Finer Gourmet Foods, Inc. - Immoral Finer Gourmet Foods, Inc.

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 12:44pm CDT by 7c95a7ba

Product: Frozen Meats

Company: Finer Gourmet Foods, Inc.

Location: 1226 Executive Blvd. 106
Chesapeake, Vi, 23320, US

Category: Other

I am at a loss. We were involved with a purchase from a dishonest company, and the laws will not help. Im begging you to help my family.

My name is Randy Russelburg, on 10/19/07 a representative by the name of Jesse approached our house in hopes of a sale of meats from the Finer Gourmet Foods, inc., in Chesapeake, Virginia, 23320 (757-436-1467). After a good sales pitch & promises of guarantees we had decided to buy the package. We told him that we liked what we seen, but we would not be able to purchase anything until the first of the month, for payday reasons. He told us that he takes post-dated checks all the time & that he would personally hold it until the date on the check, honoring our agreement. He even put his name & information on the pamphlet he gave us, just in case there are any problems. We both had expressed to him how important it is that he honors the date on the check; he stated he does this all the time. The following day we checked our bank account & he had deposited the check. We immediately called the company in hopes that Jesse would clear up the situation. Speaking with an appalled office manager by the name of Derrick, he stated that this was against all of company policy, & that he would personally take care of this situation, & if Jesse would not make things right, Jesse would lose his job. The following day Jesse called, we asked that he only pay for the bounced check fees incurred by his premature deposit & that we would make the check for the purchase good now. Just to be over this situation. Jesse assured us that he would be at our house over the weekend to pay for the fees incurred by his actions. Jesse was a no-call, no-show. Upon calling the company on the following Monday we spoke with the owner (Mike, nobody will give last names), who was very upset that this had happened, he too claimed that Jesse has to make this right or that he would lose his job. We are now two weeks into the situation & have incurred over $1,000 in bounced checks & return fees, the company has offered nothing but promises that they would pass on the information to Jesse, but refused to do anything further on the situation. The law will not help us because of the check laws. We have now paid over $1,400 for a $369 purchase.

Thank you for anything you may be able to do in this situation, please contact me if there is anything I can do to assist or anything.,,

Finer Gourmet Foods, Inc.

1226 Executive blvd

Chesapeake, Virginia



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File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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