Reliance prepaid- Joy Roselyn- Chandrapur-Bad Reception

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2007 at 3:39am CDT by 763cc438

Company: Reliance prepaid- Joy Roselyn- Chandrapur-Bad Reception

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Dear Reliance Customer service,

Regret to launch this complaint on behalf of my wife who is working at

Chandrapur as a Missionary for Maharastra Village Ministries.

You would very well know that this particular ministry is only done in

remote villages of North India, where people refuse to serve basing on their

comfort levels.

So the only communication service we have is calling on our mobile phones to

check whether the other partner is doing fine at the end of each day.

Reliance being advertised as reaching every nook and corner of India and

winning thousands of lonely hearts, seems to be fading in thin AIR as the

services are getting bad to worse.

From 25/10/07 , 4a.m till this very second, my wife has not spoken to me due

to the bad connection at Chandrapur and she has to go to a PCO which is 20

minutes drive fm Chandrapur to contact me.

If this is the case which you want with yr reliance customers, it spite of

several repeated calls to yr customer service, they are now not answering my

wife's mobile complaints .

This would be a honey comb for all your Mobile competitors if they come to

know about this particular complaint which we have decided to launch on


Kindly treat this as a Final Distress call from your customer with a Prepaid

Mobile No.9325189330 at Chandrapur.

Hopefully we remain.


Steve Fernando

Stationed at Bangalore.


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