World Wide Moving Systems, Inc. - World Wide Moving Systems, Inc.---Broken Contract

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2007 at 3:45pm CDT by 8342eb88

Product: World Wide Moving Systems, Inc.-Movers

Company: World Wide Moving Systems, Inc.

Location: 1419 NW 65 AVE
Plantation, Fl, 33313, US


Category: Other

When we set up our move with Wordwide, we were told it was a gauranteed price, no extra charges, That Quote was for 3433.50. A week before the move we were told the price had changed to 3578.25, I had already sent in my 500.00 deposit and threathened to cancel the move so they worked with me and said that I could stick with my original Quote. The day the movers showed up, I signed all the paper work and gave the 50% up front as termed in our contract. The movers loaded the truck and then notified me that there would be an extra 858.00 due because we took more space up on the truck then they had estimated(They estimated the job, not me). They claim we had extra items on the truck not listed in our contract,I pointed out we gave them the correct items,they listed them wrong. After many hours arguing with the Shipping manger Yaaron, he discounted 250.00 from the total due,the total cost for the move ended up at $4387.25. Over 940.00 more then the Quote.

Our contract stated that they would deliver our goods with 7-14 businessdays, 21 days for extraordinary circumstances. After 14 businessdays with no updates on when they would deliver, they finally showed up on the 21st business day and 6 of our most expensive items were left off the truck back in their warehouse because the said the truck was full. When I called to get some answers,Yaaron argued and insulted me saying that they have fulfilled their contract and we would get the rest of our stuff"sometime soon". They have broken the contract,and overcharged us.

Oh, and for those who have not figured it out...practically every word on their website is false. They contract out for trucks(we had an enterprise truck pick up our stuff). The do not deliver per their agreement (7-14 days). And they will treat you like you borrowed money whenever you call.

I can document everything I have stated, I have 3 different contract revisions from them from after they picked up our stuff,Pictures of the different trucks, Recordings of our calls and they still have not delivered 6 large expensive Items.


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