Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 1:22pm CDT by 74e2b276

Product: SERIES 5,000 BED


Location: 4910 Wright Road Suite 160

Category: Furniture

In the middle of September, 2007 - I went online and purchased (based on their "money back" guarantee a series 5,000 queen, pillow top, air mattress from this company. It arrived broken. The air would not stay in the chamber and each morning we woke up in a hole. Their "technician" kept telling us we didn't know "how to work the pump" - which really wasn't rocket science. After FIVE increasingly angry phone calls, they finally admitted they HAD had faulty products and maybe this was one of them and said they would send another mattress and for us to ship this one back to them. We did that. The second mattress arrived on October 1st. The second mattress, while it holds air, does not change settings. The firmness level stays the same whether it's on "extra hard" or "super soft". When I wrote them on Monday, October 22nd to say that we were unhappy with this mattress and simply wanted our money back - we were left a message on our answering machine in which their customer complaint department first, could not remember their own phone number, second: told us that we were no longer in our "30 day period" and finally suggested that "perhaps you can sell it on Ebay or something, it's no longer our problem - it's yours". We kept the message, just in case.


1c38c179, 2008-07-27, 07:20PM CDT

I have to TOTALLY AGREE with this person. We also purchased one of these beds in a king size in November/December 2007. It is the WORST mattress we have ever purchased. My husband ended up sleeping on the couch for 6 months as we tried all kinds of things to make the bed comfortable. It is extreemly uncomfortable! He woke up with a backache every morning he slept in the bed. It would NOT adjust from firm to soft. IT was so firm that the air chamber dividers broke/gave way. We called and the company did send (free) new airchambers, but the new chambers also gave way within about 2 months. We were never able to get the pump to consistently work. Our mattress stayed firm -even after we called and received instructions on how to "reset" the pump. We gave up and purchased another mattress. Now what do we do with all the non working parts?? What a waste of time, money and what an environmental hazard (we plan to throw it all away!).I would feel like I was trying to scam someone if I tried to sell it on EBAY (or anywhere else for that matter)! Perhaps it can be donated.

252ae29a, 2011-09-28, 06:53PM CDT

I bought the bed as well did not like it, returned it and they said they would not refund the money because they smelled cigerette smoke, no one in my family smokes, it's been a year and not only did I not receive a refund, THEY KEPT THE BED AS WELL!!!!!They have the 1800.00 and the bed

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