-, Bad Customer Service and Refusal to sell an item citing wrong price

Posted on Sunday, October 21st, 2007 at 1:26am CDT by cf6375c2

Product: Sony Ericsson Cellphone


Location: Inc 1200 12th Ave. South, Ste. 1200
Seattle, WA, 91844-2734, US


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I ordered 2 Sony Ericsson Cellphones from on Oct 9th 2007. I waited one week and then my orders were suddenly cancelled. The reason cited wrong price listed. An email was sent to me and I was ASKED to read their pricing policies. What kind of customer service is this? As far as i am concerned, IBM honored their wrong price listing and shipped to those who already ordered from them a few years ago.Bestbuy does that too. The laptops at IBM were going for $1 then. The phones I bought were not even that low priced. If Amazon listed the wrong price, the person to be penalized should be the website administrator, not the customer. If my salesperson sold something at the wrong price, I ask the salesperson to payback the balance because it is the salesperson fault and not the customer. I don't go around asking the customer to return the item or cancel shipment. This is obviously bad customer service and they refuse to admit it. Item was not even an obvious mistake as amazon always sell items cheaper than MSRP. Other vendors on was selling for $499 and I bought it at $299. I have been buying alot of electronics from them over a period of a few years and they rather risk losing a customer than honored an item that was not even obviously wrongly listed to come off. I contacted customer service a few times and was turned away with just textbook answers and the same thing - ASKING ME TO READ PRICING POLICIES, and they stated: "We understand you are upset but there is nothing we can do at this point as we stopped honoring the sales" What does that mean? You shipped to some and decide to not shipped to some? RIDICULOUS .Well, all these policies are meant to protect their mega corporations anyway. The real deal is I am an unhappy customer who ordered from them on their website validating a contract that they should in fact honored regardless of price, they offered a price, I accepted it and then they must fulfill it. They just take advantage of us consumers that we don't have the power to hire attorney and filing suit against them for small purchases.I later realized that their customer service department was outsourced to India and these people know nothing about retaining customers. There was no other valid contact and I also emailed investor relations. No news from them. I am very disappointed in and with these kind of attitude treating customers, no wonder my friends are moving to for their purchases. What is telling us is that, they rather lose their customers than a few hundred dollars. In fact, I don't think they will even lose a single cent selling me the cellphones at the price they listed looking at their profit margin. So are their profit growing every year because of their total focus on profit margin and nothing about customer satisfaction? Looks like they are trying to prevent us from actually contacting corporate. The only address listed is for investors, other than that, they block off all addresses and emails.I wasted so much time and energy looking for them and trying to get them to honored the contract i entered into when i click purchase! DISAPPOINTED, VERY DISAPPOINTED

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a7f96f30, 2007-12-06, 05:42AM CST

You are lucky that you received an email. I didn't.

I had to call more than a dozen times (honestly - I have dated written record of each & every call and to who I spoke with.)

I finally got my $30.00 credit going into the 2nd month as customer goodwill.)(The advertisement said: Quote: "Within a Few Days" which isn't Fair Advertisement having to wait 2 months.

I'm a retired accountant and keep very accurate records and every detail.

Your case is difficult to analyse. It would be easier if you gave dates in chronological order.

(1) Date & time of Visa application.

(2) Date & time 1st purchase was made.

(3) Date of beginning and ending of Billing Cycle.

(4) and the date the $30.00 appeared on your statement.

All the above information can be found on Amazon's Visa Web site, under your account.

Without that no one can judge. has its history of problems and also hiding from the consumer. Email & Telephone & Fax are hidden. Their Customer service is horrible -- that's their only contact it gives out, but is almost worthless to solve problems other than shipping and and billing and such things. Better had been if you called Amazon Visa, (instead of amazon) Visa Customer Service is open 24/7 and more apt to be able to solve credit issues, and are able to speak to a supervisor if need be.

Next time (if such issue arises) 'DO NOT CANCEL' your card. And 'Do Not Add Any Future Charges'

You will eventually get your $30.00 and if not as advertised

then ask to be transfered to the Dispute Dept. or a supervisor, who will look into your problem.

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