was familiar with his name, as she has another client that also recently had a fraudulent sale with him. I have personally spoken with this other individual and I am sure that she would be happy to relay her unfortunate dealings with Mr. Palmer also. She essentially informed me that Mr. Palmer sold her a horse that was also supposed to be guaranteed to be safe, no buck, etc., etc. (it appears that most of their horses that are posted all have similar descriptions). Anyway, apparently this horse was dangerous and bucked every time he was asked to canter. This person lost a great deal of money trying to resolve the horse's issues (vets, chiropractors, equine massage therapists and even a professional trainer). After the horse broke the back cinch of the trainer (bucking) the trainer recommended that she get rid of him, as the trainer did not believe the horse would ever be safe. She lost a great deal of money because of this transaction with Rockin P Quarter Horses, and was disturbed and infuriated to hear that I was now also in a difficult situation.

To reiterate, there is no possible way that the conditions of this pony's eyes could have possibly been overlooked. When Mr. Palmer delivered the pony up to be transported, he specifically told the driver to "leave this fly mask on." The driver obeyed these orders and did not see the condition of the pony's eyes until just shortly before delivering her to me - and was appalled at her condition. The driver indicated that he had only seen horses in this poor of condition being hauled to slaughter.

Mr. Palmer and Ms. Bagwell knew fully well that this pony was to be a childs first horse. If she survives, she will be a one eyed horse which can be dangerous for an experienced rider, and certainly not ideal for a young rider just learning to ride, although after riding her, I find that she is an unsuitable mount for a child - even with BOTH eyes. Again, with both eyes exhibiting the same symptoms, we are unsure of her prognosis.

The lack of ethics and professionalism exhibited by Rockin P Quarter horses is deplorable and unforgivable. There were absolutely no attempts to contact me, offers to exchange the horse, offer for a full or partial refund, to simply apologize, express any sort of surprise at the news, or even check the welfare of the pony.

It is irrelevant whether Mr. Palmer and Ms. Bagwell knew fully well of the condition of the horse or they were too uneducated about horses to know that a horse with an eye condition as severe as this needs immediate medical treatment. Either way, it is very disturbing that they continue to advertise and sell horses that are not as they are represented to be. I would hope that this should be enough to deter anyone from purchasing a horse from them. Obviously, this horse was grossly misrepresented as was the other buyer's horse. And, if an equine attorney immediately recognizes this seller's name I don't see that as a positive indication of their business transactions, do you? In sum, if any one is looking to purchase a horse from this business, I highly recommend that you take the facts of my situation (and the other persons) into consideration and make a wise decision about whether you should purchase or not. I would hate to see yet another person in the same difficult emotional and financial situation that our family has been put into.


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0f889db6, 2007-12-04, 08:51PM CST

I am the other party that has bought a horse from Casey Palmer and Jodi Bagwell. The horse that I bought was completely misrepresented. He was sold as a family horse and every time you ask him to canter he bucks and if you are even wanting to walk if he decides that he is done riding then he will start to act up. It could be a few minutes or it could be 45 minutes you never know.

I will be posting more info in the complaint that I am making.

Please do not purchase a horse from these people.

e526d39d, 2008-06-25, 05:55AM CDT

Casey Palmer and Jodi Bagwell are two of the most honest people around this country! They have sold horses to many,many SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!!!!! So, if you want a good horse stick with ROCKIN P QUARTER HORSES! Visit thier website ( and check out thier AWESOME video's to just see for yourself how HONEST they really are about thier HORSES!!!! I'am one of MANY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!!!!

03ed18ed, 2008-06-29, 02:37AM CDT

I WOULDNT BUY A STICK HORSE FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

e526d39d, 2008-11-05, 02:36PM CST

OH NO,you say you wouldn't buy a

"STICK HORSE" from these people! Well,I don't believe I would either if I were you! You just might get it shoved where the sun don't shine!!!!!!! And that would be so sad,because I just Dearly LOVE my,so called,"STICK HORSE"!!!!!!!

e526d39d, 2008-11-09, 06:46PM CST

As you read these complaints you can clearly see that these are the same two women posting all of them,only using several different names!!!!!!! Talk about Casey Palmer pulling a scam,just take a good look at the scam these two think they are pulling! NOW,WHO IS THE LIAR AND DECEIVER???? Take a wild guess!! Casey is the victim fallen prey to these two vultures!!!!!!

Check out their other SIMILAR stories on . These ladies are trying to pull a fast one .It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see through this scam!!!!!

03ed18ed, 2008-11-11, 01:39AM CST

I find it amusing that this person says we are trying to pull a scam. What exactly would we be trying to accomplish?

If you doubt the story above, here are some photos to see the horse for yourself. Here are just a few pictures. Please bear in mind that these photos were taken AFTER the vet had already cleaned the eyes (and around the eyes). You can see that the hair around the eye is completely gone from being so severely sunburned and the constant draining of the eye. The eyes already appeared much better in these photos - than when she stepped off the trailer and they hadn't been cleaned off yet.

Everything has been documented, including a letter from the transport company, vet statements, invoices, letters from trainers, etc.

Additionally, there are more than three of us (we have those emails also), but (so far) they have been afraid to post their comments yet.

A scam? What possibly do we have to gain except verbal insults and abuse from you?

We simply posted our stories so others may make an educated decision before making an expensive and emotional investment.

03ed18ed, 2008-11-12, 08:56AM CST

For anyone doubting this, here are just a few photos;

I have all vet invoices, statements, letters from transport company, etc. Everything has been documented.

We are not the only two.

a8d78a03, 2010-09-12, 11:46AM CDT

hi i feel bad for you on your horse purchasing,from this casey should take him to court.this looser should have to pay you every time back for your horse,and throw him in jail for defraueing the public.i hope you find another nice horse.some people out there are just not to be makes it bad for us honest folks. and for the person telling this person to stop complaining about casey palmer.hey i bet you wouldnt stop complaining about palmer if the shoe had been on the other foot.good luck to you on your next horse.god bless have a nice day debbie

bbfbc328, 2011-07-28, 12:36PM CDT

I believe you. My uncle went had a similar experience a couple of years ago. He bought a horse from Casey Palmer that was supposed to be a kid safe, been there done that type of Ranch using horse. Casey guaranteed him to do everything he said he could or my uncle could take him back. Well the horse didn't know a thing about roping or cows and when asked to lope he would buck so my uncle took him back. But Casey didn't give him his money back and tried to give him another horse that Casey had for sale that he was asking half the price of what my uncle paid for the first horse. My uncle had to hire a lawyer, and settled for $1,000 less than what he paid for the horse. My uncle said he was tired of Casey's lies and was just glad to be done with him. I was visiting my aunt and uncle for the Holiday's when this happened and know it to be true.


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