Swags Galore, Inc. - www.SwagsGalore.com is rude to the elderly

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 7:17pm CDT by c093115e

Product: www.SwagsGalore.com - Curtain Rod

Company: Swags Galore, Inc.

Location: 1285 Purdytown Tpke
Lakeville, PA, 18438, US

URL: http://www.swagsgalore.com/

Category: Other

Over the past few years, I've been successful in getting my elderly mother to shop more online, since she has a hard time getting around. It is understandable that she can't return her curtain rod to "SwagsGalore.com". However, what I can't understand is why the customer service agent would treat her so rude in this email exchange below. This correspondence happened over the course of a days, as my mother tried to return part of her purchase. It is totally uncalled for and is in my opinion discriminating against my elderly mother.

The emails went as follows:


Peggy XXXXX <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello, I need to return a curtain rod. Nothing is wrong with it, I just ordered one to many and have not opened the box.

My order number is #xxxxx.

My address is xxxxxxxx

I'll be waiting to hear form you, Thank you! Peggy


Customer Service <[email protected]> wrote:

Thank you for your inquiry, the curtain rod was puchased as a final sale close out item, they are not returnable or exchangeable. Our policy is clearly stated in RED on the item page, in our help & FAQ section, order confirmation & packing slip.


Peggy XXXXX <[email protected]> wrote:

Hey thanks for getting back to me........no problem, I should have realized the curtain rod was non-returnable for what ever reason. I buy online all the time and never heard of company that sells "non-returnable" items. Guess I'll be shopping else where.

You're welcome


Customer Service <[email protected]> wrote:

On your next purchase make sure you buy the same curtain rod from American blind & wallpaper, they sell it for $59.99, they will be glad to take it back, with the mark up they have, never mind the $5.00 non-refundable processing fee they charge, check it out.


Peggy XXXXX <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks for the advice, actually I would much rather pay the extra price for quality customer service.........by the way where did you get your "customer service" training???


Customer Service <[email protected]> wrote:

So in other words, you want to pay, $59.99 X 2, plus $5.00 processing fee, total $125, instead of paying 39.98, so you can return a $19.99 item.

Customer service training, school of blunt, Bisarro, NJ, 10001


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9ecb9a75, 2008-08-07, 12:45AM CDT

Whenever a customer says "Guess I'll be shopping elsewhere," the un-educated, deficient customer service agent is supposed to immediately get down on their knees and kiss the customer's feet! Seriously, though, please do shop elsewhere. The business does not care about you. Honestly, if you go over to somebody's house for dinner and say to them "Looks like I'll be having pizza when I get home," you are out of line.

0788664a, 2011-01-15, 01:27PM CST

I also found Swags Galore to be horrible to do business with. I ordered curtains and they shipped the wrong length. Company said no returns or exchanges--final sale. I cannot use these and offered to pay all shipping for correct length and they refused. Would never recommend Swags Galore.

Gene, 2013-01-03, 01:32PM CST

I shopped at Swags Galore and my shopping experience was wonderful. I ordered curtain panels and valances, I saved money, received free shipping and my order arrived quickly. So I guess everyones experience is different, to be fair..... It,s funny how I found this posting, I did a search for Swags Galore hoping to purchase more curtains since my first order was a pleasant shopping experience, when I saw this review and I was compelled to give my opinion/review. I would buy at Swags Galore again, in fact after I finish writing this review I,m going back to there web site to place my second order.

3d5b918d, 2015-02-03, 01:25PM CST

I will never order from them again....I sent the package back...and have yet to receive a refund. They have no phone number listed on their website, that I can find....and I've emailed them twice....with no response.

I will be contacting my CC company.

ec0d114a, 2015-08-05, 05:11PM CDT

I will never order from this company again. I ordered curtain, they charged my credit card and I never received my curtains. I have e-mailed their customer service dept at least 5 times and they get back to me only when they want to. 2 times they told me that my curtains were shipped but their order status continues to say "pending". I am about to contact the BBB and file a complaint as well as contacting our states consumer complaints dept. and my credit card. never do business with this company

43db5761, 2016-01-20, 02:07PM CST

I am so glad I read these comments before I wasted any more time on the idiots at Swags Galore.

I have already wasted most of today waiting for some non-existent person to join a chat that was supposed to take only 15 minutes. Why did I have to to chat with them? Because I found a photo of exactly what I wanted only to have the description make NO SENSE AT ALL--it kept referring to pairs, priced singly, when what I was ordering was a single item and not a pair at all. What morons.

After no one joined my multiple chat requests for more than 5 hours, I went in search on the internet for their phone number in Pennsylvania. I found an 800 number and a local number. Both numbers are out of service. No surprise that they cannot afford to pay the phone company.

I am now so happy to buy my 15 items at $4.00 more each. $4.00 is a small price to pay to deal with a real company that actually even knows how to write an accurate product description and that has real people answering real phones.

IMPORTANT: If you were treated like garbage, just call your credit card company and deny the charge. This will cost the idiots at Swags Galore actual money to fight back plus chargebacks are black mark on their credit card processing account. Chances are very high that your bank will refund your money, then you can forget about these jerks.

43db5761, 2016-01-20, 02:14PM CST

IMPORTANT: If you were treated like garbage, just call your credit card company and deny the charge. This will cost the idiots at Swags Galore actual money to fight back plus chargebacks are black mark on their credit card processing account. Chances are very high that your bank will refund your money (I know, because I work in the merchant processing industry), then you can forget about these jerks.

43db5761, 2016-01-20, 02:22PM CST

OH wait!!! I just found same item, described accurately, for exactly 1/2 of the Swags Galore price. Thank you to the people who wrote on this bulletin board before I did.

Terry G., 2016-01-24, 08:07PM CST

Well, doggone it. I finally found what I wanted in curtains for my living room and kitchen, only to find out they are not reputable. Glad I read this before I plunked down 200.00 for curtains. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

416dd7cb, 2016-02-01, 11:29AM CST

Should have never done business with SwagsGalore. I ordered 4 panels. After opening only 2 packages I found the curtains were damaged. They looked like someone took scissor's and cut them up. They were also shredding. The panels did not even match up. I tried calling their customer service number, it is non existing. Then tried the chat. Tried several times to do the chat to speak to a customer service person. That is also non-existing. Finally I tried Email. I explained the curtains were damaged and they didn't match up. Sent pictures. I also said that I do NOT want a store credit or replacements. I just would like to send these curtains back and would like a refund. Finally got a response from someone who is there operations manager. He kept asking me to send pictures. I told him I sent the pictures twice. About 2 days later I get a email saying there is nothing wrong with the curtains and the curtains would have to be off by 1/4" before they can refund my money. I told him that they looked like they were cut and shredding, and that they were off more than 1/4" from 1 panel to the other panel. (more like 1 1/2")these pictures were also sent along with the damage on the curtain. Received another Email from Mr. Operations Manager telling me that they can't refund my money that I could get replacements. I again told him that I do NOT want a replacement, or a store credit. I told him that I will open up the other 2 packages and will also take pictures of those curtains which I am sure have the same damage as the 2 packages that I opened. Never received a response back. Will happily return these curtains. JUST want a refund. I should have checked with the BBB in Penn. before I ordered from them. They have many complaints with them. I will also be filing a complaint with them also. They have not responded back since 1/26.

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