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Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 6:08pm CDT by 08cdb205

Product: Automobile Rental

Company: Thrifty Car Rental (LAX)

Location: Thrifty Car Rental World Headquarters P.O. Box 35250 Tulsa, OK 74153-0250
Tulsa, OK, 74153-0250, US


Category: Other

I was quoted an excellent rate of $19.66/day for a mid sized vehicle for business travel in the LAX area. I arrived very late at LAX and the Sales Rep who checked me in asked me about additional coverage. I explained I had protections from my personal autombile insurance, credit card company, and corporate travel agency and was NOT interested in anything that was not mandatory. Furthermore, as a part-time employee of Hertz during college, I am well aware of the [poor] value of these products.

I did not think my final bill was unreasonable, but I did call to verify a charge that looked suspicious. LDW1 appeared ion the rental agreement quoted at 9.99/day but ballooned to $14.99/day on the final bill. I rented a mid-sized vehicle. There were no mid-sized vehicles available and I was given a minivan. The person on the phone explained that was why I was charged extra for this optional service

I was furious to discover I was charged for optional services when I specifically stated that I had no intest or need for these services. The codes on the rental agreement are very cryptic I do not know what LDW1, PPP, SL1 or JMP mean; and I find it unreasonable to be charged for them when I wouldnt even know what coverage they proovided even if I did need them.

It appears to me that I am the victim of a highly unethical employee who, wishing to gain commission incentives, slipped these charges into my bill without my informed consent. (I did initial/sign where he told me next to the cryptic letters) The net result was my $19.66/day rental costing $47/day.

I would gladly pay higher rates somewhere else and deal with an ethical company than be treated like this


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