Russ Darrow Mayfair road - Darrow sells lemons

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 6:09pm CDT by df056bce

Company: Russ Darrow Mayfair road

Location: 1901 North Mayfair Road
Milwaukee, WI, 53226, US

Category: Other

I purchased a vehicle from this Darrow dealer in Milwaukee a couple months ago. Along with the vehicle, I bought a "gold plus" warranty package for an extra $2,800. As a condition of the sale, the brakes were to be completely redone, front and back. After telling me that it was fixed and charging me extra for the brakes, I was on my way. Two months later the vehicle begins to shake when I use the brake. Various other things are faulty at this time as well including the cruise control, back-up sensors, oil pressure gauge, ect.. I brought the vehicle back into them to tell me what the problem with my brakes is and to fix the other problems. They then lied to me by telling me we never agreed to having the rear brakes fixed, and also informed me that none of the other issues are covered by this $2,800 gold plus package warrenty. The moral of the story is that if cheating a hard working man or woman to put a few extra greasy dollars in your pocket is worth sacrificing your integrity; you may want to work at Russ Darrow in Milwaukee WI. The End

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4439e656, 2011-09-17, 04:12PM CDT

Pay close attention to your rental contract from Thirfty. I rent a car from the West Palm Airport. I had an online offer, the desk person as he would I like to drive a better car for the same price. I restated for the same price, and was told ok. When I checked the car back in, I was billed twice as much as agreed. The clerm stated he would take care of it. When I looked at my bill the charge was still the wrong amount. Botom line beware, I feel that I was ripped off. I plan to go as far as necessary to address this problem. Again just be aware!

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