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Posted on Sunday, October 21st, 2007 at 9:20am CDT by 0cafad53

Company: Jiffy Lube

Location: 1888 Blairs Ferry Road

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

On 8-30-07 my wife went to Jiffy lube on Blairs Ferry road in Cedar Rapids Iowa for a simple oil change. She ended up with 82.98 in charges. The extra/unnecessary work they performed was substandard and harmful to the vehicle.

One of the various add-ons was a 3 step fuel system cleaner. When my wife got home and I saw the bill I was floored by all their ADD-ONS and reviewed their work. They had neglected to retighten the hose clamp that connected the intake tube to the throttle body they cleaned as one of the steps. The result could have been castrofic to the engine by having unfiltered air entering the engine thru the connection Jiffy lube left loose. Also they neglected to reinstall the bolt/pushpin that held the same intake tube to the engine. When I went to Jiffy lube the next morning to complain about preying on unknowledgeable women with their add-ons and the substandard work they performed, Roy Engles (the Manager) located the bolt/pushpin setting on top of the engine.

In addition they state that this fuel system cleaning increases the gas mileage of the vehicle 30% (IN WRITING under messages at the bottom of the invoice). Please note this DOES NOT say UP TO 30%, it says it WILL gain a 30% increase. Our 2003 Saturn Vue with 37k miles achieved the factory 27 mpg, 30% would be 35 mpg which is 100% impossible. I am sure if Jiffy lube puts a clam like that in writing they would surely say an impossible clam like that to an unknowledgeable person to get them accept add-ons. I denied Rory Engles (Jiffylube Manager) settlement offer of a 10% off next oil change coupon (~$3) for their false written claim, substandard and harmful extra/unnecessary work they performed.

PDF copy of invoice with false claim is available upon request.


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