Former Customer - Beware of Toro Brand Products

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 4:08pm CDT by 6fb08984

Company: Former Customer

Location: Torrance, CA, US

Category: Other

Beware of buying Toro brand products.

I bought some Toro brand valves for the sprinklers in my front and back yards about six years ago. Now Toro no longer makes parts for these valves. So I have to buy new valves (definitely not Toro!) and I have to pay someone to dig up the old valves, cut them out, put in the new ones, and replace the dirt. That will probably cost at least $500.

I can not believe that that a company would make a product that you attach to a sprinkler system and bury in the ground and then stop making replacement parts for it only six years later! I will never buy anything made by Toro again.


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