Directtv - Directtv Service and HD receiver ownership

Posted on Friday, October 26th, 2007 at 11:05am CDT by a243f692

Product: Directtv

Company: Directtv

Location: US


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I have had Directtv for almost 2 years and have been generally satisfied with it.

About 2 weeks ago I lost my HD service and had sporadic regular (non-HD) service.

On notifying Directtv, they talked me though a few attempted fixes with no success. They then said they would have to schedule a service call. AT A MINIMUM $70 CHARGE. Can you believe that? They want me to pay because their system screwed up? They said I could avoid that with a "Protection Plan" at $5.99 per month.

I cancelled them right away.

The second part of my horror story is that they informed me that I owed them $135 because my commitment for HD was unfulfilled by 11 months. The charge is based upon 11 months X the monthly rental rate for the HD receiver. I informed them that I purchased the receiver from Best Buy when I purchased my HD television set and I have the receipt to prove it. They told me that I did not purchase the receiver from Best Buy, that I had LEASED it. This was never mentioned at Best Buy and I am currently trying to get some feedback from them. They also said I have to return the receiver to them, which as far as I am concerned I own it.

I am considering going to Binding Arbitration as mentioned in their contract to resolve disputes.

If anyone ever tried Binding Arbitration with Directtv I would appreciate hearing any details.

Thank you.


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