HP - HP Turkey Service Uninterestedness

Posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 at 7:01am CDT by 55b56e93

Product: HP Pavilion DV 5196EA

Company: HP

Location: ankara, TR

URL: http://www.hp.com.tr/

Category: Other

Dear Authorized

I'm a customer from turkey i have a DV 5196EA Pavilion Notebook (Model;Serial No: EW776EA; CND6181B1N). Because of a battery problem (after charging the battery for full it was ended in 30 minutes).I contact the HP Turkey Ankara Service. Because of the warranty they took it and say that they will change the battery. This was on the 4 th october. Since then i have heard nothing about my computer. During my many calls to the call center i hear just that my computer fixing is going on. Today it past 19 days, i'm a medical doctor and a researcher in a university here in Ankara/Turkey. My notebook is a big part of my work and life, during this time i had 2 important meetings for which i borrowed a notebook from my friend. When i bought this notebook it was one of the costly (i paid like 2350 $ 15 months ago)and i had a trust the biggest brand over the world. but today i will never ever recommend to anyone for buying a HP brand device. Your service here in turkey is sully your brand. How is it possible just for changing a battery using so many time today it had past 19 days but i didn't know when i could take my notebook back. How is it possible to put a customer in a such hard position, i paid money for using this notebook not to put it in the service. Please don't misunderstand me i was very pleased with my notebook not a hardware or a software problem have i see since i bought it. just this unlucky battery problem. i will my notebook fixed and back. please, i hope that your could help me.


DEMIR, Metin MD Ph.D

Ankara /Turkey


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