pioneer telephone - cramming/Acc't#205912

Posted on Friday, October 19th, 2007 at 10:31am CDT by 673a4418

Product: long distance service

Company: pioneer telephone

Location: please notify the business that i'm contesting the charges they billed to me.Phone calls charges that i did not made, i called them but they insist that calls made from my phone but they cannot provide proof of what company or business the tel.#703-763-13
Lewiston, ME, 04243-9469, US

Category: Other

The bill statement dated September 19'07 account #205912 that i have long distance charges for the amount of $13.39, the statement revealed that i called 703-763-1361 32 times with span of 2hrs.& 50 min. accumulating 134.1 min. amounting to $12.069 w/o taxes plus taxes is $13.39 now they charge me additional $5.00 late fee because i didn't pay yet cause contested the charges. I called them they say they investigate and call me but they never called back, so i called them again but still the same answer and instead they isisted that the call is legimate but I ask them to provide information about the tel.#703-763-1361 that they charge it to me but they cannot provide me and answer. now i'm a victim of call charges that i did not make(cramming) Please help me on this matter,it is a small amount but this practice should prevented right away before they do so rampant later on. thank you for taking action and your attention on this matter


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