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Posted on Saturday, October 27th, 2007 at 10:03pm CDT by 05f49b16

Company: Denny's

Location: 4301 Highway 41 N
Evansville, In, 47711, US


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October 25, 2007

Re: experience at Denny's in Evansville, Indiana

BR Associates, Inc.

Der Buro Komplex

4201-A Mannheim RD

Jasper, IN 47546-9618

Dear Sir or Ma'am:

I am writing you regarding my and my girlfriend's experience at your Denny's restaurant in Evansville, Indiana, located at 4301 Highway 41 on October 20, 2007 at approximately 10:15 am.

After being seated, a server took our drink order (we did not get his name) within a few minutes. He brought us our drinks, and mentioned the server over his shoulder would be our server, and he would take our food order.

The other server was in the corner cleaning up tables, so I figured it would be just a few minutes before he took our food order. Ten minutes had passed, and he still hadn't come by (although he looked in our direction and knew we were there.) We then saw the first server who took our drink order, and I asked when the other server was going to come over to take our order. He said, "I can take your order and give it to him." So, we placed our order and he gave the other server the ticket.

While waiting for our food, I was expecting our server (whose name was "Bronson T", I believe) would come by and check on us. He never came by - at least not at this time. Our food came, delivered by the first server who took our drink order. By this time, I figured he would be our server, and it would be him that I would be sure to give the tip to.

After eating for about five minutes, Bronson comes by with the check. He says abruptly, "Here's your bill, and you can pay me when you're ready." He then hurriedly places the bill in the midst of all our plates, reaching across our food, and then walks away. As he is walking back to his station, I say to my girlfriend, "Well, thank you very much!" in a semi-sarcastic way - communicating to her my displeasure for how he delivered the check. Apparently, he heard me, because once he got back to his station, he yells back to me across the restaurant in a very smart-alecky way, "You're welcome very much!"

My girlfriend and I stared at each other in disbelief, and couldn't believe he just did that! We decided after we were done eating, we would talk to the manager and inform her of what had happened. Of course, since Bronson had delivered the check, he never came back to refill our drinks, or even ask the obligatory, "How is your meal - do you need anything else?" question.

Once we were done eating, I went up front to find the manager on duty and asked that she come to our table. She came by (I didn't get her name, but she was a shift-manager), and I explained to her how Bronson didn't come by at any point to check on us, the rude way he delivered the check, and how he yelled sarcastically across the restaurant, "You're welcome very much!"

The manager asks, "What would you like for me to do." I said that I feel he should receive additional training on courtesy and customer service since the manner by which he interacted with us was not very pleasing. She mentioned my complaint was the second one that day, in which I reiterated my suggestion that Bronson receive additional training on customer service. I also mentioned that we were pleased with the service received from the original server (who took our drink order) and that we wanted to give him the tip since I didn't feel that Bronson did anything to earn it. She then says, "Let me go and talk with Bronson."

After a minute or so, Bronson returns to our table. At this point, I'm expecting some type of apology for how he treated us. An apology was far from what we received next.

In a very agitated and argumentative manner, he proceeds to defend his actions - saying the other server didn't know he was on break and that afterwards, he was working tables in another section. The whole time, he is leaning down, uncomfortably close to my face, in almost a provoking fashion - continuing to argue and defend his actions. I ask him to give me some space since I didn't want him that close to me, in which he did not budge. I then proceeded to explain to him that I felt he was being abrasive and disrespectful and that I did not like his attitude. He then barks, "Well, I don't like your attitude!" and he crumples and snatches the check off of the table.

He walked back to the station where the manager was standing, and I followed since I wanted to inform her how flabbergasted I was with how he had just treated us. I asked him to repeat to the manager what he had just told me since I was uncertain she would believe me as I was absolutely floored about what had just happened. He then goes on a tirade, yelling thing like, "It's you that has the attitude problem." and "Haven't you ever had a bad day?" with arms flailing about in an exceedingly confrontational manner. I tell him that his attitude is offensive and disrespectful, the whole time I'm waiting for the manager to step in and apologize for the situation or even comp our meal. She never did either. She did, however, ask him to go back into the office numerous times, but he continued his rant.

Bronson then says something like, "Well, you have a problem with me - you were looking at me the whole time!" (referring to the numerous times during the meal when I made eye contact with him). He made that statement, inferring that I had some type of "problem" with him, when in fact all I wanted was to get his attention since we needed service (drinks refilled, my eggs were undercooked, my English muffin was burned, and both our hash browns were undercooked). Thinking he was our server since his name was on our ticket, I tried to get his attention by making eye contact with him since he seemed to be avoiding our table. I figured he would get the hint, but I was obviously mistaken.

After Bronson's continual arguing and lack of action by the manager on duty, my girlfriend says, "We will never come back here again!" and we left without paying our check.

I am just at a total loss as to why Bronson acted the way he did. His behavior was completely unacceptable, offensive, and disrespectful - and certainly was not warranted. My girlfriend and I both work in the customer service industry - she is an applications analyst and I am a software consultant. We deal with customers every day, and if either of us were to ever come close to treating our customers the way Bronson treated us, we would be fired on the spot. Of course, it will be up to your company and the general manager on how to follow up with Bronson.

Additionally, we were not pleased with the manager's handling of the situation. In no time did she ever apologize for the situation or even offer to comp our meal. All we wanted after this extremely unpleasant situation was to be offered an apology and maybe comp half of our meal (which we would have gladly paid for.) She did not step up and take control of the situation, which certainly did not make us feel any better. The general manager may consider discussing with her ways to handle conflict and ensure customers leave the restaurant happy - even when they might have an unpleasant experience.

Lastly, I ask that my personal information not be shared with the restaurant in such a way that Bronson might obtain it. Due to his disposition and the confrontational attitude he exhibited this morning, we fear that he may retaliate against us should the general manager reprimand him or terminate his employment based on this complaint. However, I still feel it is important that these events be communicated to your company so that other future customers do not experience the same thing we did.

The ironic thing is that I didn't even want to go to Denny's that morning. I have had numerous bad experiences at Denny's in the past (both ones owned by BR Associates and ones not), but have never made a formal complaint. However, I gave you another chance, and we went anyway. My girlfriend had worked almost a 24-hour shift at the hospital, and all she wanted was to go to Denny's, have a good breakfast, and go home to go to sleep. It goes without saying that we definitely did not have a pleasant experience at your restaurant. She was very upset after this ordeal and felt very bad that she even suggested going there in the first place.

It is unfortunate that we had such an unpleasant and offensive experience that day, since we will no longer dine at a Denny's restaurant ever again. We typically only went there for breakfast, and there are plenty of other choices in town (Cracker Barrel, IHOP, and Bob Evans, to name a few). Even though those places are more expensive than Denny's, at least we wouldn't be treated in this way by those establishments. My girlfriend has even suggested that we don't go to any restaurant owned by BR Associates ever again. It's too bad since my co-workers and I went to the Wendy's on North Green River Road weekly.


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