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Posted on Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 at 11:32am CDT by 181a8ce0

Company: Carrier Central AC

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Has anyone ever thought about assembling the data to see if a Class Action Suit against Carrier is warranted for defective (premature leakage) evaporator coils in home central AC and Heat Pumps?

I have had my second system go bad in less than 5 years. I have heard of others having this problem also. While the parts are technically covered under warranty, the labor and gas costs come to $800-$900. In 2005, when I first complained to Carrier about this, they blew off the issue.

My thoughts were triggered by a recent Class Action Suit on computer disc drive capacity that will produce $1.79 million in legal fees. Perhaps some interested legal firm might gather enough data to see if there is really a pattern behind the anecdotal evidence on these systems - or if this is just normal.


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5865f25a, 2008-02-12, 03:12PM CST

I have a Bryant Heat Pump (which is also Carrier). Like the other complaints mine has also developed a coil leak in 2 years. The original installer is selling me a York model for replacement. He stated that the problem is a manufacturing issue but Carrier, Bryant refuse to cover any of the problems as it is beyond their 1 year parts only warranty.

6b7972c4, 2008-04-27, 06:19PM CDT

Carrier/Bryant package unit 583B

New in 07/29/01

Charged with gas every 2 years. Last fall had dye put in to be able to find the leak this spring. Found leaks but leaking in to many spots on the evaporator to be worth repairing. Tech said replace it. What to do. HELP Just getting started with this mess.

0f7ab624, 2009-01-01, 09:13PM CST

Guess what?!?! York also has had problems with their evaporator coils leaking. I'm on my third coil in less than 2 years! Luckily I'm still under warranty.

181a8ce0, 2009-11-19, 10:33AM CST

I have had a few similar responses since I posted this but not enough. I recently replaced the first Carrier system with a mid price Trane 5 ton unit. BUT the key difference is that I bought a 10 year Trane manufacturer's complete parts and labor warrenty with it for about $600 extra. That amounts to $60 per year for insurance - a bargain - much cheaper and far more complete than external plans marketed by the power Co. here. They are full of holes.



e3b69538, 2009-12-26, 07:31PM CST

I have had the same problem with a late 90's Lennox Elite. In the 70's Lennox produced the worst pieces of garbage on the market. Took them 20 years to improve their name only to go right back to their old tricks. Spoke to someone at Lennox who was about as arrogant as they come.

174d38b0, 2012-03-26, 03:34PM CDT

Carrier expects their product to fail within ten yrs. of purchase.AC coil leak syndrome repair? 1200 dollars min-Carrier consumer office offered me a 100 dollar coupon! I told her, " Carrier has knowingly built their equipment with faulty parts-will not buy any other Carrier product-

Veronica B., 2012-06-23, 10:40AM CDT

Purchased York AC October 2008. Freon leak August 2011 $294. May 2012 Empty. Leaky valves repaired. Freon $844. Called York. They don't care. No warranty on leaks. Tough!! Zodiac told me. Called York twice and left messages no return call. Went onto website to complain but submit button broken.

I just placed complaint online and now want to go back and place against Johnson Controls who sold us the York. Also no customer service there either.

9a101f1f, 2012-07-03, 08:04PM CDT

I have a leaking evap coil on a unit that is 5 years old. Carrier is refusing to acknowledge the problem and won't admit the coil is defective. I wrote a letter to the president but it was intercepted by customer service. They said tough you are 2 months out of warranty. UNREAL will never buy Carrier again and would like to sue them if possible.

974e1a6d, 2012-07-17, 08:12PM CDT

Just found out today my 5 year old Carrier evaporator coil is leaking and was told $1700 to replace it. Called Carrier and since Im 11 months out of warranty im s-o-l.

Dennis C., 2012-10-02, 06:41PM CDT

I had a new Bryant (made by Carrier) Dual Pac system installed in Jan., 2010. After less than 2 1/2 years developed a leak. Indoor coil had to be replaced. Tech said it was a faulty design, that coil tubes were rubbing holes in copper lines. They were having many problems with this and they since had stopped installing these units. Part was covered under warranty, but not labor. Carrier would step up to take care of this. Cost $590 for labor to make the repair. Also wondering if there are any class action suits out there addressing this.

mary g., 2013-01-27, 09:50PM CST

Just found out our Carrier Heat pump cooling coil is leaking. We were told by our installer that this was a common problem with this unit and they were now being made differently. We will be getting a new coil but have to pay for lost refrigerant and diagnosic visit. If Carrier knew of this problem why not do a recall. It seems that this is a common problem. The attitude at Carrier sucks. They really don"t care at all and are rude. We would love to have someone take this suit on!

f0813c16, 2013-03-19, 09:35AM CDT

Our unit is less than 3 years old. Coolant leaked out last year and had to have the evaporator coil replaced. Coolant has now leaked out again and are waiting to have the leak diagnosed. Called Carrier and the rep told me that there had been no complaints against the system. Yeah, right!! Please somebody file the suit!!

Bobby D., 2013-04-22, 02:51PM CDT

I am on board for a class action suit against Carrier if there ever is one. My evaporator coils have been replaced once in 2008. My unit was only 2 Years Old! I purchased new construction in 2006 and an authorized Carrier installer did the job. Now they have leaked again. I have found out that back then the price of copper was high so they decided to thin it out. This new tubing could not handle the Freon. They knew this all along but did nothing. Now they have tin coated the coils. I was covered with the parts and they did help me with the labor. Now they will do nothing even though they know they put out a defective product. I am putting in a new air handler for $1975 plus a Prestige Honeywell wifi thermostat for $325 which will allow me to monitor my temp in the house over the internet. Yes,I have to stick with Carrier to match the Compressor or it would cost me much more. I am sending the bill to their review board and will wait and see what they do. I hope this becomes a class action suit. We would definitely win!

LeRoy J., 2013-10-14, 11:37AM CDT

As stated by other owner of the Carrier brand, I have had to have my evaporator coil replaced due to holes in the unit and leaks. I happens to have the copper coil version that Carrier realized was not a good material for the application it was used for. They now use the tin plated copper coil evaporator which has a ten year warranty instead of 5yrs. If there is any movement to a class action, I all in.

f08390c4, 2013-10-14, 11:11PM CDT

Just had the third evaporator coils replaced. The unit is only five years old. This is a design flaw and cost cutting attempt by Carrier. It is time for Carrier to pay up! Who do we contact?

Bobby D., 2013-10-15, 05:16AM CDT

I have started a class action suit against Carrier. If you would like to be part of it, contact ([email protected]). It may take awhile, but Carrier needs to be brought to justice. Thanks, Bob DiCara

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