Airport Charles De Gaulle CDG - Security in Terminal 2A - Humiliation in Charlies de Gaulle (CDG) airport security check

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 7:33am CDT by 3e774aed

Product: Airport Security Rules

Company: Airport Charles De Gaulle CDG - Security in Terminal 2A

Location: CDG Airport
Paris, IL


Category: Other

Airport Security Rules clearly indicate that liquids of less than 100ml and total of 1Litre are allowed to pass security check.

On Oct 25th on my way home I purchase in Auchan Velizy the following prepacked small packages:

Kiri Creme - 8 packages - each of 20g - total 160g

Boursin Kof Assorti - 12 packages - each 18g - total of 192g

Crottin de Chevre- 2 packages - each 60g - total 120g

Mini Baby Bell - 18 packages - each 20g - total 160

All this were confiscated by Security Control which refused to identify itself, failed to present written statement where "froamge" is forbidded via security gates, resonded with "MERDE" when asked to bring his superrior, then called police which searched me and also refused to identify themselves.

My consumer and personal rights were severelly violated, though I explicetly purchased and packed items as indicated in the published "Airport Security Rules"

I was not given chance to protest and complain to the airport authorities since CDG web site has no information whwere to file complains and claims.


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