Robin Kemmer and Associates - Real estate and insurance broker

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 1:55pm CDT by 8c66614b

Product: Robin Kemmerer

Company: Robin Kemmer and Associates

Location: LEVITTOWN, PA, 19056, US

Category: Real Estate

Our family was looking for a new home so we called Robin Kemmerer Associates for showing. Two days later we had called back wondering why they did not call us. The whole family took a ride to the prospective home while in front of the home we called all of our cell phone and asked if they could send an agent out to show us the house. Robin Kemmerer quote told our family how dare you go to the house and tell me how to run my business don't you ever call here again go find another realtor. We really wanted that house because it was so close to our family in fact it was in the same section. Since then my father has passed away and my mom is all alone and it would've been so nice to have the house close to her.


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